Are You An Adult Indigo?

Are you an adult indigo? Find out about this group of souls that incarnated with a special purpose here on Earth. Learn about their special challenges and characteristics.

Adult Indigos are a group of souls that were sent as forerunners to help in the transition of consciousness of this planet. They have a unique set of talents and abilities that may not be fully recognized until well into adulthood. Their childhoods may have been emotionally difficult, as the need to learn healing in some cases has come at a premium. I have listed some books on healing here.

The Purpose Of Adult Indigo

The purpose of Indigos is to bring healing first to themselves, and then to others, in order to reform the wayward consciousness of Earth. Indigos are of a warrior soul that will not tolerate fakeness, falseness, or agendas. They see right through that and can pick up on the persona in an instant after meeting someone. Do not try to be untruthful with an Indigo as you will likely be put in your place rather quickly.

They are here to pave the way for the mass of Indigo children that were born in the 70’s and 80’s. They are the ones who have the real work to do, that of forcing a global change of consciousness. The Indigo adults who came before them are here to in a sense test the waters and learn the lessons that will need to be passed on to the incoming Indigo children.

What Is An Indigo?

The term Indigo comes from the aura color that surrounds the physical body. If you have learned how to see auras, you may have been able to notice someone with an Indigo aura.

Typically, Indigos resonate with healing in some form or another. You may have chosen a profession in the medical area or you may be a healer yourself or you may be just learning how to heal yourself without the use of traditional medical treatments. Reiki is a good example. Because of this you might be overly empathic and pick up other people’s energy easily. This can leave you feeling drained and exhausted if not understood.

They are also quite psychic. Whether or not an individual has allowed those abilities to be developed depends greatly on the level of self healing they have allowed themselves.

I have been doing a bit of research into this type of personality and do resonate with the majority of the traits I have read about.

During your life, have you felt as if the Earth was not your home? Did you feel like you were abandoned and left on a strange planet? Did you feel as though you struggle to figure out other people and can feel their pain and emotions? I guess it just needs to resonate with you at a soul level whether or not you fall into this rather general heading of adult Indigos.

Characteristics of Adult Indigos

  • Do you have uncharacteristic rage? Did you have that trait when you were quite young? Do you feel completely numb, as though your soul was covered up and not allowed to surface? Were you a wild child? Do you feel as though you could have been a warrior in a past life?
  • Do you have a disdain for almost all authority and view them with an eye of doubt and distrust? Do you avoid people in authority such as police, even though you may have done nothing wrong?
  • Do you feel as though you can see right through a politician? Does the inner knowing of  “he only wants power” go through your head when someone is trying to gain office?
  • Can you feel energy in a room and form an immediate like or dislike for where you are at or the people you are with?
  • Do large events drain you completely? Do you carry home the energy of others?
  • Do you feel an a deep emotional anger at your rights being taken away, one by one?
  • Do loud sounds feel as though they reverberate to your soul?
  • Do smells that you once enjoyed seem completely overpowering to you now?
  • Do you love decorating your home, to the point it may be your passion? Is your home of utmost importance to you? Do you feel as though home is not here on this planet?
  • Are favorite foods that you once loved now completely toxic to you? Do you find yourself getting sick when you eat processed foods?
  • Can you immediately detect a persons emotional state even before you are going to meet them?

These are just a few questions to ask yourself if you resonate with being an adult Indigo. Take a look at the resources below to help you determine if this is something that really resonates with you.

Further Reading for Adult Indigos

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3 thoughts on “Are You An Adult Indigo?”

  1. I’ve worked with and around some of these people. The ones who are, usually doubt it, don’t discuss it much, if at all. They are usually brought out by some epiphany as to their soul purpose.

    There are also the self-deluded, who want to be this, but may not be, though some turn out to have the profile and abilities later on.

    In short, it’s not always easy, but for those who are, they are doing and not talking about it so much.

    • Tom, I agree with your observations. Lightworkers see the world from many different dimensions. Have most of our lives. When you see the magnitude of your soul’s purpose, it can be very overwhelming and scary. No one was around when we were growing up to validate that the journey we were on cuts an energetic path for others to follow.

      Very happy to see the energetic foundation alive for a more united, loving existence here on Earth. The dreams of my childhood that were seared in my soul are coming to light.

  2. Hi All
    People have insisted that I’m an Indigo person; that I should look it up. That’s not how I got here however. Seeing 111, & 1111 for almost a year led me to google the number. It’s thrilling and astonishing to find this is a phenomenon happening to MANY people! Some people seem creeped out by this according to their comments. Perhaps on a deep intuitive level they are ahead of their conscious mind, and sense that a great responsibility is being introduced to us. But truly this is a responsibility of great joy! One which I am sure we will be eager to accomplish, not like work at all, but joyful play. Who doesn’t want there to be love and compassion in the world?
    So when I see 111, or 1111, I pray to all others seeing this number, and it doesn’t matter if our clocks are synchronized, or even if I’m seeing (111, 1111.) The numbers for me remind me to connect with all others of like mind and spirit.
    As for being an indigo? Who knows. Some of your description above sounds nothing like me. For instance; being able to see through people’s fakeness, falseness, and agendas. I can be very dense when it comes to that, always believing in everyone, never thinking anyone could be purposely hurtful to anyone.
    However, when I finally get it in my head that a person is not kind, I do not tolerate it. That part is true of me.
    The part of your description that sounds like me the most is the particularly emotionally difficult childhood, and beyond for that matter. It’s been much work healing all this. Still working on it. This however was preparation for my special daughter who came to me when I was 40! Now SHE sees immediately through people’s falseness!
    SHE may be an indigo. She has had incredible challenges in her life. I do feel that we have come together for a purpose. My particular life knowledge seems to help her in a way she doesn’t find in other places. So I feel that I know why I went through those things. It was for her! (as well as for myself.)
    Now a crossroads is before me. I’ve just “finished?” 27 years in music education. The position I was in went in a new direction so I didn’t think I was ready to stop, but now it seems that it’s simply time for new things, whether I planned it or not.
    Being relatively new to the internet, this is my very first comment I’ve ever placed anywhere on line, except for e mailing people I know. What you are saying about light workers COMPELLED me to respond. If I am not a light worker, I hope to be one. During this time of enormous transition in my my life your angel numbers have been a continual comfort to me, speaking exactly to my day to day feelings, and situation as I daily read about different repeating numbers that I see. I look forward to learning more, and hopefully sharing with others about all this.
    THANK YOU !!! : o )
    Love to All, Leona


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