After Death Communications – Do The Deceased Contact Us?

Have you experienced after death communications from a deceased loved one? Do the recently deceased really contact us after they have left the Earth? Many people report strange occurrences and synchronicity shortly after a loved one passes away.

Has a family member or friend attempted after-death communication with you? I do believe it is a loved ones attempt to get your attention and let you know they are safe, whole, and well on the other side.

Some deceased communicate with you via repeating numbers. Others leave physical signs, letters, pennies, or just the scent of their favorite perfume to let you know they are there and still with you, even in the afterlife. This may happen within the first few days to a few months after they have passed. These signs are meant to provide comfort to you in the physical. Think of them as a gift for you to receive.

I would like to open up this post to anyone who wants to share their after death communications and experiences and I hope it to become part of your healing and grieving from the loss of a loved one.

Seeing 333 as a Sign Of After Death Communications

Sherry left a comment on my blog about seeing the repeating number 333 that she agreed to let me share with you. We also exchanged a few subsequent emails about after death communications.

Here is what she shared:

“My dad died on April 13 but wasn’t discovered until April 18th. He lived 20 minutes from me, but we had a complicated relationship due to his drinking and gruffness.

Despite that, and even though we weren’t surprised by his death, we were all shocked! Our nickname for him was, “Energizer Bunny” because he would have many drunken falls, bruises, broken ribs, strokes, heart issues, but he kept going and going…pretty indestructible! He was not religious or at all spiritual that we know of…never wanted to talk about anything deep or painful, (like our little brother’s death in a fire in our home). He was “tough” in many ways.

Anyways, on Easter…a few days before his memorial service, we all met to have lunch with our mom, his ex-wife, at her nursing home. It was an emotional Easter meal we all shared, and when my husband, boys and I got to the car for our 2 hour drive home, strangely the driver seat was all the way forward and my husband could not get it to go back. There was no way we could drive the car home like that, and after trying for a few moments, he said that the mechanism to move it was burned out. I kept asking how could it have moved all the way up, and finally said out loud, “Dad, if you’re there we need your help…we have to get home!”

A Text From Beyond

“At that moment, the seat worked and was able to move again, and my 14 year old son exclaimed, “I just got a smiley face text from mom’s phone, mom, did you text me? (my phone was in my purse strapped on my body!!). The time on the car clock was 3:33, and the text was sent and received at 3:33 as well.

We all couldn’t believe it, especially my very skeptical Agnostic husband and sons! There is an explanation for the text…if you press the menu button on my phone 8 times, it will send the last text I sent to the first person on my contact list…my 14 year old son. But, the keypad has to be unlocked, it would have had to bump against my body 8 times, and the coincidence of the timing…Then, today, I balanced our business checkbook and the total was $3333.33!!

What does it all mean? I have felt my dad coming into my life since he died…he reassures me that he is healed and whole now, and he’s sorry for all the pain. I have had other experiences when loved ones have died, especially over the past 15+ years of my life, (I’m 53), but none with numbers that I’ve noticed. Is there a place to share after-death experiences?

I have had experiences that are so interesting/amazing…ever since my friend who “awakened” my spirituality died. His was the first death where I can re-call “happenings” both during his passing, and after. Since then, it happens every time. I had heard friends talk of such things, but was sure they were coincidence and made up. Now that they happen to me, and my family, I know that they are as real as anything else I experience!”

Please Share Your Stories on After Death Communications

Have you had a similar experience with after death communications from a loved one? I would like to open up this post to anyone who wants to share their experiences and I hope it to become part of your healing and grieving from the loss of a loved one. So please feel free to leave a comment below about your encounters.

Do You See Other Repeating Angel Numbers?

I have written before about other repeating numbers like 46, 147000, 1010 111, 11:11, 12:12, 222, 333, 444, 555, 666, 777, 888, and 999 if you see those numbers as well.

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49 thoughts on “After Death Communications – Do The Deceased Contact Us?”

  1. Hi Laura:
    We enjoy reading all the articles, and look everyday just to see what’s new.

    I would like to share a little story of a special visit from my deceased husband “Bob”

    Bob had always been a loving, caring father and husband. His passing at age 58 was very hard on both myself and grown daughter. He was the type of man who would call on the call phone once or twice a day, just to check to see if we were ok, or to say hi. After his passing, we missed those calls terribly.

    About three months after he passed, it was July 9, 2006, we had noticed that there was a “missed call” showing on the cell. We paid no mind when we saw the caller had the number 000-000-0000, We naturally assumed it was from a telemarketer of some sort.

