Have your Spirit Guides Lost Patience with You?

Do your spirit guides lose patience with you if you keep asking the same questions repeatedly? Will they just get annoyed and up and leave you to your own devices? Have you ever wondered if your spirit guides have abandoned you because of asking them the same question in a myriad of different ways over and over again?

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Patience and Love

Your guides have the utmost patience and love for you . They are here to assist you in your spiritual journey and they will always be by your side, waiting patiently for you to embrace the wisdom and knowledge they have imparted, even if it was some time ago. You must realize and trust that you have been given a gift to help you through life.

Your spirit guides voluntarily signed up to be your personal guides in this lifetime and will be with you always. They are volunteering and sharing their infinite love, knowledge, guidance, experience, and patience to help you discover your life’s purpose and guide you through the maze known as life.

Do Your Guides Understand Your Language?

Your guides have lived through at least one human incarnation, perhaps many more, so they do have insight into how humans interact in the physical dimension. It may have been many lifetimes ago, however, so they may need to be “brought up to speed” in terms of what you are asking for in the current day.

You may actually have to spell out a few definitions regarding what you want. Your guides may not know what money is or what a job is. Have a conversation with your guides and explain exactly what you are asking for. Use as many details as you feel necessary.

Have a Talk with Your Spirit Guides

Sometimes having a pleasant conversation with your guides may not be enough. When there is something serious in going on in your life, you may need extra or immediate guidance. It is okay to talk very sternly or even yell or shout at your guides. They will not take offense to this.

Since they vibrate on a higher level than we do in the physical, many times they do not see things as important to the larger picture. Be very clear in your intent of what you need or want. Just remember after you are done to really listen for the answers that come to you.

What if You are Really Stubborn?

Okay, I think I am writing this portion just for myself. I guess it is the Aries in me coming out. What if you have received guidance from your guides and just outright choose to ignore it and do something else? Will your Spirit Guides continue to give you guidance?

Yes, they will. But you see they always answer your questions and give guidance accordingly. They will not interfere with freewill. So if you choose to go in another direction then the original advice given, they will change course and give advice according to what your wishes are.

This can be a double edged sword, I hope you realize. You may choose something that is really not part of your life purpose and plan, but they will continue to give ideas and suggestions for whatever you are asking about, when specifically asked. So be careful what you ask for and also ask yourself why you are discarding their initial messages.

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21 thoughts on “Have your Spirit Guides Lost Patience with You?”

  1. Hi! I was wondering if a spirit guide would ever take the form of something that maybe doesn’t look as human? I’ve been seeing a man in my dreams a lot lately after doing research on spirit guides and he seems to resemble Voldemort from Harry
    Potter. It actually scares me a little. Can anyone help?

    • Hi Jenn
      I’m reading a book at the moment about a psychologist who regresses people to past lives and the place in between past lives where we decide what our next life is going to be. She shares her patients experiences of them meeting their guides. Some people describe their guides’ appearance, in terms of what they are wearing, as descriptive of what they need to learn at the time. Others describe their guides as they see them as shapes or colours rather than ‘human’ looking. I’m not sure if this is helpful for you or not. I hope you find some answers to your questions 🙂 I have a few questions as well that I am looking to find answers to.

    • P.S – just wondering if your guide is trying to convey a message about alchemy e.g turning negative into positive, turning a situation around. Or some type of magic as in creating what you might want in life? Or maybe he is a new guide who specialises in those or similar things? Just some thoughts 🙂

  2. I sat down with my Rose Quartz in my hand, said a prayer of protection and I asked my main guide, Chalky, a simple yes/no question, “Are you there?”.
    He had moved from behind my left shoulder to directly behind me with his hands on my shoulders.
    I ‘felt’ and kind of heard a “Yes” I can’t quite explain it. I felt his energy.
    I am a little curious though. I felt more of a business attitude from him rather than the love and fun/joy I think I have felt from him before. I’m not sure whether this is just the mode he/we were in or whether I was blocking energy somewhat in an attempt to keep the situation ‘safe’ and “be in control” on my part.
    Anyway I just wanted to share this.
    Anyone got any comments or ideas? xx 🙂

  3. Spirit guides name is Ariel.She keeps directing me toward nature and for some odd reason keeps showing the things about the little mermaid and under water creatures.I love nature found myself at an aquarium last week in my town.Looked up at a sign i read ‘Who do you sea? And right in front of me there was a billboard with a seal on it named Ariel.

  4. Hi everyone.
    I have 2 spirit guides in my life.The main one is my grandfather who died way back in 1943 and a lovely lady spirit called Anna who I call my special number one lady.
    I talk to them all the time telling them my problems,hopes,dreams and desires.And though I don’t yet get a physical visit I couldn’t live without them and I certainly wouldn’t shout or moan at them beacause I trust them 100%.

  5. Greetings All…

    For some reason I keep calling, someone who is special to me, his name out loud.

    My hand hits the wall or/and my leg, while sitting lifts up. I even know when he is sad because I cry real tears and I know when he is angry too. I have real nightmares about him, getting hurt and me trying to save him…

    Yes I have told him about my dreams…

    Is my spirit guide trying to tell me something?
    Is his, spirit guide trying to tell me something?

    Am I acting the way I am becasue he is thinking of me?

    What is going on?

    Thank you for your answer – I need light on all this…

    Thank you x

  6. This is something I’ve been doing as a child and didn’t understand what I was doing and hardly do now. I have journals with entries of troubles and questions and emotional pain and the pages of different handwriting that often comes to fast to keep up. I may not even read it for years. This is the first time I’ve looked back at everything I have and there are almost answers and warnings about where I ended up that lead me back to all these journals. It’s bizarre and profound and I’m not sure how to take it in and now I’ve stop writing because I’m peaceful, but want to write and feel the words won’t come. So I read more hoping the desire will return and I can write in a new way for my life of living true to my soul.
    I for some reason felt like sharing this. I ended up here looking up 222 spiritual meaning. Thank you for this article.


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