After Death Communications – Do The Deceased Communicate With Us?

Have you experienced after death communications from a deceased loved one? Do the recently deceased really contact us after they have left the Earth? Many people report strange occurrences and synchronicity shortly after a loved one passes away.

Has a family member or friend attempted after-death communication with you? I do believe it is a loved ones attempt to get your attention and let you know they are safe, whole, and well on the other side.

Some deceased communicate with you via repeating numbers. Others leave physical signs, letters, pennies, or just the scent of their favorite perfume to let you know they are there and still with you, even in the afterlife. This may happen within the first few days to a few months after they have passed. These signs are meant to provide comfort to you in the physical. Think of them as a gift for you to receive.

I would like to open up this post to anyone who wants to share their after death communications and experiences and I hope it to become part of your healing and grieving from the loss of a loved one.

Seeing 333 as a Sign Of After Death Communications

Sherry left a comment on my blog about seeing the repeating number 333 that she agreed to let me share with you. We also exchanged a few subsequent emails about after death communications.

Here is what she shared:

“My dad died on April 13 but wasn’t discovered until April 18th. He lived 20 minutes from me, but we had a complicated relationship due to his drinking and gruffness.

Despite that, and even though we weren’t surprised by his death, we were all shocked! Our nickname for him was, “Energizer Bunny” because he would have many drunken falls, bruises, broken ribs, strokes, heart issues, but he kept going and going…pretty indestructible! He was not religious or at all spiritual that we know of…never wanted to talk about anything deep or painful, (like our little brother’s death in a fire in our home). He was “tough” in many ways.

Anyways, on Easter…a few days before his memorial service, we all met to have lunch with our mom, his ex-wife, at her nursing home. It was an emotional Easter meal we all shared, and when my husband, boys and I got to the car for our 2 hour drive home, strangely the driver seat was all the way forward and my husband could not get it to go back. There was no way we could drive the car home like that, and after trying for a few moments, he said that the mechanism to move it was burned out. I kept asking how could it have moved all the way up, and finally said out loud, “Dad, if you’re there we need your help…we have to get home!”

A Text From Beyond

“At that moment, the seat worked and was able to move again, and my 14 year old son exclaimed, “I just got a smiley face text from mom’s phone, mom, did you text me? (my phone was in my purse strapped on my body!!). The time on the car clock was 3:33, and the text was sent and received at 3:33 as well.

We all couldn’t believe it, especially my very skeptical Agnostic husband and sons! There is an explanation for the text…if you press the menu button on my phone 8 times, it will send the last text I sent to the first person on my contact list…my 14 year old son. But, the keypad has to be unlocked, it would have had to bump against my body 8 times, and the coincidence of the timing…Then, today, I balanced our business checkbook and the total was $3333.33!!

What does it all mean? I have felt my dad coming into my life since he died…he reassures me that he is healed and whole now, and he’s sorry for all the pain. I have had other experiences when loved ones have died, especially over the past 15+ years of my life, (I’m 53), but none with numbers that I’ve noticed. Is there a place to share after-death experiences?

I have had experiences that are so interesting/amazing…ever since my friend who “awakened” my spirituality died. His was the first death where I can re-call “happenings” both during his passing, and after. Since then, it happens every time. I had heard friends talk of such things, but was sure they were coincidence and made up. Now that they happen to me, and my family, I know that they are as real as anything else I experience!”

Please Share Your Stories on After Death Communications

Have you had a similar experience with after death communications from a loved one? I would like to open up this post to anyone who wants to share their experiences and I hope it to become part of your healing and grieving from the loss of a loved one. So please feel free to leave a comment below about your encounters.

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49 thoughts on “After Death Communications – Do The Deceased Communicate With Us?”

  1. Re: After Death Communication by repeating numbers

    I found your article to resonate with an after death communication I Expierenced with my Twin Flame Soulmate who passed tragically in June of 2019.

    This loss was so tragic. My TF and I were in Seperation. A week prior to his death we had spoken. After a disagreement he blocked me from Facebook. A pattern.

    6 weeks had passed and a friend alerted me she’d not seen him active on FB. She came over so we could look further into this because it was unlike him. Also, I had been trying to get in touch.

    Sadly, we linked a friend’s comment on her page to his tragically being killed in a firery car crash. It had actually made the news because a person filmed the aftermath of the wreck as their spouse saved the person whom caused the accidents number

    This news brought me to my knees. My heart and soul shattered as I whailed. I had so many questions why, so much left unsaid.

