How to Choose a Dowsing Pendulum

How to Choose a Dowsing Pendulum

Learn how to choose a dowsing pendulum that is right for you by finding one that appeals to your sense of color, size, and shape. A pendulum can be made from metal, wood, or crystal stones, with each having different properties.

You can choose a pendulum based on balance, form, color, or the properties of the stone if you are looking at crystals. If you choose a crystal pendulum, each stone has different properties and you can choose based on what each stone offers. A wood pendulum has a smooth, solid, earthy feel to it. A metal pendulum also has a smooth feel, but is heavier in weight and gives a sense of balance.

You first either need to purchase a pendulum or make your own. I would recommend for a beginner that you purchase a pendulum. Each has a chain attached that is about 10 inches long and then a small counter weight or crystal at the other end. There are many places online that you can buy a dowsing pendulum, or if you have a local metaphysical bookstore, you can buy one there as well.

There is no specific type of pendulum that necessarily works better than another, it really comes down to personal taste and finding one that resonates with you. For a beginner, try to find one that seems responsive to your energies. You can either purchase one based strictly on its vibration and how you feel when looking at it, or you can test out a variety and see which one feels better in your hand and is the most responsive to a few basic yes/no question.

Most dowsing pendulums range from about $15.00 to $50.00, with most of them being around $20.00 to $30.00. For a fairly low investment and perhaps a book on dowsing, you can start connecting to your higher self.

How To Care For Your Dowsing Pendulum

This is an item that gets attuned to your specific energy, so please don’t share your pendulum with a friend or family member. If they are also interested in learning how to dowse, it would make a wonderful gift idea.

Find a spot to store your pendulum. Many do come with a storage pouch, but it would also be a good idea to find a special box to put it in when not in use. You want an out of the way place where others will not touch it, as others can transfer their energy to the pendulum, thus muddying your answers and not giving you accurate information.

Dowsing Pendulum Instruction Book

Unlock Your Intuition by Andrrea HessThis is the book that I used to learn how to dowse with a pendulum and consider it a good resource. It also includes information on how to clear and charge your pendulum.

Unlock Your Intuition: How to Accurately and Reliably Access Your Most Valuable Resource by Andrrea Hess.

Where To Buy A Dowsing Pendulum

Although I recommend buying a pendulum from a shop, you can find many places online to purchase a dowsing pendulum. Here are a few resources: Do a search for “dowsing pendulum”

Laura Jean Warnke

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Stacy - February 21, 2010

Another great place to purchase pendulums is on
There are a lot of really beautiful, unique, handmade ones. Some are infused with Reiki energy depending on the seller. It’s also nice to know you are supporting an artist plus you can read each seller’s bio and get a feeling for the love they put into each piece.

    Laura Jean Warnke - February 21, 2010

    Hi Stacy,
    Thanks for your insight. Yes, Etsy is a great place to look for dowsing pendulums. I have purchased one from a seller there myself and it is a great piece.

Nancy - December 3, 2015

Thanks for the wonderful advice. I will keep these ideas in mind when I need a dowsing pendulum.

Thomas - January 2, 2017

Thank you ever so much for your information very interesting and intriguing.


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