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Are Childhood Traumas and Intuitive Abilities Connected?

Is there a connection between childhood traumas and intuitive abilities? Find out how past childhood experiences can impact increased empathic sensitivity.

Can your intuitive abilities be heightened by traumas that you have experienced in the past?

You probably have heard countless stories about someone hitting their head or falling down as a young child and almost overnight became clairvoyant or clairaudient.

But I think other childhood traumas have an equal or greater effect on intuitive abilities. Repeated exposure to situations that are not as they seem on the surface can have an effect on our psyche (both positive or negative).

Reading Others Energies – Heightened Empathic Sensitivity

Some of the not so pleasant things that go on in our childhood can actually make us more sensitive and increase our psychic abilities at a young age.

This is just one way intuitive abilities can come to the forefront. Have you experienced ongoing situations where you felt fearful or had undue stress put upon you? If so, you may have allowed yourself to go in to a mode of attempting to read other people’s energies at an early age.

Here is an excerpt of a question I received via my blog a few years ago:

“For as far back as I can remember, I can read people and situations. What I mean by “read” is I can tell if they have good or bad intentions. If they are being real or fake. If a person or situation is being sketchy. Now what I don’t know is what this is.

I used to think it was just common sense or the inability to trust because I had a really bad childhood? Or maybe I get these vibes and gut feelings because up until having children I made a lot of poor choices and surrounded myself with people doing the same. Even though thats not my life for the past 8 years does it still take one to know one? I’m not sure.

All I know is when I meet people one of two things happen. I either get a good feeling about them and have no idea why or I get a bad feeling and have no idea why. Time always reveals that whatever feeling I got was correct. To the point where other people in my life have noticed it and now ask my opinion of people and situations. Not for personal monetary gain, more for safety and emotional reasons.

This is a weird and uncomfortable spot to be put in. When it comes to myself. I take these feelings as basically fact but when it comes to other, I get nervous that it will be the one time I’m wrong. All the while, deep down, knowing I’m probably right. What is this? Good judge of character, gift of discernment or something else?? I’m lost.”

Pay Attention To The Intuitive Hits

Part of my response:

Definitely acknowledge and pay attention to those intuitive hits. It sounds like your main intuitive abilities are claircognizance and clairsentience. The terms may be new to you, but don’t discount them. I would think that past childhood events probably heightened these abilities.

I realize it may seem strange to be put in the spotlight by others asking you for your opinion on something that comes pretty naturally for you, but consider the possibility that it may be something for you to pursue.

The gifts of discernment and being a good judge of character do stem from our intuitive abilities.

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