Can Yoga Improve Your Psychic Abilities?

Can yoga improve your psychic abilities? Find out what yoga has to offer in the areas of physical health, mind-body balance, and exercise. This is something I have been asking myself recently. Today’s post is more for me than anything, so I am going to turn the tables and ask all of you some questions.

Resisting Guidance

One of my Spirit Guides has repeatedly been popping thoughts into my head about starting a yoga routine (for about the past two years). I can be a bit stubborn about some things, like trying a new exercise routine and have mostly ignored the messages. Thankfully my Guide is infinitely patient with me!

She sends me messages out of the blue that I should try it. Emails appear in my inbox offering discounts on sessions from a local yoga studio. A high school Facebook friend is becoming a yoga teacher. All sorts of Yoga people start following me on Twitter. My favorite metaphysical store moved right next door to a yoga studio. You get the idea.

I guess I am not sure why I have such a resistance to trying yoga. I have done other types of exercise programs in the past like step aerobics and really loved them (I think I may have just dated myself there!). Also, I bought a yoga DVD and mat almost two years ago and it still sits unused. I guess my ego thinks I don’t need to do this, but my Guides have other ideas.

Can Yoga Improve Your Psychic Abilities?

I have read articles that state you can achieve a higher level of awareness and consciousness through yoga. I found this article (link no longer valid) pretty interesting. It discusses that through a practice of yoga, some of the side benefits are increased psychic abilities.

I also had a guest post earlier this year by Maria Rainier about the Physiological and Psychological Benefits of Yogic Meditation. She said that the combination of meditation and yoga had many holistic health benefits.

Losing Weight with Yoga

Perhaps some of my resistance to doing yoga is the amount of time out of my day. I really want to lose some extra weight and need some toning, but only have a limited amount of time to devote to it. Will yoga help me to lose weight? I have also considered something more extreme like Zumba Fitness or P90x training, but I don’t know if I am up for either of those challenges. Do I need both?

Your Experiences with Yoga

So, if you have done yoga, why did you start? Is it a good form of exercise? Is it best for mind-body balance? What has improved in your life because of it? What do I need to know before I start?

Is it more effective taking an actual class, or can you get the same results from a DVD? I guess what I am looking for are some real life testimonials to get me off center and finally try it.

In addition, I realize after typing this article that I am sounding like I am asking you to “prove it to me”. I think what I am really looking for is motivation. Starting a new routine never sounds like any fun.

I would love to hear your thoughts and experiences whether yoga can improve your psychic abilities.


I will be posting another remote viewing practice segment within a week or so.

14 thoughts on “Can Yoga Improve Your Psychic Abilities?”

  1. Hi Laura
    I started doing yoga 3 or 4 years ago – I had tried lots of things to alleviate lower back pain so I thought yoga was worth a try as well.  Looking back I smile now as I used to ‘attack’ my yoga practice like a gym workout and basically used mega effort to ‘do it well’.  

    Since then I have actually figured out what yoga is about – for me it works subtly but energetically to bring my body into alignment – inside and out. Yoga works on so many levels – from the muscle strength needed to hold poses, to the acceptance of self required for whatever energy you bring to the mat on any given day,to the incredible restorative aspects of the meditation at the end of a routine. I frequently find inspiration also in the guiding words of the instructors – let your heart lead you, honour where you are at right here right now, find the place of ease. 

    Yoga has improved my strength physically, alleviated pain, created a new sense of self awareness and given me a balance I did not have before. When practicing I am in a zone where other things don’t matter – often clarity comes to me after a session as I have released worry or thinking that is going in circles.  I prefer going to classes in person as you can enjoy the energy of the class and also can get feedback on how you are doing. 

    Doing yoga for me has been like peeling back the layers of an onion – I have discovered things about myself I did not know and find I can do poses now that I never thought possible. What I love about yoga is that it is not about comparing yourself to others.  It is simply about accepting yourself and doing what you can.  For me yoga is a journey of discovery and transformation.  Everyone’s journey is different –  I would highly recommend yoga if you want to strengthen your body, undo old patterns of thinking and find stillness and self acceptance. Oh, and it’s fun too!

    Namaste and warm greetings. 

    • Hi Ngaire,

      Thank you so much for taking the time to write your thoughts. This is exactly what I wanted to know. I find it interesting what you said about “attacking” your yoga practice like a gym workout. I think I need to re-define my thinking on yoga and a workout. Thanks again.

  2. Hi Laura, interesting timing for this article. I was just discussing something similar with a friend last night wondering if there could be a connection!

    I’m just beginning to learn about my own psychic abilities, but I’ve gotten back into doing yoga and have been going to classes for almost a year now. (I have to go to actual classes because I just can’t motivate myself to do it at home on my own, even though I’ve got a dozen videos!)

