Dreams of Past Lives

Have you ever had dreams of past lives? Karmic dreams can indicate who you were in a past life and can also give you insight to why certain aptitudes come easily to you or why you have unexplained innate fears of people, places, or things.

Past Life Dreams

A past life dream is a specific type of Karmic dream that you may have many times during your life and the dream doesn’t change. It differs from the typical dreams of falling or being chased. This is an awesome page on the different types of past life dreams. I highly recommend reading the descriptions.

It is one that may occur in a period setting, like the civil war era where you take on a character in the dream, dressed in period clothing and such. You may even speak a different language. In my experience, event sequences that take place do not change, and the dream plays itself out the same each time. By delving deeper into the meaning of these types of dreams, you can begin to help yourself realize why you may have unexplained fears, beliefs, and behaviors.

My Dreams Of Past Lives Lived

Okay, here goes. Here I am telling everyone that is reading this blog about what I think are some of my dreams of past lives. I have not shared this stuff with anyone, not even my husband. Since I run this blog, I don’t have the luxury of complete anonymity. So if you think I am a bit on the crazy side, so be it!

Civil War Era

My dream is that of being a seamstress and tailor while also owning a general store that sold fabric among other things. I was wearing a long dress with a gathered skirt that tied in the back. The dress was thin cotton with a small floral print and seemed quite faded. I know I put in long hours sewing garments, but did enjoy the work. A man walked in to the store late one afternoon and demanded I repair his uniform.

I did not like him at all. He threatened harm to me and my children and I knew from the look in his eyes that he meant it. I worked through the night and into the following morning out of fear that I wouldn’t get the repairs done soon enough. It seems I was able to complete the job and he went away without incident. No sleep that night!

Fast forward to current life: I learned how to sew when I was about eight years old. It was something that came naturally to me, even then. I made many of my own clothes through school, went to college for a related major, and even designed and sewed my wedding dress and 3 bridesmaids dresses.

These days I prefer quilting instead, even though I haven’t done it for a few years. I own multiple sewing machines and have a dedicated room in the house. The one thing I do not do though, is sew items for other people anymore.

Off With Her Head!

Did you ever dislike someone instantly but have no clue why? Perhaps someone betrayed you in a past life.

This past life dream is a bit more traumatic to me. My only recollection of the event is being publicly on display on a platform near a tree and being “trialed” for being a witch. I seem to remember my husband of the time standing in the crowd and thinking how could have he betrayed me and turned against me by believing the lies being told. I frantically tried to reason with someone, a lady of the church that we both belonged and we had been friends, but she screamed loudly, “She’s a Witch!” Then everything went black as the noose tightened and I was left to hang.

Today, if I wear any type blouse or shirt with a high collar or snug fitting neckline, I get the feeling of being strangled, as though there is a noose around my neck. One of the indicators is finding myself pulling on it and stretching the neckline out constantly. I am always glad to take it off and usually do not ever wear that item again. I also cannot wear shorter length necklaces that are tight to the neck.

Does Whistling Drive You Crazy???

Whistling is right up there with nails on a chalkboard to me. It just drives me up a wall. I had a past life dream where I was being held prisoner and was looking out a window with bars on it and the guard kept walking by very slowly and tauntingly whistling. I must have been in that jail for some time for it to bother me this much how many lifetimes later.

These are just a few of the past life recollections that I have. I will write about some more in a future post.

If you feel like you keep reliving past life issues and dramas, check out my other article: Healing Past Lives Through The Akashic Records.

More Past Life Resources

Here are a few websites I have come across with more information on dreams of past lives:

Heal Past Lives

Past Life Experiences

Your Turn! Do You Have Any Dreams of Past Lives?

Okay, I have put myself out there a bit with this post. Please don’t make me feel totally alone. I would really love to hear your stories and dreams of past lives. Would you please share in the comments? Thank you!

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19 thoughts on “Dreams of Past Lives”

  1. When you dream, yes it is subconscious. Scientists believe that you don’t dream every time you sleep. Normally you have to be in a deep state of sleep, along with some feelings you have (whether they be happy, sad, angry, etc. that’s what channels the type of dream you have).

