Heal Negative Emotions Through Love

Understand the first steps to heal negative emotions through love, acceptance, and wholeness. Embrace your shadow side and begin healing at soul level.

If you have a spiritual healing business you know how important it is to keep your thoughts positive more often than not. Even if you are on your own spiritual journey, understanding if your thoughts are helpful or hurtful can go a long way in finding joy, love, and wholeness.

Often though, it is too easy to slip back to what once might have been comfortable and let the little gremlins out for another spin.

Can you really afford the luxury of negativity? You may wonder why I am calling negativity a luxury. It is because you have the power to consciously choose and change your thoughts. In another post I wrote about learning to love yourself and this is one more part of the journey.

Think of negativity as the opposite of love. Negativity is containing, expressing, or implying a denial or refusal. When you allow yourself to have negative thoughts you are separating yourself from Source Energy and Divine Love.

Unfortunately, I know all too well about negative emotions and thinking. Years upon years have gone by thinking the worst about people’s intentions and the worst possible outcomes. It was like a mental tape in my head, replaying itself continuously, with many of those outcomes coming true. There really is something to the point that you attract what you think about.

I guess the myriad of personal development books I have read so far in my life may have finally paid off. One day, I realized I was exhausted hearing about it. Completely exhausted. That was probably the turning point. I was so tired of not being in control of my emotions. I began to think about how my life would be if I continued these thought processes for another forty years. That wasn’t a pretty thought.

It is not say at all that I have been able to release all negative thoughts and emotions. They still creep up in certain situations. But these days, I can stand back and look at them a bit more objectively and mostly not let the mental tape in my head get turned on again.

How To Heal Negative Emotions

Any more, I do consider focusing on negativity a luxury. My brain apparently has enough down time to go down that path. What does that mean? That means that I have enough food, clothing, and shelter not need survival mode.

It means that I am not wanting or in need of the basics of life and have the time to indulge in negative thinking. I guess I realized and finally internalized that my thoughts create my emotions, and my emotions create my behaviors.

Steps To Heal Negative Emotions

So, what did I do? I started examining the core of each issue that appeared for healing. When you have a negative emotion or thought pop into your head, take a few minutes or longer if necessary to dig for the root cause.

The first step is acceptance. Can you accept that you have that emotion within you? It is a part of being whole, both the light and the shadow side.

For myself, I found many of them going back to childhood. I am sure that would be the same for many people.

Allow the anger to surface, acknowledge it, say thank you for it and then release it.

I believe Reiki and meditation were two contributing factors to the emotional healing that needed to take place.

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14 thoughts on “Heal Negative Emotions Through Love”

  1. Thank you for that post. I’ve recently found myself stuck in the undertows of negativity in the vast seas of life

    At times negativity is all consuming && finding a way out of those sandtraps can be difficult.

    I appreciate your words as they were the ‘mental key ‘ I needed to further myself in my spiritual path. Having now a higher stands on my problems I can reflect && take new approaches!



  2. I have recently began a process of facing all my life negative energy. I began with a mental list of the things that were prominent, then going in any all other aspects that came up. 1st I start by calling it out or in my mind. Taking full responsibility for it still having a place in my mind.

    Let my self know that I accept myself and respect myself and LOVE the women that i am and am becoming. Then I Bind that negativity acknowledge what it is and all things it may have manifested in my life. Then I say or think “I send ” ” back into the universe where It can never harm my life life spiritually, mentally or physically again. I thank the lord and and let it go.

    This is a combination of many teachings I have heard. For some reason it has worked very powerfully 🙂 I hope It does for you too ♥

    • Hi Ashley,

      I love the part about sending back into the universe where it cannot harm you again. Its like closing the loophole. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Negativity is the root of depression. Whenever I find myself speaking or thinking negatively, I stop and actively focus on LOVE and loving thoughts.

    To stop and focus my thoughts on love and positive feelings brings about the change I seek. It’s almost magical!

    As Ghandi said:
    “Your beliefs become your thoughts,
    Your thoughts become your words,
    Your words become your actions,
    Your actions become your habits,
    Your habits become your values,
    Your values become your destiny.”

    • Hi Marsha,

      So nice to meet and connect with you! I checked out your blog and it seems we are on similar paths.

      Yes, actively focusing on love every day is indeed the key.

      • Thank you for checking out my blog! I’m just beginning with the blog, writing about once a week.

        That’s the tip of the iceberg for me…check out the *about me* section on my blog page. It tells more about what I do and who I am.

        Please check out my Facebook page by the name: GuidedByIntuition – and press the “like” button.


  4. Hi,

    I think negativity is a luxury from the perspective that it gives us an easy escape route from facing the truth and doing the right thing which at that moment (when we are thinking negatively) is the easy way out.

    It’s never easy to accept the fact that the problem staring us in the face may have come up due to our own actions, it’s just easy to blame others.

  5. I am 17 and have already begunto remove my irrational fears and am in the process of changing negative thought patterns. A teacher once showed me how to do this. Before I didnt even know i had a problem. Now i am helping my friends to realize things from their childhoods that may have affected them and continue to affect them. I feel this is very important for everyone. Especially when dealing with negative entities which has become quite prevalent in my life recently. I want to change the world and heal everyone but I am realizing that if i give myself away or work peoples problems out for them then there will be nothing left for me to give. Great lesson I have learned. I now try my best to teach a man to fish for himself. Life is the best teacher I know. I can only hope to teach lessons as profoundly.


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