    Later on that same evening, my daughter was listening to any missed calls. Suddenly, she started laughing and tearing up at the same time. As I was abiout to ask her what she was listening to, she handed me the phone. Then I heard my dear husband Bob say “Janet” followed by some static. My daughter’s name is Janet. His greeting had come from the number with all the zero’s.

    We knew that day, that he was just calling in to say Hi.

    (Just a point of interest. I was surprised to see that when the phone bill came in there was NO listing of that number on that day in July. I called the phone company to inquirer and was told they had no listing on any incoming call that day for that number.

    Thanks again for all the comforting and enlightening articles
    Denise Drapikowski

    • Hi Denise,

      Thank you so much for sharing! I love your story. The ability the to affect telephone calls is not one I have personally experienced, but I have heard others like yourself have had contact in that way. How comforting.

  2. I’ve never encountered any repeating numbers – I have friend who sees 333 everywhere, but this has never happened to me. Why do you think some people are aware of these number sequences, and others aren’t?

    • Hi Angela,

      I think you ask the million dollar question! I did not see repeating numbers until about 3 years ago. Up until then, I led a pretty normal life! Now I see them everywhere, every day. It is what led me down the path I am on right now, with this website. I started seeing 11:11 at first, enough for it to get my attention and do some searching about it, then the others like 333 and 444. It has been a crazy ride. I wish I had and exact answer for you as to why one person sees them and not others. There are a lot of theories, but nothing that everyone can agree on.

    • Hi Sharon! Very nice to meet you. I read your article and it had me a bit choked up. But I loved the ending!

      • Thanks, Laura – I should have warned you to have a tissue ready, it’s a bit of a weepy… I still see my cats in my dreams and I always welcome their visits.

        Thanks for your blog, look forward to reading more.

  3. After the repeating 3’s I started to see repeating 2’s and ones, and also lots of 1,2,3 or 3,2,1 series! I read this today at 11:11, and last night finished journaling at 12:30. It’s happening so frequently, that I can’t remember everything preceding it, so I just tell myself it means that my dad is well, and spirit is close, and that I’m on the right journey! 🙂 It’s so comforting…

  4. Hi, I’m very happy to find this post, since I myself write a blog on pretty much this very topic.

    I have a spirit companion called Daniel who is from my most recent former lifetime, and who has learned to communicate with me quite visibly, such that anybody can (and does) see it. He started out with the 333 and the cell phone thing, and moved on from there, to some rather astonishing ends!

    Anyone who is interested in reading about him might want to check out the category called Daniel’s Story on my blog, and read from the beginning. I’ve subscribed here as well! 🙂

  5. Okay … here’s one … it’s not a “repeating number” in the sense of 111 or 222 … more like one number that keeps repeating itself. My Father was killed in a freak accident on Friday the 13th. I have always had a “thing” about Friday the 13th and my Dad always laughed it off and said things like … “I don’t know why you get so worked up about Friday the 13th, it’s just another day.” Further, my Dad’s great uncle twice removed was Harry Houdini the magician who as you may know used to expose mediums who were wrongfully telling people they were communicating with the dead after his Mother died. Harry Houdini had a “pack” of sorts with his wife that if he could communicate with her after his death he would. The jury is still out on that one. My Dad and I had a similar pack of after death communication. Obviously, he passed away on Friday the 13th and the number 13 … haunts me. The number 13 is almost a constant in my life. At first it really freaked me out, and even made me angry especially right after his death. But then I finally realized it was just his way of keeping in touch with me. I just got approval for a loan to buy a house this morning and the closing costs were out of my reach. I just got an email from my 401K man and he is getting me the $13 thousand that I need to purchase the house. I guess Dad REALLY wants me to get that house. We hope to be moving in late this year, but knowing my luck it will be in 2013. THANKS DAD!

  6. omg! i could tell you so much about my experience with my husband communicating with numbers unbelievable. this is just the thing i”ve been looking for to confirm my belief. thanks

  7. Boy … oh Boy .. did I open a can of worms. BOB … REALLY … Denise … BOB … that was my Dad’s name. I got this email today … responding to my post about the “13” thing … TODAY … is 10/11/12. TEN-ELEVEN-TWELVE. And I wrote myself a check for $13K today. Really? I’ve never even SEEN $13K. but I did today. 10-11-12-13. I can’t even begin to tell 13 stories about my Dad’s passing on Friday the 13th. It would take up an entire website. I have been laughing to myself about this all day long … and then I get this email. I am exhausted from this whole … buying a house … escrow … and EVERYTHING … is tied to 13. Sometimes I think I am crazy … and I ALWAYS remember my Dad .. and him telling me … if there is a way … that I can communicate with you … just like Harry Houdini … after I am gone .. a pact that we made … he ALWAYS said … he would do it … thank ALL of you for responding .. and sharing .. and SUBSTANTIATING … this. Oh, and by the way … just for giggles … since I work for a living .. just like the rest of us regular folk … I have to “walk the check” into the bank on my day off … that would be Saturday … I have to take the $13K check … into the bank … on my day off … on the 13th. My friends tease me that I do THIS on purpose. Umm. NO. Jiminy Christmas. Hope to be in our new house … by Christmas.