    Studies say that if you are awakened by another force interfering (such as a person shaking your shoulder to wake you up, or an alarm clock) then the chances of you remembering your dream are slim, since it puts your body into a state of trying to figure out where you are, what you should be doing, etc. so your brain forgets it as it is not important.

    If you sleep until you are fully rested and wake up on your own, then the chances of you remembering your dream(s) is very high, since your body has had time to wake up slowly and think about everything.

    Some people may not dream at all because of constant disturbances during the night, or simply do not have the personal qualities to create such worlds while unconscious. The fact that they are subconscious does effect it to an extent, however it does not fully rely on that single factor.

    Like I said earlier, not everyone dreams, however everyone normally has the capability to dream. Some people cannot dream, for example someone with a past of mental illnesses may not be able to dream.

    • I had a dream back then, where I was defending myself with a huge sword, and thanking for the rice given to “me”, spoken in a very deep voice(it was like raining in the dream, to me everyone was like wearing something very different like era of samurai or something…). This occured for maybe 3 straight days, this was 15 years ago, I can still remember it clearly.

  2. I have had this repeating dream of walking out of a bedroom into the hallway of an old castle or manor of some kind, and finding a secret study through a paneled wall. the study had that old red velvet material and the dark wood. I knew It was a past life memory. I also saw a statue of armor in the hall. It must have been a castle.
    This only one of the several dreams that have convinced me that I have lived other lives in the past.

  3. Hi, you know, I have this dream before, that after 2 minutes of trying to sleep, I can see pictures or images going smaller and smaller, going far until I can’t reach it, I dunno why, im trying to reach it, yet it only goes far from me, there are nights that it repeatedly goes into my mind, and I was starting to think that why am i thinking or dreaming that? …… can somebody please who has experience tell me why am i dreaming that? thank you.

    • Hi Niccolo,

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. It is nice to meet you!

      I don’t have a lot of experience in dream interpretation, just my own personal experiences.

  4. Namaste

    I have been having dreams of me giving lectures during victorian times and I also get images of being in a lab. I keep seeing images in my head when I am reading stuff about a certain person (I shan’t reveal a name as I WILL cause a stir). I got a name of this fellow and I am currently trying to get info from a secondary source to confirm I am not barking mad!! I am a scientist in this life and I seem to have got a thirst for knowledge and very determined!

    That by far is my strongest past life vision ever!

    • Hi Janine,

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. It is great to meet you!

      Ooh… your comment has definitely piqued my curiosity about who you were in a past life! If you are able to confirm anything, I would absolutely love to hear more about it. Very cool.

  5. Within my family, there have been many women that feel and see thru their dreams. I open myself for dreams before I sleep. I dreamed of my husbands heart attack 2 weeks before it occured. I told my family about the dream, so when it occurred we were all shocked. I have many times dreamed of different times, where how we lived was very different. I believe it was from past civilizations—some we do not even know about yet. I know how this must sound. I have dreamed of living underground with many people, the use of crystals on a large scale, and of many messages I think Im given that I cant understand—sometimes I forget the details–its so frustrating. I come from a very normal, highly educated family—they do not share my interest, and I have not told them about most of what I believe and experience. I feel something is going to happen soon with our planet, 2012 could be a year of enlightenment–or destruction. I cant be sure–but I feel it. Its affected how I want to deal with my life now. I feel something, someone is trying to give me guidance or a message about how I live my life—if Im in the right place, etc. Its getting stronger everyday.

  6. Hello,
    I had a dream recently, where my mother in that dream (who is my mother now too) sold me, as in my body, but I didn’t remember or blocked it out and in the dream I was very angry at her when I remembered. It’s all very fuzzy and weird. But I know that I have little patience and much animosity towards her in this life that I try to release or catch myself when I lash out. When I woke up I thought, if she did this in a previous life I forgive her, its over and done and I am in a new life.
    Hoping that it will ease my anger/frustration at her now.

  7. Hello,
    Around the age of 8 years old, I had a reocurring dream every night for a year. Now, as an adult I am really curious as to where I was? What time frame? Maybe someone can help.

