How To Tune Into What Your Soul Really Wants

Are you tuning in to what your soul wants to experience next? Give yourself permission to play hooky for a bit and honor your soul’s needs.

One of the things I appreciate most about summer is the heat. Living in a Northern climate, our summers are far too short and the snow and cold will show up soon. When the days are sunny and 85 degrees it becomes difficult to focus on writing another blog post when my soul would rather be outside getting some sun.

The thing is; when you fail to honor your soul’s needs, everything else seems to come to a standstill. It can feel like a stubborn child that wants its way.

So, this last week I have been tuning in to what my soul wants. When I did, I was able to let go of many of the “shoulds” my logical mind tells me I need to do, like writing a bunch of blog posts ahead of time, coming up with a new program, and balancing my business books.

My soul cares about none of those things. All my soul wants are new experiences. When I tuned in my soul wanted to play “hooky” from work and spend time playing with our new puppy. It wanted to get outdoors. It also wanted more sleep. Yesterday I took two extra long naps which is something I rarely allow myself to do. I got to bed earlier and feel great today.

By honoring your soul’s needs, you allow your creativity to surface, which makes decisions easier. It gives you down time to see answers you might have missed.

So, I invite you to take 5 minutes, get quiet and centered and tune into your inner needs.

What Does Your Soul Want To Experience Today?

What does your soul want to experience today? To go to the beach and get some sun? To spend time with your children?

Tune in and make a short list of one to three things that immediately come to mind. A single word may come to mind or you might have received an image or thought of someone to reconnect with.

Honor at least one of those things today or at least make a call and set up a visit with a friend.

What Does Your Body Need From You Today?

You can also tune in and ask your physical body the same question.

“What does my body need from me today?”

Does your body want to go for a walk? Go barefoot? Sleep? Eat an awesome salad? Lighter foods? Heavier grounding foods?

Allow Yourself A New Experience

It seems so easy to brush off these types of things and say you will do them another day. Honor yourself today, play hooky a bit, and come back to the tasks at hand with a new sense of purpose and enthusiasm.

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  1. It does want to play hooky! And it is very busy getting back into my body and doing a lot of release work. When I was traveling recently I started moving in the early morning and didn’t stop much until I put my head on the pillow (side benefit, I lost 7 pounds in 2 weeks!)


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