  8. My grandfather passed this morning. He suffered with Alzheimer’s for the past two years and coincidentally his oldest son (I’ll call him Al), which he was close with, was diagnosed with a rare neurological disorder a few years ago as well. This disease is similar to Alzheimer’s but starts earlier and progresses very fast. Over the past few months, the son (62 years old) hasn’t been able to dress himself or comb his hair, etc.
    When my grandfather passed this morning, my aunt was called. She went to wake Al and wait until he was alert and taken his medication to tell him about his father. When she entered the room, he was awake hours before he normally woke, dressed with his hair combed, but on the bed crying. She asked him what was wrong and he exclaimed “my daddy is dead”. She asked him again, and he repeated “my daddy is dead”. She asked, honey, why do you think your dad is dead? He said “he was just standing here beside me with Jesus and waved his hand at me and said goodbye buddy”. She had not told him about his father yet, who had only died within the past 30 minutes, and she was on the opposite side of the house, on her cell phone when she had the short call about the passing.
    This is a true story and just happened this morning, 11-10-12.

  9. Well composed articles like yours renews my faith in today’s writers.
    You’ve written information I can ultimately agree with as well as make use of.
    Thanks for sharing.

  10. My wonderful husband passed on December 14, 2012. Since then many wonderful signs have been coming. I am sure it is not coincidence. The day after he left, a coyote was hanging around my sliding glass door. It was one in the neighborhood that no one had seen before. Also, the coyotes are skiddish. This one had to pass two red cars and a golf cart in tight quarters. Didn’t think of it mych till the afternoon. I remembered my husband had a tattoo of a coyote on his shoulder. The doorbell at our other home went off. The doorbell is broken. It sounded when his sister was here. Her favorite movie is “Its a Wonderful Life”. Every time you hear a bell an angel gets its wings. I hear the doorbell too. Tried to ring it myself but nothing. there are other things that only I could know that it is him. I am just worried that as time passes on he will not do this anymore. It brings comfort, a smile on my face and warmth in my heart.

  11. My dad died 6 years ago and today my daughter drove to our old farm to take pictures and she looked to the passenger side of the car and he was sitting in the passenger seat just as if a live person was sitting there, he smiled at her and then was gone, but the scent of old spice that he always wore was heavy in the air and an envelope on the seat was all crumpled as if someone had sat on it. what does this mean??

  12. The day after my friend passed away a song popped into my head. I immediately thought of him and said to myself, “I think this is him”. I immediately played the song on you tube and each and every lyric spoke to me as if it was coming from him. As if this song described his entire experience. The song is I Can See Clearly Now. Around the same time, as I was driving, all of a sudden all of the 7s on the dashboard (speed, temperature, radio) were standing out to me as if they were popping out, and my eyes were drawn to each of them. I thought to myself, “7,7,7. What’s with the number 7”? Two days later, I saw my friend’s death date in my mind’s eye and I figured it out. He died on 7/25/2014. 7/2+5=7/2+0+1+4=7. 7/7/7. Eerily, his wife figured on the significance of 7 essentially at the exact same time that I did. In looking up the meaning of 7, it signifies completion, perfection, and is God’s divine number. This communication has left me in complete peace with his passing and I have passed along his message to others to help them come to peace. It was the most surreal experience that completely solidified my confidence in knowing that there is an afterlife and it is a beautiful place 🙂

  13. My beautiful daughter Zaelynn Jewell was born on December 21, 2006. She passed away January 10, 2007. She was 20 days old. Since then i have been seeing repeating numbers everywhere, especially when she is on my mind. Untill today i didnt know why. Thank you Laura for letting me know that she is trying to communcate with me. Now if i can just figure out what she is trying to tell me i will feel so much better. It seems latley that everytime i look at a clock it is 3:33, 2:22 or 4:44. Today i googled 333 and found you. Maybe she is guiding me to you for some reason?? Can you help me figure out why? I feel so lost and confused, sad and depressed all the time. I have tried meds but they dont seem to help. My life seems to be falling to pieces and i cant seem to keep it together. I think i need to know what she is trying to say but i dont know how to listen right. If you have any advice i am open to it. Thank you. Christina.

