How To Identify Subconscious Negative Beliefs

Do you find it difficult to identify subconscious negative beliefs that are holding you back? Find out how to let go of those beliefs. A while back I wrote about weeding your mental garden and how negative thoughts and beliefs can spring up from nowhere. If those thoughts stay unexamined, they can run scripts in your mind which affect all areas of your life.

Have you ever found yourself at some point having inner thoughts such as these:

  • I feel I will never achieve my goals. I just lack the willpower.
  • Everyone will see right through me and know I am not good enough.
  • I do not deserve better. I will make do with what I have.

Where Do Negative Beliefs Come From?

We are born without any beliefs. We learn them from our parents, family, and neighbors along with influences from television, radio and other media.

When you see an image on FB with a quote attached and you agree with it, you are reinforcing that particular belief. It could be something political, a cause, or just something that appears as funny or sarcastic.

The thing with beliefs is the grain of truth under the surface. Sometimes however we have made that grain of truth into the entire picture and it encompasses all of our thoughts on a subject.

I prefer the viewpoint that any belief has the potential to be positive or negative. At some point in your life a certain belief kept you safe or secure and was once helpful in some way. As we grow and expand our awareness, those same beliefs that were once helpful become unhelpful and hold us back.

What Is A Belief?

A belief is something that we hold as true. Having beliefs brings a certain sense of safety, security, and control. A belief answers our questions and takes the guesswork out of the mysteries of the Universe.

Having beliefs gives us a sense of control over our own world.

Often beliefs that were once held during childhood outgrow their usefulness. If the belief about children being seen and not heard was present when growing up, that belief can now hinder you from stepping deeper into your purpose. It shows up as an adult as a fear of public speaking, fear of getting on the telephone, or other irrational fears.

You can tell when a belief no longer serves you as it holds you back in some way. Your soul is ready to grow, but these beliefs can sit beneath the surface and keep you in a fog of confusion.

Three Ways To Bust Through Negative Beliefs

  • Once you have identified an outdated negative belief, take a minute and thank it for its service. I understand that might sound silly, but it provides conscious closure and acknowledgement that the belief has served its purpose.
  • Forgive yourself if necessary for carrying around this belief as long as you have. Today is always a great time to plant a new tree.
  • Embrace the process of “unlearning a belief”. Part of that involves examining where the belief came from and unraveling the root source.

How To Know If You Have Let Go Of A Belief

In most cases you the emotional charge will be gone. A similar situation can come up and you can look at if from a “top down” viewpoint, as though you are standing on top of a large hill looking down at the situation. You can look at the issue from the role of an objective observer and notice how the situation occurred and the pivot points along the way.

If you want to find out which unconscious beliefs and patterns are running in the background, I invite you to book a reading with me. To find out more, click here.

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  1. I enjoyed reading your post on beliefs. It is amazing how certain beliefs can be showing up as fears and we might not even recognize them because there are subconscious or unconscious beliefs. Thank you for the recommendations on how to let go of a belief that no longer is beneficial. Yes, gratitude and forgiveness important practices in so many ways.


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