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“How I Went From Feeling like a Zombie Every Day to Rediscovering My Passion for Life…”

Every day I push myself to grow as a business owner, mentor, and blogger. Trust me; there is ALWAYS something to do.

I write about my inner thoughts, feelings and emotions for 1,000’s of readers to see. I share myself with complete strangers and sometimes tell them more than I tell my family.

I love my life today…but I won’t sit here and try to convince you every moment is perfect.  Have there been challenges along the way? Sure – more than a few, in fact. My fears and emotions creep up and kick me in the butt, just like anyone.

The best part is…I get to be myself and share my true creativity. I have heartfelt connections with my clients and other heart based entrepreneurs that are also fully sharing their gifts with the world.

In following my life purpose, I have been able to leave my full-time job and grow my blog to a full-time business of my own. In doing so, I have touched the lives of thousands of people through by blog, readings, and teleseminars.

I work from home and set my own schedule. I drive my child to and from school every day. I have the flexibility to do errands when I want and take time off just for me.

“But it wasn’t always this way…”

Back in 2008 I had been working for many years as an office manager in a financial setting. The doldrums of being a too comfortable in my job started to set in. It became harder and harder to get up and go to work every day.

I began to realize something was really bothering me and I couldn’t put my finger on it. Something was chewing at me from deep inside. I started to realize that what I was doing for work just didn’t seem to be a fit anymore. I began to feel this on such a deep level that I physically ached. Something just wasn’t right. I felt like I had made a huge mistake but didn’t know what that mistake was.

I had followed conventional thinking and had a good steady job, so where was the problem?  Still, that nagging feeling just wouldn’t go away. It got to the point that it felt like there was an elephant sitting on me. I felt paralyzed to move. I began to sink down deep into myself.

I searched for answers on the internet for a long time. I read everything I could get my hands on about why I felt so broken. I found myself being drawn to having an Akashic record reading.

“It was the beginning of a turnaround in my life.”

For me, having an Akashic record reading was the turning point in getting myself out of a downward spiral. When I first had my reading something shifted in me the day after I ordered it, and I hadn’t even had my actual reading yet.

It turns out is that it was my soul calling me back to my truth, to my life purpose. I felt like I had cheated myself for so many years. I was embarrassed that I had doubted myself and my self-worth for so long.

“I experienced a major shift.”

Once I did, it answered so many questions for me about why I was feeling the way I was. It was the beginning of a major shift in my life and the start of healing from the negative thought processes and feelings that I wasn’t good enough. I was able to begin understanding and embracing who I really was and what I had to offer someone else.

So many issues came up for me after I started the clearing work that needed to be acknowledged and understood. That was all part of the healing process and now when I look back to that point in my life I can see just how far I have come and how much of a transformational shift it was.

 “It was the beginning of feeling better.”

In the months that followed after I had my reading, I felt like I was finally beginning to wake up from a deep sleep. I found myself starting to feel again. It was the beginning of healing my thoughts and energy body and truly stepping into my life’s purpose.

I felt my reading was so transformational that I wanted to understand how the process worked. I knew if I had experienced that much of a shift, I could help others have that shift too. I signed up for the certification course and ended up taking two more advanced levels.

I think there comes a point in your life where you are unable to ignore the fact that you have taken up the wrong occupation or relationship, but do not know where to go next. Perhaps you have been unknowingly in the habit of making the same choices and there comes a point in which you feel as though you are just stuck. You may want to make a change, but it seems like there is something invisible holding you back.

“Are you ready to take the next step?”

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