    • Dear Christina: I am so sorry for your loss. If you read some of my other posts, I had something similar happen. It was very painful for a several years and every time I saw the number 13, I just wanted to scream. One day I had an epiphany, it just popped into my head, that was my Dad’s way of saying that he was still with me. It’s like a connection. In an earlier post, I connected with someone whose loved one’s name was Bob (as was my Dad’s). Your daughter’s name is Zaelynn and my niece just had a baby girl named Raelynn. These are not coincidences, but rather connections. Mathematics can span languages and numbers communicate differently than the spoken word. She is making a connection with you. I hope this gives you some peace.

  14. Hi Laura, My husband Kirk passed away January 29, 1992. His time of death was 3:29 am. He was only 30 years old. For 23 years, every time I glance at a clock, cellphone, television. I glance right when the time is 3:29. What does this mean to you? Is it my husband communicating to me, is he near me, guiding me. I would love to hear from you! Thank You

    • Dear Julie: If you read some of my other posts about my Dad who was killed on Friday the 13th, then, yes I do believe he is communicating with you in some way. Think of it this way, many believe that numbers are a universal form of communication since, for example, 13 is 13 in any language. Does that make sense?

  15. My mom just passed away on February 4th at the age of 94. We’ve always been close, no matter where life took me, I always stayed extremely close to her. When she got sick and was eventually transferred to Hospice, after a few days there she was no longer able to communicate but I still continued to talk to her. Just a few days before she passed away, I told her that when she got to Heaven I wanted her to let me know she was okay. Here are a few of the things that have happened to me that I think have been signs from her letting me know she is indeed okay……The day after the funeral I went back to the cemetery because I just felt the need to be there. Even though the sun was shining, it was an extremely cold and windy day but while I stood and prayed for her at her grave, the wind stopped blowing and I felt the sun shine warm down the front of my body. When I finished praying the wind began blowing as hard and as cold as it had before. I took this to mean she was letting me know she is in a warm place with the sun shining on her. The next sign was in my bedroom…….I had tucked her prayer card given to all of us from the funeral home in the edge of the mirror of my dresser. Kind of like you would tuck a photo into the side of a mirror. I also have a small wooden crucifix standing on my dresser below the mirror. I was walking into my bedroom and heard something fall and when I turned the light on I saw that the crucifix had fallen, lying on its side with the prayer card lying right beside it. When I purposely tried to make the prayer card and crucifix fall, neither of them would fall any where close to the way they had fallen by themselves. I took this to mean she was letting me know she’s with Jesus. The next sign happened while I was driving my son to school. After we were in the car for about five minutes, I asked him if he had just brushed his teeth before he left the house and he said “no”. I asked him if he was chewing gum and he said “no”. I then asked him if he smelled the scent of mint in the car and he said “no I don’t smell it”. My mother always chewed a certain brand of gum and the mint I was smelling was that gum. She always had that gum, packs and packs of it everywhere….so much so that my kids lovingly called her “Grandma with the gum”.
    I think she was letting me know she will always be close by me. And so far, the last sign was in the middle of the night when I woke up to use the bathroom….as I was walking to the bathroom and not thinking of anything at all because I was half asleep, the song “He Walks With Me” started playing in my head which was a hymn that she loved and was on a cd I had just given her for her birthday shortly before she passed away. I took this to mean she was telling me she walks with God. I hope you don’t all think I’m crazy, but I don’t know how else to explain these things that have been happening ever since my mom passed except for the fact that she knows I’m in pain because I miss her so much and she is trying to ease my pain. I hope the signs keep coming.

    • Hi Terry,

      Thank you so much for sharing! It is all beautiful! I am so sorry for your loss. You are doing well picking up on the subtle cues.

      • It’s amazing really, it is like the connection never goes away. I’m the one whose Dad was killed on Friday the 13th. This is the “mirror” year, with that particular Friday the 13th falling on the day before Valentine’s Day. There is also three Friday the 13th’s this year. If you want to know how rare that is, three Friday the 13th’s in one year, it won’t happen again until 2025. Last week was my Mom’s 85th birthday. I certainly wasn’t going to put 85 candles on her cake, so what’s 8+5? You got it, 13th. On my way home from her house, I was thinking about my Dad the whole time. When I pulled into the driveway at my house and turned off the ignition, I glanced at my odometer, which I rarely do, and it read, 213,000.00 – by the way – my Dad was a mechanic amongst other things. I find it so awesome that he is still communicating with me, even showed up for Mom’s milestone birthday. There have been many more 13’s lately, but those are the most notable.

