What’s Stopping You From Completing Your Psychic Training Programs?

Have you ever purchased intuitive or psychic training programs only for them to become shelf help? Find out how to finish what you started.

One of the things that frequently comes up during an intuitive reading is discussion of one or more psychic training programs purchased some time ago that have now become shelf help. Many of you that book a reading with me have taken at least one training, if perhaps many. In a lot of cases we talk about how to finish those courses and certifications so you can step into your healing and intuitive gifts.

For those of you that might not know what I mean when I say shelf help, it means a program you purchased, got a portion of the way through, and then life got in the way.

Even though you might have had intentions of finishing it and getting a certification, it now sits on your hard drive or in unopened emails as a reminder of something unfinished.

The thing is, there is more to that unfinished course or certification than you think. On the surface it might look like you became too busy or some type of emergency showed up, but if you look a bit deeper underneath the surface you might find a different reason.

Often, when stepping into your intuitive abilities you go through a process of owning our gifts. This includes a certain amount of fear sitting underneath the surface.

Questions To Ask Yourself

If I were to finish this certification, what would I have to do next? It might be practice readings or finally asking for payment for your readings. That can be uncomfortable at first.

If I were to finish my practice readings, what would I have to do next?

If I were to finish this certification, what would I have to do next? Would you have to share openly about your new work?

If I were to get paid for my healing and intuitive services, what would I have to do next?

If I were to finish building my business website, what would I have to do next? That might look like writing and publishing your first blog post. For some of you that might be easy, for others it might be downright uncomfortable. It might look like putting your real name and photo on your website. It might look like creating a Facebook page for your new business.

Somewhere along that path is where those unaddressed fears reside. Once you can identify which point you are at, it is much easier to see the why behind failing to finish a certification.

How To Bust Through The Fear of Completing Psychic Training Programs

The first thing you can do to bust through the fear of finishing your intuitive training certifications is to go back to the point where you left off. Log in to the program or get the manual back in your hands and look at exactly what point you stopped.

Think about what came up in your personal or professional life that caused you to stop. Think about how you were feeling at the time. It could be something simple like a fuzzy frame of reference around a piece of the coursework, or it could be a larger reason like those fears I mentioned above.

Call or email your instructor or mentor so you get your questions about the program answered.

Take a fresh look at where you left off. You might surprise yourself by how easy it is to now finish what you started.

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