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tarot cards

Tarot cards can give you an overall view of what is currently going on in your present life. Find information and explanations of how the cards work, interpretations, card meanings, how to use tarot cards and where to buy card decks and books.

Along with your current situation, they can also give you a reflection to what has happened in your recent past, along with what has the potential to happen in your immediate future if you stay on the same path you are currently on. The cards can pick up on major events in your life, along with emotions and your subconscious thoughts.

My very first impressions of tarot cards was that they were dark, mysterious, and truth be told, a bit scary looking. There were ominous pictures of characters that didn’t seem to have a lot of rhyme or reason together in a deck of large playing cards. How could this deck of cards possibly help you in accessing your psychic abilities or intuition?

After starting to take a closer look at each of the cards, I realized that there was a story to be put together and each of the cards made up a small piece of that story. I wondered about what the characters were doing and what the symbolism meant. The cards are open to a lot of interpretation, but do have some general qualities that are shared among those who can read the cards.

A Standard Tarot Card Deck

A current deck contains 78 total cards. There are 22 Major Arcana cards and 56 Minor arcana cards. Each card in the Major Arcana is numbered from 0-21 and represents the story of the Tarot. The Minor Arcana are much like supporting actors in a play and help to put the entire story together.

Tarot cards are quite and interesting and age-old method of accessing your inner knowledge. They are a method of accessing your intuition that you can have some fun playing around with. After getting comfortable with the cards, you will begin to learn the absolutely fascinating stories that they tell, and those stories all reside in your subconscious just waiting to be told and understood.

Focus and Concentration

The more focused and concentrated you are when you ask your question and the more emotion behind the question before your tarot card reading the better answer you will receive. Your subconscious will help you choose which cards you most need to see at that moment in time. You may not like the answer, but you will receive an answer.

There are times when the same cards keep appearing in your layouts. Although the first layout is generally the most accurate, if you are doing your own spreads you can repeat the layouts 3, 4, or 5 times if you want and the same one or two or more cards may keep coming up. This is because your higher self has a message for you and it’s trying to get something important across to you.

I have also had experiences where the same cards will come up in a reading multiple days and even weeks in a row. This is because you haven’t addressed the issue in your subconscious mind. Take some time to research in more depth the meanings of the specific tarot cards and really think about how it applies to your life.

Tarot is a great method and way of learning about your life and what would be a good idea to be concentrating on right now. Learn about the things that are affecting you at the this point in time. It gives you a good feeling to get some answers and gain security and knowledge of positive knowing. Even if you don’t like the response, at least you can know how to deal with what the cards are telling you and what is coming up in the near future if you stay on your current path.

Tarot Card Decks

This is one of the decks I started out with and thought it was pretty straightforward to use and learn:

Tarot CardUniversal Waite Tarot Deck.

Here are a few more for you to try:

2 thoughts on “Tarot Cards – How do they Work?

  1. I too grew up being taught to have an aversion to tarot and anything metaphysical. It’s been in the past three years that I have been able to connect with others who have taught me that tools like the tarot are wonderful things to use to access your higher self. I’ve just recently purchased my first deck which took me quite a while. I had to get over old fears. But the deck is lovely and has very “friendly” artwork. I’ve infused it with loving Reiki and crystal energy and it’s really been an informative, fun tool.
    .-= Stacy´s last blog ..Joy Without Borders. The Mexico Diaries: Part 2 =-.

    1. Hi Stacy,

      Thank you for for your comment! When I purchased my first deck of Tarot cards, I was apprehensive to even show it to my husband. He did think it was a bit odd, but at least he remained open minded, for which I am grateful. It has taken me a while to overcome old fears as well, but it is becoming more a part of me every day.

      The more I use the cards, the more accurate they become for the questions I ask, and the more I can trust the answers. I have recently purchased some Archangel Oracle cards and am really liking those, perhaps even more than the Tarot cards. They are all good!


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