    I started going to yoga again after a long break because it really helps my back/neck tension (I do computer work). I’ve noticed something happening in the past couple of months, since I’ve begun to get better at the simpler poses, and since I’ve begun to learn about my psychic abilities, and I think it’s related to breathing. In yoga, breathing (Ujjayi breathing or deep ocean breath) is a really important part of the practice, but when you’re just starting out, it’s one of those things that tends to get ignored/forgotten because you’re too busy focusing on trying to get into the poses. I even found myself holding my breath sometimes at the beginning (and I still do, when doing harder poses!)

    Now that I’m “good” (relatively speaking) at some of the simpler poses, I find myself getting into the positions and allowing my deep ocean breaths to lead me into a “zone”, for lack of a better word. I was explaining this to my friend last night that it almost feels like I’m experiencing mini meditations, a minute or so long. (Side note: I’ve being trying to learn meditation for the sake of better tuning into my psychic abilities, but it’s not coming to me very easily, so I really don’t know if what I’m experiencing in yoga is meditational or not!)

    I find it to be an interesting combination of sensations – being grounded in the physical as you move into various poses, and then once you’re there, allowing your mind to…well, I’m not really sure what it does or how to describe it, but I guess for me it’s almost like tuning into myself – maybe my higher self? But I’m just hanging out there, no messages usually, but just enjoying the feeling of “being” (Sorry – sounds a bit flaky!)

    Again, I’m really new to the psychic stuff and perhaps I’m using the wrong terms. (I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed by it all actually!)

    Another thing to note, when I’ve been doing some of the beginning psychic exercises (from William Hewitt’s book), I find myself using the yoga breath to get me into the psychic levels he describes. Perhaps that’s why I’m connecting the two – the yoga breathing really helps me relax.

    Back to you: I really really really think you should try yoga – would love to compare notes, especially with someone who has a well-developed psychic ability. (I’m going to read those articles you linked to next.) I recommend that you go to actual classes, at least for a couple of months, instead of trying to do it at home. If you’ve never done yoga before, you need an instructor to come around and adjust you to make sure you’re doing things correctly. (You can hurt yourself if you do it wrong – knees, shoulders, joints…) Also, please give yourself at least 4 classes to start feeling comfortable. If you’ve never done yoga before, you’ll probably experience a bit of frustration during the first 2-3 classes – trying to watch what the instructor is doing, and then actually keep up with the poses. (Don’t kink your neck!) But once you are familiar with the poses, you’ll really start to enjoy it! I promise!

    Oops, now I’ve gone and written a novel in your comments section. Sorry!

    • Hi judysunshine,

      Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. It is wonderful hearing from someone who has been there and can explain some of what to expect. I think I will have to make time for an actual class. You bring up some good points on learning to do the poses correctly to avoid injury.

  3. I forgot to mention – yes, yoga will help you lose weight. It will definitely tone your muscles — I’ve been surprised at some of the muscles it’s made me aware of, especially in my lower-mid back. You probably won’t notice much weight loss for the first little while, but you will notice your muscles feeling stronger, and your balance improving. When I started going to 2-3 classes/week, that’s when I began to notice weight loss. So far so good: 12lbs in about 6 months – it could be faster, but then again, I’m not on any diet other than trying to eat better/less junk. I’m gaining muscle and my clothes are fitting better than they have in years. If I can keep up the pace, I’ll be pretty happy by next summer!

  4. I started yoga back in 2000 as a form of mental calming and relaxation. I guess that you can say that it was the first time I learned how to take control of my mind.

    I also learned about reflexology and homeopathy at this time.

    I used a book to learn the yoga poses.

    • Hi Justin,

      Interesting, I hadn’t thought of getting a book for the yoga poses. Do you have any recommendations?

  5. Hi Laura,

    I started yoga in my early forties at a local Sivananda center. As I had no experience of it I enrolled in a beginners class in which, over two classes a week for four weeks, we were shown the basic 12 asanas, breathing exercises and of course how to fully relax mind and body.

    Well, two years later, all I can say is what a wonderful, life transforming practice yoga is. I generally go three or four times a week and each class is one and a half hours long. Before doing yoga my thoughts constantly rattled around my head but since starting yoga my mind is constantly a calm sea with barely a ripple oh and my body is physically stronger, flexible and toned. I used to be a gym fanatic but I have to say the benefits from yoga have far exceeded anything I managed through weights!

    As the center I go to is like a mini ashram, Hindu based with Sanskrit prayers (and not for everyone), it has a beautiful atmosphere and is alive with spiritual energy. Each visit is a unique experience due to the class dynamics being so different, but I float out each time with a contented smile on my face.