  16. My dad passed away on 10-08-13. This was about a year before I was due to move abroad. While before my move me and my spouse found an apartment which was great because finding a place in our new hometown is very expensive and difficult! The apartment number was 108 (it could read October 8, my dad’s death date). Then I got my new phone number which ended in 108 and it also had the number 261 (which in European calendar means January 26 – my dad’s earth birthday). While after we moved out from our first apartment, we needed to buy a car. Our first car ever! Since we don’t know anything about cars we were a bit nervous by the idea of such a big purchase. Then we found a car we really liked. It was sold by a dealer and the price was suspiciously low. We decided to go ahead and risk and just buy it. A few months later this car is wonderful and runs great. The license plate has three digits and they are 108. I hope this is my dad’s way of saying hello from Heaven and helping us here being alone and far on the other side of the world.

  17. A good friend of mine is currently missing. The last person I saw him with was recently found executed and his vehicle set ablaze with his body inside.
    I’ve always felt that I had some sort of weird spiritual connection with my friend. I tend to look at the clock everyday at 12:22 or 2:22. Lately I keep missing it. I always look too late. My friends date of birth is 2-22. Is he dead? Is this his way of telling me he has crossed over?

    • Hi Heaven,
      Thank you for your comment. It is nice to meet you!

      I am so sorry to hear of the situation with your friend. I cannot validate if your friend has passed, but I encourage you to tap into that spiritual connection you have together. I would encourage you not to dwell on the 222 aspect at the moment, but to check in with your friend at a deeper level.

  18. The day I found my dad was two weeks from the last time I saw him. I was with my daughter taking a break between her softball tournament. We were sitting in the car eating lunch and I was telling her I never heard back from pop pop when I emailed him earlier that week. I dropped off groceries to him on July 12th, it was now the 25th.
    A girl walked past my car with the name James on her jersey( dads name is James)- following her was a couple talking and I heard the wife call the husband Todd. (Todd was my brother that passed in 2011) I immediately said “Sofia , something’s wrong” and so it began. After calling my mom (who lived in the same building as my dad) to check on him I met the cops who confirmed his passing. It wasn’t till after they removed his body I went into the apartment to grab papers for the funeral director and opened the fridge. We kept asking “how long do you think it’s been” everyone replied “about 3-4 days but we’re not sure.” As soon as I opened the fridge, The food I dropped off on the 12th was untouched – unopened. Then we knew. So it is. I began auto writing and reading oracle cards last year after following guidance to quit drinking, took up a spiritual counseling class and an end of life doula course to help people transition. I’m ready to begin working with others as a healer . Love and peace❤️⭐️

  19. Oh yeah and the number 34 has reoccurred for over a year. After his passing I found a photo of him standing in a parking space with the number 34. His birthday was 3/4/50. I could go on how many numbers , signs and messages I get on a daily basis. I love it and thank my guides daily. Thank you for allowing me to share ❤️

  20. Hi Laura,

    I just stumbled across your website and got totally sucked in. I have some experiences to share with you and a question.

    My god-daughter Shayla, who was a very important and present person in my life was killed in a rollover car accident Feb. 8, 2015. We have always been very close and in fact she was living with me at the time of her death. She was just 19 years old and a daddy’s girl, but daddy is doing some Federal time and even worse, her mom was a heroin addict on a fast downhill slope, so I was her main go-to adult. She was an EXTRAORDINARY human. She was beyond beautiful in her looks. She was absolutely loved by everyone. I cannot count how many people who considered her their best friend…even before her passing. She was smart, in college and on her way to creating a successful and happy life for herself.

    The accident happened on her way to New Orleans with a friend at around 8:00 am.

    I am a nurse and work the night shift, so even when I’m not working I tend to stay up late and sleep till around noon or so. I was at home the night she left our home in Little Rock for the 7 hour drive to N.O. She left at 1:00 am and of course I was still up. My very last words to her were “Be safe, don’t get arrested (which was meant to be funny and she kinda chuckled) and I love you.” She said “I love you too.” and then walked out the front door for the very last time.

    I went to sleep around 3am, as usual but sometime in the morning I suddenly and briefly woke up for no apparent reason. When I awakend, my only thought was about Shayla, which was unusual in itself. Although Shayla was a significant person in my life and in my home, she was not a young child that required my constant thought, but at that moment upon awakening she was my only thought. I remember thinking, Oh shayla isn’t here, she went to N.O. and with that I rolled over and went back to sleep.

