Why Are You Too Busy?

Have you fallen into the trap of overcommitment and being too busy? Take a look at the deeper truth surrounding busyness and find out how to reclaim your personal power.

“I’ve been so busy.” These days it seems like the standard pat answer everyone gives when you run into someone. Being too busy is something we nod our heads at and acknowledge with a somewhat wistful reply. “Yeah, I’ve been unbelievably busy too.” It has become a socially accepted form of greeting someone. The ensuing small talk then usually is all about the details of that busyness. So much for a deep meaningful conversation – LOL!

I don’t know about you, but when conversations like that become commonplace and socially accepted I start letting out a big sigh. Most of the time the answers to the question of “What have you been up to?” are made up of events and situations that fail to get you further to your goals or purposeful work.

The thing is, I have used that statement too, and seconds later cringed when I have allowed it to come out of my mouth. I think all of us long for a deeper connection with others. What if you instead skipped the small talk and jumped feet first into a deep personal conversation? You might be amazed by what you learn about another person.

So, what holds us back from having that deeper connection? Often many fears show up including fears of judgment, not liked for who you are, or a fear of sharing your true passions and purposeful work with the world. In order to avoid feeling uncomfortable, it feels so much easier to keep everything general and plain vanilla and lump it under the heading of “I have been so busy!”

Why Do We Tell Others We Are Busy?

This might sound a bit harsh but here is how some of those fears show up.

  • It makes  what we are doing sound important and exciting.
  • It makes it sound like we have a full and complete life.
  • It makes it sound like we are doing things we love to do.
  • Sometimes the easy way out is to say we are busy, rather than tell someone about our real goals and dreams.

If that is the case and you are loving how you are spending your time, that is awesome! If not, you might want to take a closer look at what types of activities are filling up your day.

Why Are You Too Busy?

If you want to have more time available to pursue your hobbies, passions, and purposeful work, as yourself if any of the following are true for you:

  • Do you keep saying YES instead of NO when someone asks you to do something for them?
  • Have you extended your perceived obligations out for months? What do you keep agreeing to do?
  • Do you feel a sense of guilt that someone failed to receive enough value from you or your services?
  • If you were doing something new and exciting, you might have to tell someone else about it. You might have to face the uncomfortable silence that follows if they fail to understand your big vision and goals. You might further have to explain what you do.
  • You might have to admit you want to spend less time with a certain person, which leads to uncomfortable conversations.

The first step to reclaiming your personal power is to realize where in your life you are doing things that no longer make you happy or fulfilled.

Are You Busy Doing Things That Really Matter To You?

Here are three ways to reclaim your personal power:

  • Take some time to understand which priorities are yours and which are someone else’s. Which ones are YOUR priorities? Do a mental double- check and make sure those priorities are your own. Are you giving your precious time and energy to goals that are worthwhile to you?
  • You already know the answer to what to do next. Simplify everything. Are you willing to let 1-2 things go from your day or week in order to simplify? Are you willing to tell someone no and feel uncomfortable doing so or will you continue down the same path?
  • Write out all the activities you do all day for one week. At the end of the week, tally up the percentage of time spent on your passions and interests vs. those of friends, family, and others. The numbers might surprise you.

If you want uncover the root energetic causes regarding beliefs and patterns causing you to give up your personal power, I invite you to book a reading today.

3 thoughts on “Why Are You Too Busy?”

  1. Laura, thank you for sharing with us your gift of understanding intuition. Your journey really hit me, because I have had repeating numbers for about 15 years now, and never really understood. I also have Angel Numbers 101….
    On another note. when I see your face, I know you. I think our paths have crossed. I was a Band Director in Salem, Oregon and Newberg, Oregon for 37 years total. I can’t help but think that our paths crossed during my teaching career. Maybe not, but I still look at you, and know you.
    Thank you very much for you insights.

    • Hi Ken,
      You are welcome for the insights. It is nice to meet you! I do not think we have ever met as I have never visited Oregon, but like-minded souls do connect.

  2. We could be saying we’re really busy because people are now having to work twice as hard as they used to. Or, like you said… we may be making ourselves look more important. 🙂


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