    I would thoroughly recommend doing a class in a peaceful setting rather than say at a fitness center or gym and it would be good to learn the postures in a class first rather than from a video or book.

    The beauty about yoga is it’s not competitive! Yoga recognizes the individuality of each and everyone of us without the need to compare our ability with others. I absolutely love it!

    • Hi Mark,

      Thank you for sharing your experiences. It sounds like you have a beautiful center to attend. All of these comments have really opened me up to the idea.

  6. The title of your article caught my eye. I love how it is attracting just the right people that need to read it! I started doing yoga 7 years ago when I was stopped in my tracks as a competitive runner with an injury. It starting off being something for my physical body, then helped me through an emotionally stressful time (plus that of the injury) and now I use it to keep balance in all areas of my life.

    I recently have been very dedicated to taking all of my movement outside. My favorite thing to do is go out and move around as I feel inspired. That often means doing yoga moves mixed with playful things with rocks and sticks. What I found over this summer, though, while I was doing more of that, that my psychic eye started getting stronger. After spending time outside, when I closed my eyes, I saw plants. Now I get more of a mixture of things that I see and have just found a teacher that gave me some meditations to work on to refine and get meaning from these visions. It has been really cool and I’m so grateful to have yoga as a bridge from doing physical things into my more spiritual side.

    I now teach yoga and highly recommend doing it outside whenever possible. It’s so inspiring and so much of our body and yoga are linked to nature! Starting with a studio is also great since you can get a great foundation on how to do everything and then you’re able to do it on your own if you choose or stick with the community.

    Also, I have to say, even as a person who loves being active, there have been many days in my life when I didn’t feel like doing other workouts, but I tend to feel really good about getting into my yoga practice 🙂

    Thanks for posing the questions and let us know what you think about yoga and psychic abilities, too! Good luck with the new journey.

  7. I have heard of yoga acting as a path to meditation and even enlightenment- though those I’ve spoken with practice daily for hours a day.

    • Hi Elise,
      Thanks for stopping by! It is nice to meet you. I do believe that whatever amount of time you put into yoga, meditation, or similar will pay off. I try to practice meditation about 30-45 minutes per day 3-4 days per week. I have now tried yoga a few times. It is actually kind of fun, but my stretching abilities do so need improving.

  8. Hi Laura!

    I love yoga and have an optimistic idea that it can help you with anything. But in this instance- I will try to be neutral and share my experience with yoga and ones own psychic abilities.

    As I grow older and my life path changes, my own abilities change.

    At the moment I am on an upswing so I feel quite overwhelmed; when I talk to people I am getting images, thoughts and feelings from them, quite unbidden- I used to have to ask for that or it was given only in certain circumstances, now it is constant.
    Yoga is really helping me with this because it helps me tune in and out, and strengthen my mind so I don’t feel so inundated.
    Secondly, also I am feeling more significant sensations in my body. For example I used to only get a full body shiver or hiccups (always when my boyfriend is thinking hard about me) now it has moved on to other sensations, tingling, feeling as though my head is lifting off. So yoga helps bring me back to my body and centre myself- as these senses are useful but you need to be centred to know when they are significant, and about what, what are you being told? You need your cognitive faculties for this so being rooted helps this.

    Thirdly, . Do you ever have those days when you feel as thought there is a massive storm but it is a sunny day? Or huge dreams which have a message but you can’t dicipher it? So after a yoga session I let go of frustration and usually concluded that when it is ment to make sense I will know. It very hard letting go sometimes and this helps.

    Fourthly, exhaustion. I had no idea of the names of the psychic abilities until recently, it’s something I am sort of known for in my family, my Dad has it to a smaller degree- mostly it comes from my grandmother and we just take it in our stride. But I never knew my grandmother and I often feel as though I am treading this path alone and I wish I had some guidance on how to proceed. So after a day at work where you are pushing through your bosses mind which is like concrete, then meeting a friend and chat about her problems, you get a flash or voice telling you no it won’t work out that way and you have to gently try to guide her in the right direction. Then home and you might see your Gran and she’s in pain you you try to take some away from her, no one likes to see your loved one in pain… Well by the end of that I am EXHUSTED! Thank God for yoga balancing me, resting my head, putting me back together again!

    Last reason for loving yoga, acceptance. Accepting that you might have the knowledge about the future but you can’t do anything about it. In fact it might be there to just accept what is coming, AND this one is the crunch. To accept yourself. I am often questioning myself, why me? Why not someone else? Why do I have to have this burden, what and I supposed to be doing with it? Perhaps I am not doing the right thing afterall, or perhaps my interpretation/ reaction is wrong. I have to learn to accept. I am only human, I’m still young… You live and learn.

    That’s why I do yoga. I’d really love to hear from anyone who finds themselves in similar situations too.
    Hope this has helped 🙂


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