Do You Fear Stepping Into Your Intuitive Abilities?

Do you know you have healing and intuitive abilities but fear taking the next step? Find out what keeps you stuck in inaction. You also might be interested in reading my previous articles; Are You a Healer? and Accepting Your Gifts As A Healer.

Have You Put Your Plans On Hold?

So, what does the expression “putting something on the back burner” even mean? It means to put an idea or action on hold indefinitely. Putting something on the back burner sends a message to the Universe that you do not have time for it in your life right now.

You might think you need to think over your ideas or inspirations, but what happens is your ideas and inspirations begin to lose focus. Our ego does a great job of helping us to lose focus.

Losing Focus Of Your Intuitive Abilities

A lot of things trip us up along the way, but I think the biggest one is fear. You, like many others have more than likely learned it is unsafe to talk about your intuitive abilities.

Fear shows up in many different ways like:

  • Staying in the psychic closet.
  • Not taking the necessary actions to get your business off the ground.
  • Feeling foggy about your next steps.
  • Taking another class or certification thinking you need more healing or information.
  • Failing to finish a certification.

Drama, Drama, Drama!

What happens when you decide to sign up for an intuitive development course or finally build that new business website? Drama comes knocking at the door! Drama can look like additional bills showing up the mail, emergency room visits, car troubles, and forced overtime.

Drama can also show up as a fight with your spouse or family member after you decide to take new action. You have to understand that those are distractions, which keep you from playing a bigger game.

If you want to get what you want you need help others get what they want. You need to make your solution known in a bigger way. You need to get your word out, get better known, and find clients. You have so much more to offer the world than what you are currently sharing.

So, here are three things that you can do right now to point you in the right direction:

  • Finish Something. Pick one thing you can finish today connected to your soul level gifts. Choose one thing each day. You need to do that build momentum to keep moving forward. Stop signing up for any new courses and look at the ones on your hard drive that have become shelf help.
  • Just Decide. Take one thing that you’re confused about just decide that you’re not confused about it anymore. What would it look like if you had already taken the action you think you’re confused about? What would it mean for you to do that? What would your life look like, or how would look different if you took that action?
  • Take an Information Break. Try a 7-day Facebook fast, or at least turn off your email for a few hours. Amaze yourself with how many “extra” hours you can find in your day.

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