    I was reawakened around 11am with knocking at my door which I was trying to ignore, but wouldn’t stop so I got up to answer it and there were 4 police officers standing there asking if this is where Shayla Hayes lives. I told them yes, but that she wasn’t here right now. They asked if they could come in which I obliged, and then they proceeded to tell me the news of the accident and that Shayla did not survive, but her friend Nakayla did. When they told my the accident happened around 8am, I suddenly knew that, that was when I woke up “for no apparent reason”. Shayla used to always call, text or in person tell me things that were going on in her life and then say, “I don’t know what to do. What should I do?” That is one of the things I now miss most about her, but I know in my heart that she was there that morning as soon as her soul left her body to say “I don’t know what to do Meme. What should I do?” I didn’t understand at the time, but I know it now.

    That was just my first experience with her since her death, though I have had many, many, many of them, especially in the first couple of months. I still have them, just not as frequently now. Anyway, on the afternoon of her wake, I was going to the mortuary early to have some private time with her to say good bye. As I was driving to the mortuary I was feeling very anxious, and fearful of seeing her lifeless body in a casket and facing my grief, and the last thing I ever wanted to have to do in my life, I was now on my way to do. As I was driving down University Dr. I started noticing the license plates of the cars directly in front of me and a similarity in their numbers… the number 7. I don’t know why I noticed that because that’s not something I normally pay attention to, but after the first couple of plates I started taking pictures of the license plates in front of me. the first one I took a picture of was a license plate with a Triple 7 on University. That truck was directly in front of me for quite some time until I turned onto Roosevelt, and then the next truck directly in front of me on Roosevelt was a license plate with the number 717. Somehow I knew there was meaning in this and finally just today on your site, I got my answer. This has been in the back of my mind since last February. Thank you for solving this mystery. The triple 7 license plate in front of me was truly no accident!!!

    My question to you regarding the 717….I just had a light bulb thought. Do you have any thoughts about planning my wedding to my boyfriend of 5 years on 7-7-17 or 7-17-17? Do you think there is any link between this date and the 717 license plate?

  21. My husband passed away last year and ever since I keep seeing his birthdate every where I go sometimes its not in sequence . He was born on 2/14 .I will look at my phone at 2:41 or a 1:42 constantly . I always say hello to my angel

  22. My fiance died in my car may 25 and I had so many ADCs I had to ask in prayer for them to stop, I was scared to be home alone. The day after crash I felt his presence in our home thick like fog He was everywhere, so much so I had to pack and run out. The 2 blocks over my friends whoi were with me at home in the fog, were at my mons, facing the back patio, gated and locked. We all saw a large shaddow go across the window, with a tracer behind.

    I have the next 3 things, First, the photo off the news, has a tree behind my upside down car where he was dying, The is an angel above the tree. His mom is able to be ok bc of this picture I have it.

    The next day I went home and his watch I gave him for Val day was on my headboard, shattered as if it were on him in the accident I have it The day of the funeral I called his mom to check on her and the last thing i said was Rob would have been smiling down seeing us help each other thru such a hard day 7 mins later a mystery text came to my phone ( my b dqay is 7 7, so this 3rd 7 is a trinity

    The text has a pennsylvania number on top and says… Cathy, my mother cannot stop smiling, certainly a day we will never forget I googled the number which rang until busy signal, all I got is its a pennsylvania number. My daughter with i phone 7 called it and it originated from North Bethlehem Pennsylvania. I have the text, and the call log. Our picture spontaneously fell off the wall I was across the room, Lisa was there.

    The settlement was 4 times what it should have been, the 3 cars he hit never filed a claim on my insurance full coverage, it happend 7 mos ago. I heard a loud whisper in my ear, stood me up and out the door. My sister had the dream from him, def telling me he is in heaven. My mom has dementia and he lovewd her to death. She had a dream remembers it clear. Rob told me alive he saw his dad in heaven, and lisa dreamed he was walking with his gfrandfather, until the funeral, there was his dad in a picture, same exact man she dreamed.

    Luckily I had witnesses or I can prove my experiences.; I was so scared to die, and after all this, we do go on with the ones we love. I got a love letter from my dad from beyond, and hummingbirds . I think Im supposed to show others so they believe too

    • Hi Catherine,

      Thank you so much for sharing your experiences. I know someone reading your comment will be very comforted by what you have shared. Peace be with you.

