Transform Obligation And Build Your Spiritual Business

Is your spiritual business losing momentum due to existing obligations? Find out how to transform obligation and build your spiritual business.

So, I did a little experiment this summer centered around the theme of obligation. There was a point when I decided to start saying NO to just about everything because I could feel the energy draining from myself and my business. Even though I think I did a pretty good job of saying no to anything new, what was interesting was how many things I had said yes to in the past. It actually took many months to clear my slate of existing obligations.

So, what does this mean if you are just getting started building your spiritual online business? Sometimes existing obligations and agreements seem like they must be completed FIRST, BEFORE you begin working on what you really want.

If you find yourself in the stop-start-stop again energy of building your healing or intuitive business, take a look at what you keep saying yes to every day. When you do, you might start to realize that even though you think building your business is a priority, what you are thinking and what you are doing are vastly two different things.

How does this stop your business before it even gets off the ground? For me, I need momentum when I am working on writing a blog post or teleseminar. Momentum comes from this sense of getting ahead of the curve. It means batching blog posts and writing when there is a large chunk of time available. When you have existing obligations your day starts getting chopped up and you end up losing that momentum. When that happens you can end up getting into that stop-start energy.

For example, you set aside 90 minutes in the evening to work on writing, only to remember that you need to make coffee or your child’s lunch for the next day. You realize you have to sew a button back on your shirt, or you begin to remember that you were going to send a photo to a friend and need to upload it. All of those seemingly tiny obligations add up, and before you know it you haven’t written more than a sentence and end up on Facebook instead.

The thing is you tell yourself it is OKAY and you will pick up where you left off tomorrow. When tomorrow comes, maybe you have time to devote to your business, or maybe there are more obligations waiting. Many clients have told me this is an extreme source of frustration for them. The thing is by telling yourself it is okay to postpone working on your business, you have told your subconscious that all these other things are more of a priority instead. So, you have sent a signal out to the Universe that working on your spiritual business is not your main priority at the moment.

What happens then is a whole host of other obligations and to-do’s show up to become your new priority. Ugh!!

How To Transform Obligation – The Sheer Power Of NO

Obligation is one of the things that sends us into overwhelm. It keeps us from putting our spiritual business first.

Obligations can show up as:

  • That lunch date you said yes to because you were being nice and didn’t want to hurt someone’s feelings.
  • That volunteer position you allowed yourself to say yes to that is going to consume 10 hours per week.
  • The family, birthday, or holiday gathering where your attendance is expected.

What I want you to think about is just how many existing obligations you have in the hopper between now and Christmas.

  • How many things have you said yes to as of today?
  • How many obligations do you have pending?
  • How many more can you think of coming up in the new year?
  • How many weeks or months will it take for you to fulfill those obligations?
  • How many more weeks or months will you cast your intuitive or healing business aside?

And finally, because these were conscious choices you made, how many can you now say NO to so you can find the time to work on what you really want?

Are you willing to say NO to an obligation so you have the time to make your spiritual business building a priority?

No is a complete sentence. 🙂

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