    I prayed that my beloved give me a sign that he was with me. That next day I found the most beautiful large feather outside my breezeway.

    I had done a group message to my circle of friends including the picture of taken. The time stamp on the response was 11:11.

    The next day I was texting a close friend. I was waiting for her to respond and had laid my phone down open to the I’m. When I looked down to pick my phone up in the response there were 11 rows of 1’s all the way across the screen. eg.
    I quickly picked it up screen shot it then pushed send explaining to my friend I hadn’t text that. She asked if it was my TF! It had to be.

    Man more occurances since have occured. I have taken photos where I feel him, snap a a pic and catch his Aura and light steaks.

    This has tremendously calmed my heart & soul. I know and realize he will always be with me. Infact, he never left. Just his souls vessel did.

    I have some clairity now. My purpose is even bigger. I’ve been through so much tragedy, pain suffering and loss in my adult life. For the greatest love to be sent from the Divine then 4 years later it’s taken away is the only thing that my heart speaks.

    I’d love to share photos if your interested. Also, my twin flame knowledge during journey is on Quora. I’m a writer who donated my time answering others questions in need.

    God bless

    Marieca ♥️

  2. I lost literally my best friend last year I considered him my family. He was always there when you needed him and had a wonderful strong presence and energy. Unlike anyone I’ve ever met.

    After he passed I started seeing 888 everywhere. Now when I met him I had my number changed after getting a new phone and the last four digits of my number phone number is 8888. I see four 8’s and 88 as much as I see 888. I think this is his way of connecting with me because it will happen at the strangest times when I really NEED that reassurance and comfort he always gave me that all was well in the world.

    He was obsessed with his Rubik’s cube, they even put small ones out at his celebration of life, I go into walmart and notice Rubiks cubes for $8.88. I’ve become close to his sister since his passing, right now she has been sending me messages because she’s spending time with a person her brother was extremely close to, I go to youtube 888 meditation video pops up in suggested videos, I turn it on I listen to it. A girl from California he was very close to comments on a post, and I hear from her the least.

    She recently got his writing from a letter he wrote her tattooed on her arm. I guess what I’m saying is it’s not that crazy that our loved ones are communicating through numbers if we are on that vibrational level where we are paying attention our loved ones will reach out. Much love to everyone on here, make sure when you see the numbers you say HI to your loved ones and acknowledge them.

  3. Sometimes all we can do is prepare ourselves for losing a love one. Losing a pet is really hard sometimes as they are part of the family too.

  4. Easter Sunday, April 12th my 97 year old mother passed away in the hospital. Due to the current social distancing
    (Covid-19) I had not been able to see her since March 15th. It became more complicated when she fell at her Senior living facility and broke her hip on April 3rd.
    The last time my brother and I heard her voice was over the phone when she was being wheeled out to the ambulance. She said,” Don’t worry about me I’m in good hands.”

    Surgery took place the following Sunday and all seemed to go well until the next morning when she became nonverbal and would not eat or drink. After a long week of fighting with insurance companies regarding hospice and trying to find a place to take her during this pandemic the Doctor called to let us know she was in pain and suffering and advised us we could do as hospice would do and start her morphine etc. he said she could last 3 hours or 3 days. We opted to end her suffering and gave him the authority to begin the process.

    At 9:25 pm my mother was pronounced dead. A little over 3 hours from the time we gave the ok. Her suffering was over. For my brother and I it was extremely painful to have not spoken to her before, after surgery and not to hold her hand when she died. A funeral is not permitted.

    Wednesday morning, April 14th I found a random penny on my living room floor from 2011 the year Dad died.
    The same day I was going through old photos from when my children were young and in the middle of the stack was an old black and white photo of my mother . She was dressed nicely from head to toe. I turned the photo over and it said “Easter.” I knew immediately it was a message from my mother.

    The third unusual occurrence was when the clock in my living room had stopped needing a new battery and suddenly began moving again. It kept running until 4:07 on and has moved since. This was the time I generally would call her.

    Some people would state that I have lost my mind but that’s ok . The moment I realized what was in front of me I knew it was from my mother . Thank you Mother I will miss you and stop by once and awhile.

    • Hi Barbara,

      I am so sorry for your loss. Peace be with you and your family during this difficult time. I do believe that the unusual occurrences you experienced were indeed signs from your loved ones, especially the clock working again at the time you would generally call your mom. I appreciate you sharing your situation here. I hope it brings a bit of healing to anyone reading this.


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