    I am around the same age in the dream, trying to find my way out of a 8 ft shrubbed maze. Each night I repeat the same steps, occassionally getting further. I am always afraid. The dream then changes to an arial view where I am watching myself go through the rectangular maze, I am in a white dress. One night I get a quick view of the side of the castle/manor/mansion – I’m really not sure, but it is tan brick or stone. Finally, as the months go on, I make it out of the maze and there is an entrance to the house. There is no electricity. All I see is a dark hallway lit with candles on hallway furniture. The walls are covered with dark embossed wallpaper, heavy dark drapery cover all windows. I go up the staircase that is lit with candles on the wall, and see candlelight coming from one room. I know someone is there, I am fearful because I know I am going to be caught somewhere I was not supposed to be – roaming around the house. However, I never see anyone because once I enter the small room I wake up and I never had the dream again.

    Im thinking I was in England, perhaps the 18th or 19th century. Not sure?

  8. I’ve had several dreams of several past lives. I remember one where I’m a tribes leader in Africa when slavery first took place. They pinned me to the ground and made me watch them take my people out of their homes and into chains. They wore red and rose in white horses…..the British. I’ve been with Jesus Christ in several of my dreams. I dream every night and I remember them all. In all my past lives I was some kind of pharaoh or king or tribes leader as I just shared. I know what are dreams are and what their for. It’s the dreams of the end that bothers me. Yeah I also dream of the future and it is real! The pyramids…..my dreams showed me what they are…..it’s fascinating.

  9. Hello, when I was four years old I had a recurring black and white dream. This was most intense and will stay with me for life. I was on what seemed like a massive chess board with dark clouds rolling around above and the most horrible noisy drone, this was very loud. I find it hard to understand how a four year old mind could create something of this magnitude. A friend said, maybe it was a kitchen floor and a washing machine from a past life? a dog? it seemed out of this world to me and was not a very nice experience. It was around the time I had fully realized I had be born into the world and was alive!. Ive been born,this is life, Id repeat to myself again and again like a chant of some kind and would think of God or a supreme force tho I hadn’t any understanding of a higher plain and was never conditioned as a four year old boy. I kept it secret for many years until now really. Funny I believe this shaped me into who I am now, a black sheep going against the grain of convention.i would love to understand more, If anybody could shed some light on this or have experienced similar at a young age then fill me in please.

  10. So I have had two recurring dreams.

    1: And this seems quite simple. I have a chain vest, and helmet on. Carrying a backpack in a column of Roman Legionnaires. Two with Lorica Segmentata, one with leather and another with chain mail. I see a banner off at the front (red not blue, but too far away to see) on the outskirts of a forest. Also we finally called for a halt and that’s where that ended.

    2: A gothic manse on the side of a cliff with a snaking road. It is full of people. Our hostess is a young blonde woman with green eyes and has a crystal lattice dress on. I have only wandered these halls and never made any progress. It is always stormy outside. The balconies have intricate iron filigree that depicts scenes of disaster. There is also a fresco of a plaque in the main hall on the ceiling. And the attendants do not speak, at all, ever.

    This actually started in high school but the Roman dream in grade four-ish. Could anyone help shed some light on these, if it is my imagination or really past lives. Thanks

    • I’ve also experienced a reoccurring dream where I’m leading Roman legionaries into battle. We are besieged and cannot effectively combat the enemy. I order a retreat as I help a small group man a ballista. The group is slaughtered. I’m left defending the ballista alone. Suddenly, a very large, armored, enemy makes his way over the hillside. I struggle to pull back on the ballista. Sometimes I shoot him through his chest, but other times I miss. Regardless, the terrifying enemy throws his spear through me. I lay, impaled, to the ground as everything turns to black.

  11. wow just had a really weird dream, I first was in a doctor office I’ve worked 6 months ago, I had to clean the whole office. then suddenly everything switched and i was in some sort of kindergarten I think and I watched all the kids play.

    I was older than them though around the age 16 and there was this woman and she started talking to me as if we knew each other, she started greeting me but I didn’t knew who she was, she started calling me by a different name (sadly i cant remember the name anymore) and I was so confused because of course I thought I was the person I am right now.

