Healing Past Lives Through The Akashic Records

, yUnderstand how healing past lives through an Akashic records reading can bring healing and closure to past choices so you can create new circumstances in your life.

Have you ever wondered the types of things we talk about during an Akashic Records reading? When I do a reading for someone, we cover a lot of ground in the hour we are on the telephone together. We discuss your energy center(s) of training, your soul group of origination, and any past or present life energetic misalignments showing up for you. We talk about the energies surrounding your intentions and come up with a plan of action so you can take the next steps.

I have received questions asking me what we talk about during a reading when it comes to past lives; so I thought I would address that question via this blog post.

When you think about all you have read or learned about past lives, you might know most of you have lived many lifetimes. Some of them may have been positive and others you might consider “learning experiences” for your soul’s growth. They are all good, as each time we incarnate it is a chance to grow, expand, and play.

Releasing and Healing Past Lives

Sometimes at a soul level, we may have difficulty understanding why a certain situation happened in a past life and have a difficult time letting it go. There might have been a large amount of guilt, shame, or blame surrounding a circumstance. At a soul level we may feel we never want to make that same choice again. If unresolved, the energetic resonance of that situation can end up carried into future lifetimes.

During a reading we look at a 1-3 issues within your past lives where the energy of the situation is still playing itself out in present life and affecting you in a negative manner. We look at past life issues coming up in the context of using them to help you understand where, why, and how those energies are still showing up for you today. This can show up as unconscious beliefs and patterns that override your intentions. It might feel like certain doors remain closed.

For example, if 5 lifetimes ago you took a vow of celibacy while becoming a nun, today you might find yourself with a less than stellar love life. You may have entered into a soul mate contract and wonder why you often run into this person. Or you might have had an affair with a married man and his wife cursed you in that lifetime; leaving you carrying her feelings of jealousy in this lifetime due to guilt or shame.

You might have been a witch and burned at the stake, which is now causing unease about stepping into intuitive work. You might have gone against your parents wishes and they wrote you out of the will, now leaving you with money issues. Spells, vows, karma, curses, beliefs, and patterns left over from a past life can still affect you today.

Healing Past Lives

If certain situations keep playing themselves out in your life, one possible reason is that a past life issue within the Akashic Records is now ready for healing.

So, why do we look at such things? We look at healing past lives issues within an Akashic records reading through the lease of current events. Often, those same energetic resonances are still playing themselves out in present life today. Those energies could include suffering, criticism, or betrayal. We look at the root situation that created it and look at how it is showing up for you.

Many times the situation you are now experiencing is similar, but carries new actors. If an issue occurred with your sister in a past life, you could experience the same energies today with your mom.

At a soul level, the issue is still open and ready for resolution. By understanding why you made a choice in a past life you can connect it to a current situation. Once you have recognition, the healing and closure can begin. As part of your reading, we also do energy clearing work to solidify that closure and healing. This gives you the opportunity to make new choices and resolve current life situations.

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