Spiritual Weight Loss by Nannet van der Ham

Spiritual Weight Loss

Is weight loss just about cutting calories and exercising regularly? If it were so simple, why are more and more people hanging on to unwanted pounds? This is a review of the e-book For Oprah Spiritual Weight Loss by Nannet van der Ham.

Nannet van der Ham is a writer, spiritual weight loss coach and Pilates instructor from the Netherlands. Her weight loss philosophy is: a lighter mind, lighter body, lighter life.

What is Spiritual Weight Loss?

In her e-book, For Oprah Spiritual Weight loss, Nannet opens our thoughts to losing the weight in our minds first before the transition will occur in our physical bodies. She explains that the reason extra weight stays with us is because other areas of our life and thoughts are overweight. The weight becomes a physical reminder of the heaviness in our homes and minds.

Here is a quote from the book that I just loved!

“I came to realize more and more: losing weight is not about dieting and about ‘I can’t have’, it is about loving yourself enough to give yourself only the best.”

Nannet believes that the mental and physical have to work together for weightloss to be effective. She takes a longer term approach to losing weight. There are no “diets” here! This is about making a change at the spiritual level that you will honor yourself and treat your body with respect.

It is amazing to read about the correlation of de-cluttering your home and losing weight. By releasing the weight from your home, it enables you to also release the weight from your body. Nannett gives some solid tips in de-cluttering and clearing the energies of your home.

Here is another quote from the book:

“Your body loves you, it wants so badly to be loved back.”

My Thoughts

This is a book that will really give you pause to think about how you treat your body and how dramatically it can effect all other areas of your life. It has good solid practical tips and I really appreciate her viewpoint about loving our bodies. I would recommend this book if you have struggled to lose weight with traditional diets.

Buy the E-Book

Wondering if this might be the right way to approach losing weight for you? It is available as an e-book for purchase here for $10.00USD. Please also take a moment to visit Nannet’s website: Her website is available in English, just click on the flag in the upper right corner.

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  1. Thanks, Laura, for giving attention to this book that has opened the eyes of many Spiritual Weightloss followers in my home country Holland.
    Feel free to contact me at my website and enjoy the book!

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