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How To Use A Dowsing Pendulum

Learn how to use a dowsing pendulum to receive answers from your higher self. Learn to program your pendulum and the right questions to ask.

If you are not familiar with divination or pendulum dowsing, I have written brief tutorials on these pages: Pendulum Dowsing and how to choose a dowsing pendulum.

How To Use A Dowsing Pendulum

Learning to use a dowsing pendulum is fairly easy, but you need to be aware of a few factors including clearing and charging a pendulum, along with knowing how to ask proper questions so you can receive clear answers from your higher self.

Clearing Your Dowsing Pendulum

Have you recently purchased a new pendulum? You MUST clear the energies from the piece before you begin to use it. By not doing so, you are still harboring the energies of another within the piece. Always begin with a fresh slate and charge the piece to your own energies before you begin to ask questions with your pendulum. By not doing so, your pendulum will not give you correct, authentic answers from your higher self. The answers may contradict themselves and may not be your truth.

I have written before about cleansing and clearing crystals and gemstones. The same techniques apply for a dowsing pendulum. Bookmark this page and come back after you have cleared your divination tool.

Charging and Programming your Pendulum

By charging and programming your pendulum, you are attuning it to your own energies. This is a very important step and determines the quality of the answers you receive.

The technique I used is described in the book Unlock Your Intuition by Andrrea Hess. You really need to do the exercise from the book to properly charge your pendulum.

After the pendulum has been attuned to your energies, you will ask it to show you a yes response, a no response, and an undecided response.

Please keep your pendulum in a safe place and make sure no one else touches it, as their energies can get transferred to the piece.

How To Ask Better Questions

Do not begin your questions with the word “should”, as it comes from a place of confusion or uncertainty. Instead begin your questions with something like this: Is my current job aligned with my Soul’s highest path and purpose? You can then dowse for a specific percent.

The book below, written by Andrrea Hess goes into great detail about the proper types of questions to ask and how to ask them. Please take a look, it is a worthwhile purchase and will help you considerably in learning proper dowsing techniques.

Buy A Dowsing Pendulum

Learn More about how to use a dowsing pendulum

Unlock Your IntuitionThis is one of the first metaphysical books I purchased along my journey.

Learn how to gain accuracy when dowsing and utilize a dowsing pendulum to its fullest potential. I highly recommend getting this book.

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Unlock Your Intuition: How to Accurately and Reliably Access Your Most Valuable Resource

What about you? Do you use a dowsing pendulum? What questions or tips can you share with  others? I would love it if you would leave a comment below.

Laura Jean Warnke

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