Have your Spirit Guides Lost Patience with You?

Have your spirit guides lost patience with you if you keep asking the same questions repeatedly? Understand how spiritual guidance works.

Have you ever wondered if your spirit guides have abandoned you because of asking them the same question in a myriad of different ways over and over again?

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Patience and Love

Your guides have the utmost patience and love for you . They are here to assist you in your spiritual journey and they will always be by your side, waiting patiently for you to embrace the wisdom and knowledge they have imparted, even if it was some time ago. You must realize and trust that you have been given a gift to help you through life.

Your spirit guides voluntarily signed up to be your personal guides in this lifetime and will be with you always. They are volunteering and sharing their infinite love, knowledge, guidance, experience, and patience to help you discover your life’s purpose and guide you through the maze known as life.

Do Your Guides Understand Your Language?

Your guides have lived through at least one human incarnation, perhaps many more, so they do have insight into how humans interact in the physical dimension. It may have been many lifetimes ago, however, so they may need to be “brought up to speed” in terms of what you are asking for in the current day.

You may actually have to spell out a few definitions regarding what you want. Your guides may not know what money is or what a job is. Have a conversation with your guides and explain exactly what you are asking for. Use as many details as you feel necessary.

Have a Talk with Your Spirit Guides

Sometimes having a pleasant conversation with your guides may not be enough. When there is something serious in going on in your life, you may need extra or immediate guidance. It is okay to talk very sternly or even yell or shout at your guides. They will not take offense to this.

Since they vibrate on a higher level than we do in the physical, many times they do not see things as important to the larger picture. Be very clear in your intent of what you need or want. Just remember after you are done to really listen for the answers that come to you.

What if You are Really Stubborn? Have Your Spirit Guides Lost Patience With You?

Okay, I think I am writing this portion just for myself. I guess it is the Aries in me coming out. What if you have received guidance from your guides and just outright choose to ignore it and do something else? Will your Spirit Guides continue to give you guidance?

Yes, they will. But you see they always answer your questions and give guidance accordingly. They will not interfere with freewill. So if you choose to go in another direction then the original advice given, they will change course and give advice according to what your wishes are.

This can be a double edged sword, I hope you realize. You may choose something that is really not part of your life purpose and plan, but they will continue to give ideas and suggestions for whatever you are asking about, when specifically asked. So be careful what you ask for and also ask yourself why you are discarding their initial messages.

21 thoughts on “Have your Spirit Guides Lost Patience with You?”

  1. I love that, I always wondered if I annoyed them, I am a virgo (or as I say recovering perfectionist lol), in the other blog entry I talked about music being stuck in my head, I laughed when you said your a stubborn Aries, well so is the guy I was talking about lol.

    Also here is a question can a spirit guide be a relative? Even one that was born in 1935 and died in a tragic accident in 1965? Which would be before I was born? Like aunts, grandparents.
    See I have some of these voices I swear talk perfectly (even joke, etc) in my head at first I thought “utoh” lol, but then they’d say something and when I would ask my parents about it, they’d say it sounded like so and so who was a relative that passed before I was born. Actually I’ve heard relatives who have passed in the last eighteen years or so. Okay and a couple that weren’t mine lol.
    Also if said relatives aren’t my spirit guides, then why do I feel like I hear the relatives but not the others then?

    I am just worried cause you also hear stories about evil impersonating good, while they can’t tell you what to do, they try to influence you, even through trickery.

    Just some questions I have on it. I was hoping you could answer or maybe address in future entries.
    I love this blog.

    Many blessings, and peace.

  2. Hmm, thankfully my primary spirit guide, despite being from a former life (in the 40’s would be my guess) has no trouble at all with modern concepts. He can operate lights, cell phones, etc., and does so all day long.

    And he strikes me as rather sweet and refined, so I would never dream of shouting at him. I suspect he WOULD be offended, actually. 🙂

    Oddly, the one thing he categorically refuses to do is to give direct advice, but he definitely guides me nonetheless. Some of them go about it in a more subtle fashion than others.

    Sometimes all they want to do is urge us to listen to ourselves, I think. We already know what to do, and it’s only a matter of remembering.

  3. I am often seeing the numbers 1111 what does it mean? I signed up for your free booklet on numbers but I haven’t received it yet, is there a problem. Love your site, Pam

  4. Stubborn sometimes may lead us into a wrong path, so may I ask with you, why we are stubborn people precisely continue doing what is unnecessary things. Even do they no that this is not good for them, just like me I do what I don’t want to do but the things I want to do I do not do.

