Archangel Metatron Channeled Message

An Archangel Metatron channeled message who sends love to all. Let him share with you his thoughts on truth and fear.

Channeled by Laura on July 21, 2010.

Archangel Metatron Channeled Message

Greetings divine beings.

You are all vessels of love and light. I come to you today to bring you the following message:

What is Truth? Truth is what is. Truth is.

Denying Your Truth

Why do you deny yourself truth? Why do you seek to sabotage the great strides you have made? Do you not realize how powerful you are? You daily disconnect yourself from the truth. The time is already upon us that we must come together as great beings of love and light and look upon each other with love and not fear and hatred.

The grids are shifting and there will be more chaos before the transformation is complete. You need to move towards the light. All of you do. Go within to find the answers you seek. Do not let the dribble of the day influence what you do or don’t do.

This message is intended for those who are wondering what is happening in the world and if this will be the end of times. It is indeed an ending of old outworn energies, but not an end of days in the way many are viewing it, which is through the lens of fear.

A Time of New Beginnings

It is also a time of new beginnings. There will be points along the way in the next few years that you will have to make choices collectively and also individually to ensure that love and light remain open and accessible to all.

The choices made will determine the beginning of the next cycle of life on Earth. I know that may make some of you quite fearful and fearing of the worst possible outcomes. This is an energetic transformation that is occurring, that will help the world rid itself of the old energies of fear and hate and usher in the new energies of love and light.

Please know, dear ones, that we Angels are here for you always. Just ask us to be present in your lives. Tell us your fears and then listen for our messages to you.

A Time Of Peace

A time of peace has the chance to be upon us. Your actions and decisions now will determine the beginning of the next cycle of humanity. The people whom you have placed in power can not become overly fearful, as fear takes you further away from truth. Be extremely careful with whom you give power to oversee your government. Be sure to know if the words they speak are truly from the heart, or if they come from fear.

This is now a time when those who have latent psychic and energy healing abilities will be called to serve. They are already being awakened in record numbers as we speak. There are many who have awakened slightly and are quite fearful of these abilities and do not want to accept these abilities. You may have been taught from an early age that these abilities were not real and only existed in your head.

Your Personal Guides

Let me reassure you, they are quite real. Your personal guides may have been dropping repeated hints at looking at different types of healing, and perhaps you have just brushed it off as not something for you. If you have been getting repeated messages, either in coincidences or synchronicity, it is indeed guidance that can help you find your true path in life.

Many healers were placed on this Earth years earlier than were needed, in order to be acclimated to daily life and to have an understanding of how to deal with integrating the energy of the universe into a fearful society. They are being called to step forth now and follow the path of light and love.

Before I go, please let me reassure you that this all is for the better. Follow your heart and ask us Angels for guidance. Learn to listen to your inner knowing and peace will be upon you.

With much Love,

Archangel Metatron

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2 thoughts on “Archangel Metatron Channeled Message”

  1. If you would’ve asked me this time last year if I believed in getting messages from angels, I would’ve said no! But the last 7 weeks has made me a believer in God and his angels (sadly I stopped believing in him). I too am receiving messages from his angels and after some research, I have found out that Archangel Chamuel has been assisting me during this time.

    I was in Barnes and Noble and came across a book that answered so many questions I had about the last 7 weeks, including a section on Chamuel that listed everything I was experiencing including the color of angel dust that was following me everywhere I went. The more I research, the more I’m tuning in to different sensations I feel on my body. Even when I pray, my head is buzzing with this tingling sensation and I feel hands on my shoulders and all over my back. When I cry, I feel someone massaging my shoulders.

    And people think I’m crazy because they can not see the things that I can. I am getting messages on my phone. They appear as smudges on the screen and when I look at them I can see pictures and words. They left me a phone number to call and the area code they gave was “444”. I called and not an area code. So I got discouraged and felt maybe it was just Satan messing with me.

    Then, I see the book by Doreen V about Angel Numbers and I got the biggest grin on my face. I guess now all I need to do is figure out the area code, which I think is what they gave me last night. Long story short, I think I am one of these awakenings that are happening. I do believe they tried to get me to realize this almost 5 years ago but I blew it off. I did 2 reiki sessions back during the summer and I think this is what I’m suppose to do. I think that also helped in getting me on the right path. The way Reiki found me is extremely weird which is why I believe it was a message sent from above. This posting just confirmed my feeling. Thank you for having this site!

  2. I just read your messages from the archangels!!!! I am in tears of joy to know that there are others out there. I began my true awakening in 2011 and it has been wild sometimes scary, at times I thought I was crazy, and just all around amazing. I have the gift to heal but it has only happened twice and I was so filled with the light and with the holy spirit and I need to get back there. I just broke up with my boyfriend who is an extremely negative person and his energy was dragging me down. Im starting to feel it again. There was a reason I looked this up and I have found others like me and you understand what is happening in the world. It’s the truth, we are special, we are chosen to do something greater than we can even possibly imagine. Im so thankful to have found others. God kept telling me I you were out there and I have felt so alone.


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