Surviving Holiday Gatherings

Are you dreading attending your upcoming holiday gatherings? Learn tips and techniques to help you enjoy the season.

Note:  I originally sent this out last year on Dec. 10, 2010 to my newsletter subscribers, but since there are so many new subscribers, I thought it fitting for this time of year. I have also added some additional thoughts.

For many of us, the upcoming Christmas holiday brings feelings of joy and happiness. For others it brings feelings of dread and anxiety. Are memories of past unpleasant situations affecting your ability to have a positive attitude and outlook this holiday season?

Surviving Holiday Gatherings – Seeing Through A New Lens

Getting together with family members whom you may see only once or twice a year can bring up emotions that you thought you have gotten past a long time ago. It may seem like you have to put on your suit of armor to go to a family function.

Hopefully your situation is the former. If it brings about feelings of dread and anxiety, try looking at it from a different lens. View your family members through the eyes of oneness. We are all one.

Can you get past the feelings to the knowing that we are all on this Earth for the same purpose? Every person is at a different point in their life path, that’s all.


You may never agree with what has been said in the past, but can you forgive? You don’t need to agree with someone’s point of view to forgive them. Forgiveness is for yourself. Can you finally get past the ego and emotion and see that person as a part of you? Forgiveness and letting go.

When a situation arises that gets your emotions to run wild, practice saying these words: I love you, Please forgive me, I’m Sorry, Thank You. This is a form of Ho’oponopono, a forgiveness meditation and healing technique that, said repeatedly will bring calm and peace to any situation. Read more.


In addition, you have the full ability to heal from your past. All it takes is a decision on your part that the issue will fade and become a thing of the past and will not continue to to affect you in your present life.

That can be easier said than done, in some cases. The point is to acknowledge that you want to begin the healing process. The rest will come in its due time. Christmas – A Healing Holiday

Enjoy the Moment

Take a moment to savor what you do enjoy, whether it be the holiday lights, the smell of cookies baking or anything that brings a bit of joy to you day. By living in the present, thoughts of the past can be dissolved.

How about you? Have you been able to heal and forgive and finally move on or do you find it difficult to get past somebody or something that you feel has “wronged” you? Leave a comment below.

4 thoughts on “Surviving Holiday Gatherings”

  1. Hi Laura,
    I was thinking … Just like what you did with this post, i.e. shining it up and “re-purposing” it, you talk here about how we can do that with the holidays! Just a little twist to our focus can make all the difference.
    And I’ve always loved the simple Ho’oponopono practice; thanks for pointing out how perfect it can be this time of year especially.

    • Hi Patti,

      Yes, a small twist or tweak in our focus really does make a difference.

      I learned the Ho’oponopono practice a few years ago, and it is surprising how often I find myself digging it out of the toolbox.

      Have a great holiday!

  2. Hi Laura,

    I love that Ho’oponopono healing words. It is true, when said repeatedly, it does bring a lot of calm perspectives into our lives.

    Let us all try and appreciate the now during this holiday season.

    Happy holidays!

    • Hi Jimmy,

      I will say that Ho’oponopono is one of my favorite ways to re-center myself and feel more calm and peaceful. Sometimes the simple techniques are the best.

      Happy holidays to you too!


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