    But I was so smart to ask her a lot of questions who i am and told her to describe myself since i couldn’t see myself, she said i have a lot of different colours in my hair and that it looks kinda reddish, and since im brown skinned, I asked her if i was brown skinned, she said yes.

    Then I started noticing other people who were around my age and ask them if they had my number (of my past life self i guess) because I was so curious of who i am but unfortunately no one had my number.

  12. Okay. At the risk of sounding like a loon….. Ever since I was a kid, I had dreams of a red haired girl with curls. She was beautiful. I felt so in love with her! They started as short flashes. Each one different. At first I couldn’t remember her face when I woke up, even though I know I saw it. As I got older, the dreams became longer and a bit clearer. But her face I couldn’t remember. I was frustrated!

    As an adult, the dreams of her became even more clear. We seemed to be in a time when Celts were at war with the Romans. Druids were the law makers, respected law enforcement, judges and priests. We were married with a little girl. She was some kind of royal blood. I was the son of a druid. All these dreams still came in short bursts. Different each time. Each time I woke up, I felt as if I had lost her. Still not remembering her face clearly, I decided to not give this any more thought. I was married and I felt guilty. The dreams still came over the years. Some not taking place in the same time period. Some in America about world war 1.

    Some more recent in the 1940’s – ’50’s. Each time, we are madly in love, but still not able to remember her face. I could remember every detail of her other wise. her name was Elizabeth. Her hair, long soft and curly. Her body slim, well breasted and short in stature. I could even remember her laugh. How she would always call me her love. Now, here is the real kicker! A few years ago, after my marriage fell apart. Not to my fault by the way.

    My son comes home with a girl he was dating. They had no place to live after college. His mother was not a good person shacked up with a real loser, wouldn’t help them, so I said they could stay with me. Now I had not even seen this girl, talked to her or anything. They come through the door and I about dropped to the floor. It was her! Elizabeth!

    But she was named Felicia! Everything about her hit me at once! I tripped over one of my dogs stupidly and I heard that laugh that I knew so well. I was beside myself. I kept a polite distance from her. kept busy and never let on what I knew. How could I? She was with my son. She was 21 years old, I was 50! I felt so messed up! She was always quiet. But talked to me over what ever the day held.

    Over time, I noticed that my son was acting wrong. He lied over having a job to me and her. He was being very controlling over her. My son had anger issues in the past due to his mother’s abuse. Felicia was at the dinner table one night. She buckled over in pain. When I asked what was going on, what kind of pain, ( I have medical training.) my son got very defensive and told me to mind my business. I asked her later when my son was up stairs more about the pains. She said she had female bleeding and hurt in her stomach. I asked if she was pregnant and she said she was not sure, but my son forced himself on her after her birth control had run out. I told her that she needed to see a doctor. My son wouldn’t let her. So I took her.

    And yes, she was pregnant. She had almost lost her baby due to stress. She didn’t want to tell my son. A month later, my son took off chasing some other girl states away. Leaving Felicia with me and her with no place to go. One day at she asked me about that day that we first met. Why I looked at her the way I did. As if I knew her. I felt all the blood rush out of my head. I told her that for a moment, she reminded me of someone that I lost a long time ago.

    She then told me that she felt like somehow she knew me as well. We laughed and went off to watch tv. She decided to keep her baby and I promised that I would be their to help her along the way. One night while watching tv, she just spouted out. ” I loved you before!” I shut off the tv and said, “What made you say that?”

    She said that when she met my son, (who looks just like me) she felt something familiar. She thought that it was true love. Then she met me and that feeling was even stronger. She felt safe. Like that with me is the right place to be. She got really embarrassed and said she was sorry and didn’t want to make things weird with us. So I took a deep breath as she started to walk away and said, “Beth, please don’t go.” She turned around and started to cry. She came back and fell in front of the chair I was sitting in with her head in my lap. I started to cry then. We talked about my dreams. And hers. But hers were not so clear ever. Only feelings of love and she did know my face.

