Déjà Vu – Have You Had This Experience Once Before?

Déjà vu is the odd feeling that you have experienced a situation before, yet in reality you are living it for the first time. Find out about my recent experience with déjà vu.

What Is Déjà Vu?

Have you ever experienced déjà vu? Most of us have at one point or another. Déjà vu is the odd feeling or inner knowing that you have experienced a certain situation before and it is now somehow in replay mode, even though you are experiencing the situation for the first time.

It is the feeling you get when you know you’ve seen something or been somewhere before, but you can’t put your finger on when that would have happened, if ever. In most cases, you are experiencing something for the first time even though it seems like you are replaying a scene from a dream.

The sensation of déjà vu is like a memory of something you have forgotten and since remembered because you are seeing it happen before your eyes.

When you have this experience, you feel like your mind is running a replay version of a specific moment. You have a feeling of familiarity. It feels odd because you wonder how you would have known what was going to happen in a certain situation.

An Example Of Déjà Vu

This past weekend, my husband participated in an event about 10 miles from our home. It was also our anniversary. We opened gifts over coffee in the morning and my husband gave me a beautiful set of angel wing earrings and a charm for my bracelet – they were beautiful. He told me to put them on for the event, so I did.

Even though we were close by, I had never been to the grounds of this event before Saturday. I was there as a spectator along with my son. After we parked we started walking toward the path and were directed to the event check-in area.

We crossed over a certain section of the path and I reached up to brush some hair out of my face. As I did, I felt my right earring fall out. I felt my ear and found the back of the earring, but not the earring itself.


Understandably, I panicked as I had just received those earrings no more than an hour before. I took a few steps back and looked at the muddy tracked ground. My first thought was I will never find that little earring.

Just then, I happened to put my left hand on my jacket and felt something metal. I scooped my hand and in it was my earring! It had only fallen on to my jacket and not the ground.

I decided to take them off and put them in my purse for safe keeping. I felt relieved and we continued on to the check-in point.

The thing about this whole situation was that I had dreamed of this exact situation a few months before. Not the entire day but just that 2-3 minute portion of the day when we arrived. The path, losing my earring, and my reaction. The details and dialogue matched down to the restroom we passed along the way. It was such a brief few moments, but yet exactly as it was in my dream.

I have had a few other experiences along the years like this, but they were far between. The thing about déjà vu is it seems to bring up more questions than answers.

Does Déjà Vu Leave You With More Questions Than Answers?

For me, experiencing déjà vu leaves me with more questions than answers. I believe it is a phenomena that needs further exploration by science and metaphysics.

When I have experienced situations like this I find my biggest question is if there are any hidden deeper meanings within the experience.

Other questions pop up as well like:

  • Does this indicate I am on the correct path?
  • Is this a choice point?
  • Does it indicate healing gifts?
  • Is this something arranged for my soul’s growth?
  • Did I experience this in a past life?
  • Can we see into the future?
  • Are all of our actions pre-planned?
  • Is our future mapped out for us?

I think it is a cool experience but it does leave the door open for deeper exploration of the human mind, both from a scientific viewpoint and a metaphysical viewpoint.

What about you? Have you experienced déjà vu before? If so, I would love it if you would share your story in the comments below.

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13 thoughts on “Déjà Vu – Have You Had This Experience Once Before?”

  1. Very cool. I have been thinking about this lately– just the other day I had strong deja vu. It was almost dizzying! I often think deja vu is us remembering a “check point.” Sort of like a thumbs up or green light from the Universe. I believe we pre-plan certain lessons and relationships but not how they unfold (or if they even will unfold, thanks to our free will). I think there are certain moments that would only happen if we were on a certain route, so having deja vu is like our higher self saying, “yes! you’re on one of the possible paths to something you planned out before coming here. stay the course!”

    I hope that makes sense.

    Also, I have never had deja vu in an angry or sad moment, so it’s always been a good thing.. I would be interested to know if others have had a different experience…

    Anyway, love your newsletter and blogs!


    • Hi Kelly,

      I love your take on things. I would agree I have never had deja vu in an angry or sad moment. It has always been positive for me.

      I appreciate your comment!

  2. Yes, I also had experiences like this. My last one is not long ago, maybe some few weeks. It was a scene that happened in my daughters room and while it happened I felt like it have happened before. I once(a long time ago) discussed this topic with somebody and that woman said, she believe our Soul is a time traveler. The Soul experience life situations before our mind and body is physically experiencing it. But what happened that we will have a view or remembrance is what I don´t know.

  3. There were several strong experiences of deja vu, that were actually giving the heads of what to expect because they were turning points not only for myself but loved ones. One dream that is still embedded in memory; I was traveling to Canada and went to my maternal grandmother’s house and I sensed I was going to someone’s funeral. I was a little upset because I wasn’t prepared with the right clothing. Nylon stockings seemed to be the issue.

    My family and I went to the funeral, which I don’t recall anything about it, except that we had gone. Then we went to this restaurant that had a beautiful view of the landscape of Maine (which was only 20 miles from the Canadian border). After we ended up going for a walk in the woods, following a path that my father and grandfather had gone trout fishing for years on, we stood there and a calmness came over me.