  5. I live in hot summers Florida. Most of us living here have ceiling fans in every room to help cool us off.

    Some time ago I was laying in bed but I couldn’t get to sleep. I finally got up and went into the living room.

    It was a full moon that night so I did not turn the light on, just the fan. I sat on the floor beneath the fan and decided I would try once again to communicate with my guides.

    After a long period of time with nothing happening I became very frustrated. Without thinking I pointed some choice words at them for not talking to me. Boy, was that a mistake! I immediately heard a loud crack above my head and looked up to see the fan bouncing back and forth. I ducked and moved to the side for cover. It sounded as thought someone hit the fan with a baseball bat.

    I sat there for a few minutes and slowly got my composure back. After thinking about it I became tickled and had a good laugh. They certainly got my attention. “Yes, they were listening to me!”

    I suddenly got very sleepy and decided to go sleep on the couch a few feet away. As soon as I was asleep I had a dream that I was once standing in the same spot I was sitting in before. I then heard a door open behind me, where there was no door, and, when I looked, several people dressed in dark robes with hoods entered the room and approached me.

    The one in front was an attractive lady, possibly in her late twenties, and she stood right in front of me and smiled. There was not a word spoken between us but I knew her name was Mary and they were my guides. I awoke almost immediately and went back to my bed and slept well for the duration of the night.

    I am still trying to learn to communicate with them but at least I now know things will progress when they and only when they think I am ready. I also know my main way of communicating with them is through claircognizance. When they need to tell me something they, more or less, brute force it into my head. I just suddenly know things. That is not my preferred method but it will do until I can learn a better way.

    After that night I began to get more and more little bytes of data but it took me a while to get the hang of things. I have spoken out at times about things I ought not know, and definitely ought not have said out loud!

    For instance, I was having lunch with my wife and son one day and his upcoming nuptials came up. He began to talk about his father-in-law to be and I blurted out that the guy was a real butt head. Boy did that not go over well! It took several years for what I said to bear out and ever since then I have learned to think twice before saying. It is much friendlier that way and something we all should do anyway. So it was a lesson well learned!

    • Hi Raymond,
      That is an awesome account of connecting with your guides! Yes, they certainly got your attention and were indeed listening. Thank you so much for sharing!

  6. i had a necklace made of snowflake obsidian and garnet that i believe the universe led me to find. recently i was in a very bad place emotionally one night, and ripped off the necklace i believe my angel gave me. i was upset and was not thinking clearly. i would never want my spirit guide to go away. i lost it forever on this new years. I’m afraid my spirit guide is angry with me or has abandoned me. do you think because i ripped it off and lost it, my spirit guide will want nothing to do with me?

    • Hi Savannah,

      It is great to meet you! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

      One thing I have learned through my trials and errors is that your guides never leave you. They may give you some space or a cooling off period at times if they feel they are not getting through to you. When you are ready, sit or lie down and tell them you are ready to listen to their guidance. Tell them why you are were upset and any fears that came up.

      Ask them to start communicating with you again or ask them to give you a sign that they are still with you. They are still there, they are just waiting for you to give them the ready sign.

  7. alright so, i was growing really close with my primary guide, to the point that if i focused REALLY hard i could almost have a conversation with him via pendulum and feelings and such. but then i got asked out by a guy and my guide pretty much told me it wasn’t a good idea but i did it any way. since then I’m back at square one with him and i don’t know how to go back to being close with him again.

  8. What a wonderful site to read peoples experiences. I really liked reading what other people had to say.
    I really relate to what Lisa said. It can sometimes be hard to connect again and seem like we’re going back to square one for one reason or another. Personally I believe they don’t judge us and are always there for us. But I really want to thank you for posting your comment, Lisa. I found it ‘real’ and honest.
    I am just reconnecting with my spirit guide after a long period of experiencing God and my guides as the enemies due to imposters and ‘signs’ that made me frightened of them and other things which I am still to make sense of.
    We are taking it slow and I am still learning who he is. It seems at the moment that the way he presents to me – either thru someone else or directly can change according to what I may need to see to feel safe or what I can relate to or understand. I am still trying to make sense of things on an every day basis.
    It was thru a lovely psychic lady that I reconnected with him again and received the message that he was of God and not trying to hurt me.
    I have always known his name as he connected to me in this life as my cat I had 11 years ago. (There’s an awesome book called “The Angel By My Side” by Mike Lingenfelter and David Frei that talks about the same experience)
    We have a deep love and connection. And I am still learning about him. The psychic lady said he has a beautiful golden light around his head which I focus on when I want to get closer to him. An animal communicator I talked to (who first introduced us) said when she connected to him at first, she felt a little overwhelmed by his stillness and vastness. She said he was a very old and wise soul.