  23. Hi my name is Tyesha. I had a best friend that past away last year may 18,2017. And starting in Dec I would see her name on my calendar in my phone saying reminder call and then her name. Then it happened again saying the same thing reminder call and then her name. Then it happened a third time reminder call then her name. So what could this mean? Is she trying to tell me something? Plz help me to understand this. Thank you, Tyesha Owens

  24. All my life the number 21 has followed me. And it has followed my family and friends. Once I meet someone the number 21 becomes part of their lives. My Birthday is 1-21, My son was born at 3:18 3+18=21, my daughter born in room 318. My wife died on September 3rd and her service was on September 7th 3×7=21. Also My daughter and son in law had their car give out on odometer setting 212121. store receipts and bills will come out 21 dollars or some variance of 21. I even graduated midterm from high school because in my school you needed 20 credits to graduate. I had 21. And it was on my birthday January 21st. Acquaintances have told me since they met me the number 21 haunts them from restaurants to just going to a movie. All just like me. I’ve always felt a strong spiritual/mystical pull with the number 21. And almost a drain feeling when i pass it onto others. But not sure how I’m passing it on. I joke with new people I meet telling them just a FYI the number 21 will start following them. They scoff and tell me yeah okay lol. Then are shocked when telling me it does.

  25. I always see 12:15. One of my very first loves took his life on December 15th. I’ve seen it since. 4 years after his death. My great grandmother was ill. With only a few weeks left to live and I knew she would die on the same day. She did. I’ve seen it on addresses clocks long numbers with paint over it to make 1215. Even lived in a house that was across the street from 1214 so it should of been 1215.. I never know if it’s a good thing or not. I dont know how to feel.

  26. My father passed away 2-22-18. Since his passing I have seen repetitive numbers on the clock. It’s like something says look at the clock, and it will be 2:22 or 3:33, etc. I think he’s trying to tell me something but I don’t know what it is. Can someone please help?! Thanks!

    • Hi Latasha,
      I lost a good friend to cancer about a year ago. Since his passing, he’s visited me in different ways. First, it was in the form of a white butterfly that paced me for a few seconds during a bike ride. This happened the morning after I was thinking of him and hoping his spirit was at peace. Another time, I was at a restaurant with some friends reminiscing about him. All of a sudden, one of his favorite songs started playing on the restaurant speakers. Most recently, he visited me in a dream. I woke up from that dream in the middle of the night, then reached over to turn off my iPad playing music. The time stamp on the iPad was 2:22.

      I see angel numbers/synchronicity on a regular basis and this only became more frequent after my friend’s passing. Sometimes I’ll be concerned or stressed about something when the numbers pop up, which then results in a positive outcome. I feel as if this is my buddy’s way of reassuring me about things.

      The next time you see it, tune into your thoughts or whatever you’ve got going on and know that your father is guiding and protecting you.

  27. My mom went brain dead on 2/8/17 but last test her heart gave out on 2/12/17..after 6 months of agony her dying and coming back and getting pneumonia all the time I lost her for good..she was my best friend only one i could talk to and share things with.

    She was 68 she would have been 70 next month..i miss her terribly..but to the point of my post is in that September I went to the er i had a bad panic attack i didnt tell my mom till later but she went herself for the first time the next day after i did..i thought that was was like my body knew about my mom before I did..i was diagnosed with anxiety..

    the day that she was last taken by ambulance when she went brain dead in a matter of hours and minutes of feeling fine she technically passed on the 8th of February because of post mortem..but that night i got scent of a perfume that she loved to wear..

    i couldnt figure out where it came from all I know is I had a bottle of it and i never sprayed it but i smelt it and so did another i don’t know if that was her..and also she always talked of smelling roses some time back before she passed i wonder if it’s all connected somehow..

    id love ur thoughts i still struggle with her glad i got to share my story of her with thing is her name is the same as mine Virginia Louise sansoucie and mine is virginia Lynn sansoucie..same initals V.L.S just diff middle name..thank u for reading!!!

    • Hi Virginia,

      My condolences on the loss of your mother. From my personal experience, getting a scent of a favorite perfume is a sign your mom was with you at that time. Think of it a a gentle hug from the other side. Thank you for sharing your story! I know it will help others.

  28. Re: After Death Communication by repeating numbers

    I found your article to resonate with an after death communication I Expierenced with my Twin Flame Soulmate who passed tragically in June of 2019.

    This loss was so tragic. My TF and I were in Seperation. A week prior to his death we had spoken. After a disagreement he blocked me from Facebook. A pattern.

    6 weeks had passed and a friend alerted me she’d not seen him active on FB. She came over so we could look further into this because it was unlike him. Also, I had been trying to get in touch.

    Sadly, we linked a friend’s comment on her page to his tragically being killed in a firery car crash. It had actually made the news because a person filmed the aftermath of the wreck as their spouse saved the person whom caused the accidents number

    This news brought me to my knees. My heart and soul shattered as I whailed. I had so many questions why, so much left unsaid.