    This dream was to the letter in exactly what happened. The trip up, preparing for this funeral, the restaurant and the walk through the woods. When I looked back on this years after and in the meantime studying Metaphysics I understood this to be a way that the Universe prepares us for sudden changes that would affect our psyche (mental state). My mother passed away several months (3 months approximately) after that dream at the age of 52 of a cerebral hemorrhage.

    But there were more dreams and deja vu to follow, a way that I learned to listen to life and the meanings behind the messages/symbols. I know when this de ja vu is about to happen again because it is difficult at the time of the dream to understand it’s meaning. It happened with the birth of my son, given that doctor’s told us that the likelihood of us having children were minimal to non-existent in my becoming pregnant (for ten years we tried everything until the doctor gave us the results of my husbands sperm count that made it impossible).

    Then there was my annual check-up appointment coming up and just before it, I had a dream that I was pregnant. Once in the doctor’s office,I insisted that a pregnancy test be taken even though I hadn’t missed my cycle. It was negative. A week and a half later I requested another test, for which we celebrated with the results coming back positive. The doctor wanted to know how I knew this. I was too embarrassed/scared at the time to tell him about my dream and responded, “Just a gut feeling”. This was over 27 years ago.

    Laura, in reading your story, it was so amazing to see how the Universe shows us the precious gifts (represented by the jewelry), how sometimes we believe they maybe not there, even though we can’t see it and all the time it was. We just needed affirmation and the Universe gave it to us especially when our fears creep in (through the dream/deja vu. The bridge was very symbolic as well, possibly representing making a crossing from one state of being or perception to another. Maybe new opportunities for the heart and soul. Those were just my thoughts as I read your story.

  4. Yes, I experienced deja vu several times and the last time was the new house where we are moving. Everything that I saw in my dream was happening.

  5. Hi,
    Lovely stories, thanks for sharing, esp one with fulfilled pregnancy..
    In my dream I picked a purple flower whilst walking through a mini forest in my hometown.
    Few days after the dream, in awake state, I walked from the airport to the nearby hotel as I picked a flower. As I walked through the field to the hotel, there was a concrete cross in the middle of the field. As I had this flower in my hand, I layed it down where candles and dried/ old flowers were, in front of this cross with Jesus. I realised, the flower was exactly the same as the one on my dream.
    It made me wonder and also smile 🙂

    And I had a client, who was going down the hill with her diagnosis. She mentioned she had a dream she was walking again… Her diagnosis did not match her presentation (I read, and read about it all evening). I must start praying for her, so that her dream will come true, God and Angels, please, please help her to make her dream come true, if it’s meant to be.

  6. I have had UBER numerous interactions with Deja Vu… it is an like an eerie entity to me now. Almost ascending to a sort of sentient being. They normally only last a few minutes. I had an experience recently where it lasted at least 3-4hrs. I’ve had my share of odd ‘paranormal’ experiences, but this prolonged Deja Vu is definitely in my top five of unsettling easily. Not sure why I feel that way but..

    There were only maybe a handful of things I noticed were different. Mostly in my interactions with certain individuals most likely due to my increasing anxiety, nervousness and disorientation derived from the at first gradual and then an overwhelming jolt realization turned to a sudden and forced acceptance to the acknowledgement of what I was experiencing. I felt dizzy and very drained not long after it stopped. Have you or know if anyone else has experienced a Deja Vu ‘episode’ of this magnitude?

    Also.. idk.. there was this guy that seemed to me to be aware of my situation. He was watching me the whole time he was there. He gave me a very strange feeling.. I remember the paper hats or something he made. Except this time I kept one instead of throwing them away.

  7. Hi Laura. Throughout my life I have had multiple experiences of déjà vu, sometimes months apart, or multiple times in one day. I really want to know more about this. I have also been reading up on your other articles about the metaphysical senses, and I know I have signs of these.
    The one thing is that I have these weird shivers that I don’t know why come up. I have wondered if this all is related to being Christian or not, and would like to hear others thoughts on this.
    The shivers are like my spine tingling, starting at the base of my neck and skull, then goes down through the rest of my body, ending at my fingers and toes. It feels as if they are going through my whole body, and they feel minorlly similar to goosebumps, but I know it’s different. I believe that these are somehow connected to events happening at the time I feel the sensation. I feel them once or twice a week, and the majority is when I am in church, which is what led me to believe it’s a spiritual sign somehow.
    In my research, I haven’t seen or heard anyone mention anything similar to these shivers, and wonder how many other people experience these. I know about other things happening to me, such as the metaphysical senses, but I’m almost completely in the dark about the shivers. I want to know a lot more on this topic, if you know anything.

  8. I’ve been having deja vus for several years now.

    Lately, what has been occurring is that I have a memory of something else that was going to occur but doesn’t.

    The modern Scientific explanation doesn’t add up to me. Something about it doesn’t quite fit. I feel as if I could dismantle it easily if I took more time to think about it.

    The synchronicity seems to add up when it happens though.

    Lately I get 222 with certain thoughts.

    I’ve been getting some funny feelings around my head too.

    Before that (and still do) I’d smell something sweet while listening to music or just laying down. One time my mother remarked (while dozing) that she smelled flowers. My little cousin even smelled it too one time when I described some comforting scenery to her to imagine.

    How thats related to deja vu? I don’t know. I’d like to think it means things are going as they should and to let go of fear.

    Songs I feel compelled to listen to for the first time (or from misclicks) all seem to say that too!


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