Do Good Things Come To Those Who Wait?

Society paints a picture that patience is a virtue. Is that true? Do good things come to those who wait patiently and place their trust in Divine Timing?

Do Good Things Come To Those Who Wait?

Do you feel like you have spent months or years doing all the inner work like forgiveness work, healing the heart, and setting intentions? Do you feel like something should have happened by now or something should have changed in your life? You might even feel like you have to sit longer meditating in order to be able to hear the messages your Guides have for you.

Tuning into your Spirit Guide team for guidance is awesome. However if you continue to tune in without taking any new actions, the guidance you do receive will end up being confusing.

So the more you ask, the more answers you will get.

More is not better. More answers lead to more confusion.

If you want great guidance start taking a bunch of new actions.  Your Guides are waiting for YOU to make the next move before you will receive any further actionable guidance. What does that next move look like? It looks like a decision, a priority, and a plan of action to get what you want.

Time To Decide

The difference in thinking here is that instead of you waiting to be told what to do next by your Guides, you need to make that decision first. You need to decide and prioritize whatever it is you next want to accomplish or achieve in your life. This whole business of waiting patiently for something in your situation to change is not serving you.

We have been taught from a young age that we need to wait for what we want. We are told if we wait good things will happen to you. Good girls (or boys) wait. It is the polite thing to do. Your turn will come and when it does all sorts of good things will be bestowed upon you.

We end up spending an awful lot of our lives waiting for things, right? Sometimes we wait for years hoping the timing will be just right to make a leap into what would truly be our joyful work.

So, how is that waiting thing working for you right now?

Are Your Beliefs Empowered?

Good things might come to you if you keep waiting, but are you willing to take that chance? What if that entire belief was just wrong? And I think it is wrong for the most part. The thinking that we have to wait months or years for something to align just so and drop into our laps puts you in a place of dis-empowerment.

What if instead you just decided what you wanted to achieve and got a plan together for how to get it? I think you could speed up your dream and goals considerably.

Are you still waiting to get started? Many healers and intuitives keep hiding from what would bring great joy because they keep waiting to get started.

You might think you need to wait longer to get started because you feel incomplete in your own inner healing work. Well, I am here to tell you that the healing work does not end, no matter what stage of business you are in.

You might think it is difficult to build a website so you delay bringing your purposeful work to the world. That is just another reason not to step into your purposeful work.

You might be fearful of getting on the telephone with clients or speaking in public. The only way through those types of fears is DOING those things repeatedly, until you are not fearful anymore.

So, you can sit and think about things for a long time and tell yourself you are confused as to your next steps. The thing is you have all you need right now to begin taking those next few steps.

The Next Few Steps

Break down those big steps into smaller actions, start making your plans and start checking things off the list. That means making the telephone calls needed to speak somewhere. It means finding someone to build your site so you have a web presence. It means writing your about page AND putting your real name and photo on it.

The more action you take the more guidance you will receive.

Anything YOU think is worthwhile is worth making a priority. What goal, dream, or desire have you started taking action on? Leave a comment below.

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8 thoughts on “Do Good Things Come To Those Who Wait?”

  1. Great post, Laura… it is so true… until we decide and take action… everything stays really murky and stuck… thanks for the wonderful reminder 🙂

  2. Inaction is where I often hide! Inaction is my “self sabotage” go to! My inaction kept me from the Divine Wisdom Retreat! Thanks for this reminder! Peace, Light, and Love

  3. Dear Laura, I recently found your site as I was looking up explanations for recurring numbers in my dreams. Your posted thoughts always benefit me, like you somehow already know me, ha! I loved today’s post, where I totally (and a bit uncomfortably) recognized myself. Thanks, and peaceful energy to you!

  4. I identify with almost everything written here, and I’m glad I found this, this morning. Those team guide’s that you spoke of, I have that too but I went directly to God for all of the above. This has been a lifetime journey for me. Something came to me in a dream, at 4 years old and I’ve been following it ever since. What I follow are real signs and clues… it works out, every time. It’s nothing negative and only pure love as I’ve re-checked from time to time. Practicing patience applied to a certain set of circumstances is what I’ve learned as a real tool that only assists if I let it, allowing God to show me the way. I’d like to share something very real with everyone, Serendipity isn’t just a movie, it can really happen if you let God in to help prepare YOU for a relationship. The very movie itself had to have come from some source of supernatural influence. It’s happening to me 🙂 … like all the other unexplained but great things in my life. The break in the clouds is God, henceforthing to assist.

    • Hi Jason,

      Thank you for your comment! It is nice to meet you. It sounds like you have some interesting stories to share about your journey in life!


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