Reconnect With Past Lives Through Your Dreams

Have you ever wondered if recurring dreams are a sign of a past life incarnation? Often our dreams give us clues to remembering past lives.

Almost all of us here on Earth have lived at least one other past life, and chances are if you are here reading this page, you have more than likely had glimpses of your past that seem just out of reach. You might intuitively feel you have been through many incarnations and lived many lifetimes.

How To Tell If Your Dreams Contain Past Life Memories

Sometimes it is just an inner knowing, but there are certain clues which can tell you more about the type of dreams you have experienced. We all dream, but there are times when the types of dreams you remember seem somehow different. The images might seem sharper, historically accurate, or as though you were thoroughly immersed in the experience.

Recurring Dreams

Recurring dreams are one way to gain insight for remembering past lives. In many cases you will dream about a small snippet of time off and on over a period of months or years. One recurring dream I experienced was about being a shopkeeper and a seamstress during the Civil War era. These snippets can also tie into tasks you are naturally good at doing in this lifetime.

Historical Periods

Do you resonate with a certain period of history or just like a certain style of architecture? Do you just “know” a lot about a certain period of history, as though you are reading a textbook? In many cases you may have lived in that history before. These are the type of dreams where you lived in a different historical period and something significant happened in that in that lifetime, like being burned at the stake or drowning because of your beliefs.

Often these dreams are painful due to the subject matter. Were you a queen or king and beheaded? Were you a farmer or a shopkeeper forced to do something you despised for the safety of your family? Were you wealthy and exploited others or poor and stole from others?

Innate Fears

Do you have certain innate fears that you can’t figure out the origin? Do you have a fear of flying, drowning, or crossing bridges? These type of fears often indicate traumatic past life events and even possibly how you died in that lifetime.

Physical Triggers and Scents

Physical items and scents may trigger a long forgotten distant memory. Do you find it difficult to wear anything around your neck, like scarves or a necklace? These are all indicators of who you may have been in a past life. For example, in a past post, I talk about not being able to wear scarves around my neck as they feel like a noose. I have a distinct recollection of being hung for being a witch in a past lifetime.

Distinct scents, especially those you dislike are another trigger to notice. I generally like to burn incense, but there is a certain type of incense that evokes a strong reaction in me which makes no sense in current life.

Instant Dislike For Certain Persons

Is there someone in your life that you instantly disliked within moments of meeting them? Sometimes certain souls can trigger past life memories and you can have the same strong feeling as you did in a dream. A particular soul showing up in your life with whom you have had dealings in past lifetimes can now be an opportunity for healing some of the karmic aspects of that past life.

Soul Mate Experiences

Opposite of instantly disliking someone, you can also run into people you seem to connect instantly with. This type of connection is deeper than just liking someone. It is a gut level feeling that you have done soul level work with this person in another lifetime. You might feel as though he or she is the love of your life. Within a dream setting you often will connect on a very deep heart level instead of a physical level.

Experiencing Déjà Vu

Almost all of us have experienced déjà vu at one time or another. It is the feeling that you have already seen the future and are now living it in present day. Within a dream you might see a vision of a specific place or event, yet know you have never been there before. Days, weeks, or months later you experience the situation in real life and wonder how the phenomena is possible.

Karmic Hard Luck

Do you feel your life has been one case of bad luck on top of another? Have you ever dreamed you were taken advantage of by others frequently or often getting the short end of the stick? These types of dreams indicate unresolved past life issues in which you have yet to uncover the root cause of the issue.

Remembering Past Lives Lived

Who you were in a past life affects you in present life. Many of the traumas a soul experienced in a past life stay stored in cellular memory and are brought forward into this lifetime for another go-round at experiencing the lesson we needed to learn. In some cases a past life may have ended prematurely or tragically and your soul reincarnated in order to finish experiencing what it needed to learn within a life lesson.

The thing is, you don’t have to recognize or re-live all of your past lives. In fact, if you have had dreams of 2-3 past lives over and over, those are the ones you need to relate to in this lifetime. It can explain why you have recurring dreams and are remembering past lives. These are the issues and stories that most need healing in this lifetime. When you consciously understand these situations and your part in them, spiritual growth and soul level healing can begin.

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