Weeding Your Mental Garden

Are you weeding your mental garden? How many weeds are growing there? Can you weed out the thoughts that seem to keep creeping up that prevent you from achieving your dreams?

The Weeds are Growing!

My family took a wonderful week-long vacation and got back home about a week ago. We walked around the yard and I was completely dismayed to see how bad the weeds in the garden had gotten during the week we were gone. The week before we left I worked every night to make sure the weeds were pulled. It was looking pretty good before we left.

How can they grow that fast in a week? Yikes!

It got me started thinking about just how fast the mental weeds can grow in your mind as well. Left unattended and unexamined, those negative thoughts can seem to spring up from nowhere.

Weeding Your Mental Garden

So, as I have been going out in the evening to weed my vegetable garden, I have used the following affirmation:,  “As I pull these weeds, I also pull useless thoughts from my mind.”

Well, I worked for three straight evenings pulling weeds from my garden. So I must have a few too many unwanted thoughts floating about in my mind these days. This seems to occur when you are ready to expand what you are offering. You now need to work through a new set of limiting beliefs in order to move to the next level. It is part of spiritual expansion and contraction.

Those recurring unwanted thoughts in your mind that you choose not to address end up creating mental weeds. You know what happens with weeds…they continue to grow. Ignore them and they grow exponentially.

My point is to realize just how fast those mental weeds can grow in your mind when you are not tending to them. All those small thoughts that get brushed under the rug are there for a reason. If left unexamined, they will continue to present themselves over and over again until you consciously take a look at them and understand why they are there.

So, when you have thoughts that you wish you didn’t, take some time to figure out where they are coming from and the past experiences behind them. By realizing the real belief behind the thoughts, you can release it with love to the Universe. Realize that it was there to teach you what you needed at the time. Are you weeding your mental garden regularly?

13 thoughts on “Weeding Your Mental Garden”

  1. Thank you Laura, I know what you mean, and it doesn’t help when you are trying to deal with it, and it seems like someone comes along and pours something like Miracle Gro on the weeds, when you need it poured on your positive thoughts.

    Great article loved it! <3

    • Hi Susan,

      You are welcome. I am glad it resonated with you. I actually wondered if our neighbors didn’t pour Miracle Gro on the weeds while we were gone!

      • I know that feeling in my regular yard, but yet in my veg garden we got blessed ( one because its growing faster then normal and we put it in kind of late &) because there are like a couple tiny tiny spots of grass coming up but it gets knocked out by the cultivator lol.
        My yard with this heat lately have to put the mower up on high cut and just sweep, cause otherwise mowing more lawn will kill the grass… Oh the irony of that.

        Anyway I try to use imaginary miracle gro to keep my thoughts positive but there are more times then not like you said a weed will just pop up there and be ten times more then it should be and that irritation sticks with you, until you can just relax and pull that sucker outta there and get back in the flow of the positive, somedays harder then others…

  2. Hi Laura,
    I agree that it’s important to not just notice those types of thoughts but to investigate and find out the belief behind them. I love it when you said, “you can release it with love to the Universe and realize that it was there to teach you what you needed at the time.” What a wonderful perspective!

    • Hi Heather,

      I think investigating the why behind the thoughts is the most interesting part. It is not easy sometimes to get to the root of where those thoughts came from, but worthwhile.

  3. Thanks, Laura, for a timely article. Just finished reading another person’s posting that also contained gardening metaphors. Hmmmm…Some message some one is sending me…and other fellow gardeners…now!

    May I take this time to ask about something? The other day (last Tuesday) I kept seeing the number 14. Just about everywhere, including, a shot of a bus route somewhere in Russia! I am well aware of fascinated by the repeating double and more numbers. Don’t recall this ever happening before. Any thoughts about this one?

    Bright Blessings!

    • Hi Erin,

      Yes, if you are seeing things multiple times, there is more than likely some type of message in it for you.

      I have not written about individual repeating numbers aside from the main ones, but would recommend Doreen Virtue’s book, Angel Numbers 101 for specific number explanations.

      • Hi Laura!

        Thanks for your response and suggestion. It was almost overwhelming, especially as I cannot recall it happening before or since and seemed to be confined to that day.

        Pretty big on solving mysteries, and letting them reveal themselves. Did some digging on the day and days after. Apparently, 14 is one of the Karmic Numbers, which would make perfect sense for me personally and at this space in time regarding Forgiving and Healing.

        Looking forward to your next article.

        All The Best,

  4. Thank you Laura for a timely article for me. I am in a place of employment that is very challenging to say the least. A great deal of negativity from everywhere and practically everyone. I am personally dealing with how to handle the yelling(especially on the phone for some reason) and keeping up with helping all of my clients-I work in the welfare dept w/over 100 clients that I am responsible for. The yelling weed is very strong since that is the environment I grew up in. My mom always yelled! So the best way to deal with this is to get away from her and hide. I feel the same way when people in person or on the phone begin yelling. I realize that there is a lot of weeding to do!!!

    Thanks again!

    • Hi Debbie,

      You are welcome! You might try reclaiming some of your authority and power by whispering. It will certainly shake a few people. It might just be something that can turn that situation around.

  5. It amazes me how, every time I ask a question from my spirit helpers/the universe, an answer always comes almost immediately.

    That happened with this post!

    Great advice at a time when I needed it the most. Now it’s time to trim my mental garden. 😉

  6. Great post! This is a way of us becoming more conscious of who we are, and then choosing who we want to be. I like the idea of using a concrete activity (working in the garden) as a special time to remember to do this. Since I have my own vegetable garden this summer, I look forward to trying this approach out. Thanks for the idea! Glad I found this blog today as I am always looking for new people with spiritual interest to connect with.


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