    She never really gave it much thought before. The more we talked. The more we filled in each others blank spots. Not all of them, but enough to know we loved each other before fiercely and never stopped. We are very much in love now. It’s been two years and the baby, ( A Boy) is beautiful. Our age difference does not bother her in any way. We have talked about it extensively.

    I worry some because I know that I will get old before her and die. She says that she is with me till the end. Neither one of us can figure out why we found each other with such an age difference. We don’t tell anyone about our past because we know they will think we are crazy. They already look at us funny when they see us together. We don’t care though. We love each other. And we are grateful to have found each other again.

    I know this sounds crazy. I know how weird this is. But We know what is true. I just wish that our ages were closer. That I was younger, so that I could be with her longer. I don’t understand that part. So I leave this love story with you to believe or not. Thanks for hearing me out.

    • Hi Scott!

      Thank you so much for sharing your experience! Wow! I know this will help someone else understand if they have had a similar situation.

    • You know, it’s not that bizarre, and please do not feel ashamed. Sometimes we are meant to be with the one we are meant for. I have a similar story.
      I was an Aussie immigrant in Canada, with my Aussie kids, and married to a Canadian.
      It was not at all roses with him after 5 years, and I was feeling that he was maybe going to do something to us, he was a hunter and we lived on a remote farm.
      I was heavily involved in the Scottish Independence referendum in 2014, and doing my bit albeit on the other side of the globe (My parents are Scots) I had loads of Indy supporting FB friends, and it was like having a family extended.
      Anyway, I was on FB one afternoon, and theres a bit that says people you may know – with links to their profile, and I saw him, it was instant recollection, his profile pic was him in his Highlanders bunnet (beret) with an eagle feather in it, and a huge beaming smile.
      I clicked his picture and it took me to his profile, and the poems he was writing were amazing, all to do with Scotlands past present and future.
      There was just this connection and it was electric, I looked at his photos,
      and he was a hell of a lot older than me – 20 years to be precise
      I sent him a friend request, and the conversations, long conversations about life, took place. He was born on the 13th of July 52, I was born on the 11th of July 72 (I was due on the 13th apparently)
      There was no flirting or anything like that, we were almost just reminiscing. Anyway, long story short, I left my Canadian husband, took my Aussie kids (they werent his) back to my parents in Scotland, and a month later, I went to Glasgow central station to meet him, and he walked down the platform tall and proud, with his oilskin coat flowing behind him and his Akubra hat (Aussie cowboy hat) cocked to the side, I was blown away, he just had so much energy about him.
      I stood up to greet him, and he just hugged me, and it finally felt like I was home – strangest feeling. We were inseparable after that. His wife of 34 years had walked out on him 5 years previous, as she didnt want Scotland to be independent, and hated his politics.
      So here we are, happy as ever from meeting in person February 2016. We’ve run a surf shop together, a B and B, and in Bulgaria about to embark on our next project, a branch of our surf shop, under a retreat, on the Black Sea, Burgas.

      We bought a lovely home there, 20kms to the ocean, and have my 2 youngest with us. Next year we will be celebrating my 50th and Charlies 70th with all our family. I encouraged Charlie to put all his poems into a book, and he did, and we got it published in 2017 – Waxing Saltirical (a play on words/Saltire- Scotlands flag). It was a success but he pulled it from publication due to running costs.
      We are really madly in love, and he’s a good kind and decent man, Id searched for him all my adult life. Our souls knew each other. So I know your story. Just embrace it, and be in the moment always. Much love everyone

  13. When I was five or six I began to have a dream. My viewpoint is like a camera panning in closer and closer to a lady standing in her front yard in front of her house. The yard is very narrow, the house is two story and the road is gravel. Judging from the dress, it’s the 30’s. And I know it’s me, I know her story. I know her three sons, and which is dependable and which is more free spirited and which is hard to get along with. Then about twenty years ago I began to have a dream of another woman who was different, but the same. After having this dream several times, I realized she was Chinese. But her situation was very similar. I could understand having the dream if it taught me something, or settled my questioning, but it doesn’t.

    And one thing more, I’ve been embroidering since I was four. Like you, I know why it came so easily to me.


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