    I am one who needs to take things slowly and carefully but when I do I make some pretty cool progress.
    I have even started to make a c.d of “our songs”. Spirit talks to me thru music as well as other ways.

  9. Hi! I was wondering if a spirit guide would ever take the form of something that maybe doesn’t look as human? I’ve been seeing a man in my dreams a lot lately after doing research on spirit guides and he seems to resemble Voldemort from Harry
    Potter. It actually scares me a little. Can anyone help?

    • Hi Jenn
      I’m reading a book at the moment about a psychologist who regresses people to past lives and the place in between past lives where we decide what our next life is going to be. She shares her patients experiences of them meeting their guides. Some people describe their guides’ appearance, in terms of what they are wearing, as descriptive of what they need to learn at the time. Others describe their guides as they see them as shapes or colours rather than ‘human’ looking. I’m not sure if this is helpful for you or not. I hope you find some answers to your questions 🙂 I have a few questions as well that I am looking to find answers to.

    • P.S – just wondering if your guide is trying to convey a message about alchemy e.g turning negative into positive, turning a situation around. Or some type of magic as in creating what you might want in life? Or maybe he is a new guide who specialises in those or similar things? Just some thoughts 🙂

  10. I sat down with my Rose Quartz in my hand, said a prayer of protection and I asked my main guide, Chalky, a simple yes/no question, “Are you there?”.
    He had moved from behind my left shoulder to directly behind me with his hands on my shoulders.
    I ‘felt’ and kind of heard a “Yes” I can’t quite explain it. I felt his energy.
    I am a little curious though. I felt more of a business attitude from him rather than the love and fun/joy I think I have felt from him before. I’m not sure whether this is just the mode he/we were in or whether I was blocking energy somewhat in an attempt to keep the situation ‘safe’ and “be in control” on my part.
    Anyway I just wanted to share this.
    Anyone got any comments or ideas? xx 🙂

  11. Spirit guides name is Ariel.She keeps directing me toward nature and for some odd reason keeps showing the things about the little mermaid and under water creatures.I love nature found myself at an aquarium last week in my town.Looked up at a sign i read ‘Who do you sea? And right in front of me there was a billboard with a seal on it named Ariel.

  12. Hi everyone.
    I have 2 spirit guides in my life.The main one is my grandfather who died way back in 1943 and a lovely lady spirit called Anna who I call my special number one lady.
    I talk to them all the time telling them my problems,hopes,dreams and desires.And though I don’t yet get a physical visit I couldn’t live without them and I certainly wouldn’t shout or moan at them beacause I trust them 100%.

  13. Greetings All…

    For some reason I keep calling, someone who is special to me, his name out loud.

    My hand hits the wall or/and my leg, while sitting lifts up. I even know when he is sad because I cry real tears and I know when he is angry too. I have real nightmares about him, getting hurt and me trying to save him…

    Yes I have told him about my dreams…

    Is my spirit guide trying to tell me something?
    Is his, spirit guide trying to tell me something?

    Am I acting the way I am becasue he is thinking of me?

    What is going on?

    Thank you for your answer – I need light on all this…

    Thank you x

  14. This is something I’ve been doing as a child and didn’t understand what I was doing and hardly do now. I have journals with entries of troubles and questions and emotional pain and the pages of different handwriting that often comes to fast to keep up. I may not even read it for years. This is the first time I’ve looked back at everything I have and there are almost answers and warnings about where I ended up that lead me back to all these journals. It’s bizarre and profound and I’m not sure how to take it in and now I’ve stop writing because I’m peaceful, but want to write and feel the words won’t come. So I read more hoping the desire will return and I can write in a new way for my life of living true to my soul.
    I for some reason felt like sharing this. I ended up here looking up 222 spiritual meaning. Thank you for this article.


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