Is It Hard To Trust Your Intuition?

Is it hard to trust your intuition? Trusting your intuition is something that sounds so easy, yet we can make it so hard on ourselves. Learn why we have become separated from our intuition and how to reconnect to our inner voice.

Awhile back I wrote about rediscovering your intuition and felt it was time to revisit this topic as so many of you have emailed me asking about how you can really rebuild the trust factor with your own intuition.

Trusting Your Intuition and Trusting Your Path

To start expanding yourself to realize your dreams it is time to use and trust your intuition. That sounds simple enough, right? It is probably not the first time you have heard that said. Then why don’t we just do that? Why is it so difficult to trust that the small quiet voice that comes from within might actually be exactly what we need to do right at that exact time?

Fear – The Great Immobilizer

The fear of actually succeeding is a big part of why we don’t trust our intuition. If we actually succeed with the goal we have set, that might mean that you would have to do some things that are well outside our comfort zone to get to that goal. It might mean having difficult conversations or speaking your truth.

How Does Confusion Serve Us?

We like to think we are confused and that our intuition really isn’t working for us. You of course know at soul level that this is bunk. You do really know what to do, but most times the prospect of doing the next step is too scary and instead of taking that step to work through the fear we like to think we are confused. We can be stuck in confusion for years when it comes to doing our life purpose.

The Rational Mind

Our rational mind is all about the thinking through of our actions. We think and think and think. You know what this gets for you? Analysis Paralysis. It is like in order to keep our minds busy, we feel we need to analyze and over-analyze a situation or decision. The problem is that by doing this we have not truly made a decision, we have instead just drawn out the decision process even longer. This is how we start to distrust our intuitive guidance.

Reconnect and Trust Your Intuition

It is all about trust. It is about taking that quiet thought that makes our soul sing and staying with it. I think one of the most important things to realize is that fear and confusion is natural and part of the process of growth. By understanding and observing what comes up when we make a true decision purely from intuition, we can recognize those areas that we are not in full alignment with and take actions to be in alignment.

Stay Tuned…

So, if you are still having trouble trusting your intuition, stay tuned. In a few days I will be announcing something special that will help many of you tune into your inner voice.

Your Thoughts?

What are your thoughts about fear and confusion blocking your intuition? Leave a comment below.

5 thoughts on “Is It Hard To Trust Your Intuition?”

  1. The problem I have with intuition is it is always apparent to me as an afterthought. For example… ” I knew I was supposed to do that!” or “I had that feeling”. I know that when I feel inspired to do something that is intuition. When intuition comes as a warning is when I have a problem. I never know the difference between just being worried about something or if that nagging feeling is trying to tell me something. I think you stated it clearly when you mentioned the over analyzing. In my experience when my intuition has been spot on , it has always been very subtle… a fleeting thought. Thank you for the article. I enjoyed reading it.

  2. I too have had the feelings at time when its like I knew it, didn’t follow it, don’t know why. Then there is the times when its, went left when I should have went right or vice-versa.

    Also with everyone else (they ask or a feeling kicks in) I can go on my gut, or just get a feeling and be fine, when it comes to me, its like it goes wonky. I always thought I was just too close to certain situations which would put me in that left/right situation, and either loads of problems, or trouble lol.

    I rarely had this problem before so I am not sure what woke-up the wonk-o-meter I have a pretty good idea. Now I just have to get back to that place somehow. I am doing it in baby-steps, I really don’t need too many set backs. But ohhh cooporation would be so wonderful, from me, others lol.

    Great article Laura, love it.

  3. I agree with you about intuition. First I had to rid myself of fear and this I did through faith. Then I let my intuition or inner person decide my actions. This was difficult but achievable, I had to be willing to let go of things I thought were important. I believe that rational thought will always be flawed, proof of this is the bad state of affairs in the world. Today I am materialistically much poorer but also a much happier and content person. I also see things much clearer. Before that I was foggy and did not realize it. You see, intuition/soul and the world’s common sense/logic, does not see eye to eye.

  4. Thanks, Laura for yet another
    enjoyable read and inspiring article. Particularly liked your addressing “confusion” when it comes to hard work. I think if someone has been overwhelmed, or distracted enough to be off one’s path, or just off the path, it is easy to, at least temporarily, to shake the confidence ‘muscle’ out of atrophy. And the only way to retrain that is by practice. And more practice.Beautiful pendulum picture on your page, too.
    Bright Blessings,

  5. Dear Laura,
    I am very grateful for your blog. I have been desperately trying to quiet my mind of doubts and finally found comfort in your posts. I am clairaudient / sentient in extreme circumstances so I have never trusted small quiet voices and thus ignore them. I have always been over-analytical and fear being wrong so I was never able to trust. I have felt disappointment most of my life and not accustomed to getting what I want so I find it very difficult to trust myself. Recently, I had an experience wherein I felt an overwhelming sense of calm, relief, confidence and happiness. Everytime fear came over me, that calming sensation would return which surprised me. I had another flash of fear and uncertainty and sought information about my intuitive abilities. I think I understand it better after reading your article and I think I can quiet my mind now. Thank you.


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