    I prayed that my beloved give me a sign that he was with me. That next day I found the most beautiful large feather outside my breezeway.

    I had done a group message to my circle of friends including the picture of taken. The time stamp on the response was 11:11.

    The next day I was texting a close friend. I was waiting for her to respond and had laid my phone down open to the I’m. When I looked down to pick my phone up in the response there were 11 rows of 1’s all the way across the screen. eg.
    I quickly picked it up screen shot it then pushed send explaining to my friend I hadn’t text that. She asked if it was my TF! It had to be.

    Man more occurances since have occured. I have taken photos where I feel him, snap a a pic and catch his Aura and light steaks.

    This has tremendously calmed my heart & soul. I know and realize he will always be with me. Infact, he never left. Just his souls vessel did.

    I have some clairity now. My purpose is even bigger. I’ve been through so much tragedy, pain suffering and loss in my adult life. For the greatest love to be sent from the Divine then 4 years later it’s taken away is the only thing that my heart speaks.

    I’d love to share photos if your interested. Also, my twin flame knowledge during journey is on Quora. I’m a writer who donated my time answering others questions in need.

    God bless

    Marieca ♥️

  29. I lost literally my best friend last year I considered him my family. He was always there when you needed him and had a wonderful strong presence and energy. Unlike anyone I’ve ever met.

    After he passed I started seeing 888 everywhere. Now when I met him I had my number changed after getting a new phone and the last four digits of my number phone number is 8888. I see four 8’s and 88 as much as I see 888. I think this is his way of connecting with me because it will happen at the strangest times when I really NEED that reassurance and comfort he always gave me that all was well in the world.

    He was obsessed with his Rubik’s cube, they even put small ones out at his celebration of life, I go into walmart and notice Rubiks cubes for $8.88. I’ve become close to his sister since his passing, right now she has been sending me messages because she’s spending time with a person her brother was extremely close to, I go to youtube 888 meditation video pops up in suggested videos, I turn it on I listen to it. A girl from California he was very close to comments on a post, and I hear from her the least.

    She recently got his writing from a letter he wrote her tattooed on her arm. I guess what I’m saying is it’s not that crazy that our loved ones are communicating through numbers if we are on that vibrational level where we are paying attention our loved ones will reach out. Much love to everyone on here, make sure when you see the numbers you say HI to your loved ones and acknowledge them.

  30. Sometimes all we can do is prepare ourselves for losing a love one. Losing a pet is really hard sometimes as they are part of the family too.

  31. Easter Sunday, April 12th my 97 year old mother passed away in the hospital. Due to the current social distancing
    (Covid-19) I had not been able to see her since March 15th. It became more complicated when she fell at her Senior living facility and broke her hip on April 3rd.
    The last time my brother and I heard her voice was over the phone when she was being wheeled out to the ambulance. She said,” Don’t worry about me I’m in good hands.”

    Surgery took place the following Sunday and all seemed to go well until the next morning when she became nonverbal and would not eat or drink. After a long week of fighting with insurance companies regarding hospice and trying to find a place to take her during this pandemic the Doctor called to let us know she was in pain and suffering and advised us we could do as hospice would do and start her morphine etc. he said she could last 3 hours or 3 days. We opted to end her suffering and gave him the authority to begin the process.

    At 9:25 pm my mother was pronounced dead. A little over 3 hours from the time we gave the ok. Her suffering was over. For my brother and I it was extremely painful to have not spoken to her before, after surgery and not to hold her hand when she died. A funeral is not permitted.

    Wednesday morning, April 14th I found a random penny on my living room floor from 2011 the year Dad died.
    The same day I was going through old photos from when my children were young and in the middle of the stack was an old black and white photo of my mother . She was dressed nicely from head to toe. I turned the photo over and it said “Easter.” I knew immediately it was a message from my mother.

    The third unusual occurrence was when the clock in my living room had stopped needing a new battery and suddenly began moving again. It kept running until 4:07 on and has moved since. This was the time I generally would call her.

    Some people would state that I have lost my mind but that’s ok . The moment I realized what was in front of me I knew it was from my mother . Thank you Mother I will miss you and stop by once and awhile.

    • Hi Barbara,

      I am so sorry for your loss. Peace be with you and your family during this difficult time. I do believe that the unusual occurrences you experienced were indeed signs from your loved ones, especially the clock working again at the time you would generally call your mom. I appreciate you sharing your situation here. I hope it brings a bit of healing to anyone reading this.


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