Energetic Misalignments Within Your Akashic Record

Within your Akashic record energetic misalignments show up as difficulties, drama, and battles. By understanding the underlying energies and root causes of misalignments you gain awareness, insight, and healing around issues that may have plagued you for years.

What Is An Energetic Misalignment?

Within your Akashic record are imprints of recurring thoughts, deeds, and actions you have experienced in past lives and present life. When you make a choice that goes against your Divine nature and your soul level gifts, it shows up as an energetic misalignment. What this looks like is drama, battles, and difficulty in your current life.

Sometimes those choices occurred in a past life and other times those choices happen in childhood or teenage years. In most cases when something shows up as a misalignment the pattern of the original choice continues, thus having far-reaching consequences.

For example, in a past life situation your soul perhaps made a choice to marry someone, which carried the energy of guilt instead of true love.

This can show up in current life as feeling guilty if you leave a relationship. What happens is you stay in a relationship far longer than is healthy and the repeated choice to stay becomes a misalignment that affects you at soul level. Often in past life situations the energies of guilt, shame, and blame show up. It can feel like you are in the middle of a soap opera!

In present life, an energetic misalignment can show up as a childhood situation where bullying occurred and you may have felt helpless to change the situation. This can lead to other situations years later where the energy of helplessness is present.

By continuing to make the same unconscious choices those patterns show up as misalignments. The key is to be aware of daily choices you make and identify life areas where those choices still occur and then talk about those choices during a reading together.

We look at the energetic circumstances behind the root choice made and then talk about how you experience that choice in present life. We do energy clearing around the situation so you can begin to make conscious new choices when that energetic pattern shows up again.

What this does is gives you consciousness about how your soul’s choices still affect you today. It can give you answers as to why you attract the same types of relationships or why you continue to choose another job with an overbearing boss or co-workers that stab you in the back.

Do You Suspect Energetic Misalignments Within Your Akashic Record?

Almost everyone has some type of misalignment or another within their Akashic record. After all, how many people do you know that make all the right choices?

Yet some misalignments go deeper and have a big impact on your current life. You might find those patterns difficult to identify on your own. Sometimes you need someone with an objective viewpoint to have a look under the hood.

Often you will have thoughts like, “This is the 4th time I have been in a job where my boss took credit for my work. This has happened too many times for it just to be a coincidence. Why does this situation keep showing up for me? What do I need to learn from this?”

Other times you will feel tired because you have done a lot of healing work to resolve a situation and yet it still shows up. You might have thoughts like, “I have done so much healing work around my feelings of shame. Why do I keep experiencing this? How much more work do I have to do?”

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