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How To Know If You Are An Empath

Find out how to know if you are an empath? Did you ever wonder why you are able pick up on other people’s energy easily?

You may be an empath.

Sometimes it can be difficult to diagnose whether you are an empath. Everyone is born with the gift of empathy, but I think there are some defining traits that separate normal empathy from living life as an empath. I recently wrote a post about “Is your Empathy in Overdrive?” and this is a continuation of that train of thought.

8 Traits And Characteristics Of An Empath:

  1. The desire to help those less fortunate. You will go to unending lengths to support a cause, assist family members, or help animals in need to the point of exhaustion.
  2. Any type of violence in your community or on television will deeply affect your emotions and mood. It may seem as though you are mourning on behalf of humankind. You can also find yourself crying easily at the drop of a hat.
  3. You are overly sensitive to the energies of others and can end up taking them on as your own. This can create sudden mood swings and even physical symptoms. You will just feel bad and won’t know why. You may also have a difficult time discerning your own emotions from those of others.
  4. Go to great lengths to avoid confrontations and arguments. You can literally feel another person’s anger.
  5. You just know things that no one else seems to pick up on. You can easily read or feel into a situation and know the underlying causes.
  6. Strangers want to tell you their life story, including their problems. They also may want you to solve their problems.
  7. Shopping malls exhaust you along with other public places because you can feel the energy being projected from others.
  8. Others may view you as aloof, withdrawn, or self-centered. This is because you go to great lengths to keep a distance from others’ energies.

How To Know If You Are An Empath

Empathy is a beautiful thing when kept in check. But when the empathy radio volume knob is constantly turned to full blast, daily life can be exhausting.

If you suffer from 3 or more of the above list to the degree it is affecting you daily, I urge you to take a look at life areas where you can take back your personal power.

The Complete Empath Toolkit

Can you look at someone and just ‘know’ what they are going through?

Do you cry easily? Do you find yourself listening with ease to other people’s problems? Have complete strangers easily shared their intimate secrets with you? Have you found yourself drained by other people’s energy?

If so, you might be an empath, and you probably have gone through life being more affected by other people’s energies than you realize.

I have found a great resource for you to help you understand your empathy. It is called The Complete Empath Toolkit.

Learn how to better manage your energy and connect more deeply with your Divine, intuitive, and Spiritual gifts. 

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