Spiritual Networks – Social Networking for Spiritual People

Spiritual Networks – Social Networking for Spiritual People is a website dedicated to bringing together those who share a spiritual approach to success.

Update: October 26, 2017 – The SpiritualNetworks.com site is now defunct. The domain appears to have been sold.

Whether you want to develop relationships with like-minded people to build your spiritual business or just connect with inspiring people, I invite you to check it out for yourself.

There are plenty social networks out there these days. SpiritualNetworks.com is different in that it takes a spiritual approach to networking. It is a place to find an online home full of people who think much the same as you. Yes, there are real human beings there. You are not alone!

You can find a community of people interested in self-help, psychic abilities, spiritual awakenings, alternative healing, angels, personal development, and many other similar subjects.

There are also opportunities to advertise your business, write blog posts, share photos or talk via the forums. Registration is free, so go take a look around.

Spiritual Networks

Jason McElhone, Founder of SpiritualNetworks.com is a directly involved website owner. He is an inspiration and always working on something with his site to benefit its members. All he asks is that you add some of your own thoughts, via talking to or sharing with others.

As someone that follows a spiritual path, it is important to make connections with people who have similar beliefs and values such as your own.  It also allows you to grow through new thoughts and ideas.

This site is a chance for you to get to connect with like-minded people in the areas of spirituality, psychic abilities, angels, and generally people who follow a spiritual and healing path in life. Even if you are new to the area of spirituality, as I was not too long ago, there are some great souls to get to know.

Here is my profile, for those who are interested: https://spiritualnetworks.com/IntuitiveJournal/

Click here to sign up: www.SpiritualNetworks.com

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9 thoughts on “Spiritual Networks – Social Networking for Spiritual People”

  1. Yes I would like to join you in spiritual network, I would like to discover my spiritual ability through your help and those people here that spiritually matured, and know their spiritual ability, will you guide me to do this also. Thank you for your response in advance, I like to connect with you but honestly I don’t know how?

    • Hi Elpidio,
      Just go to (site no longer in service) and click on the sign up button. Then you can go and add friends.

      Otherwise I have links to my Facebook page and Twitter pages on the right columns of the site.

  2. How amazing my kid posted this!! I see triple digits everywhere n always, always have – lately n alot in dreams its 444. I am a newly single 45 yr unemployed mom to a teenager. This has been THE HARDEST ( next to 2 mothers n one dad dying when i was 5…14 & 21) time of my life – full of fear depression uncertain n a feeling of being lost. I pray EVERYDAY several times a day & ALWAYS speak to the angels. I can feel #’s & colors since 1990, n this amazing # thing has been in my life for a long time. I have aaaalways known it to be other wordly support. The #’s always change- 333 555 1111 n 1010. Lately 444 22 & 888 but this article has given me a tiny glimmer of hope in a time of hopelessness. Thank you, thank God, thank the angels & my daughter, Epiphany Love.


    We are the ultimate physical structure blessed with the essence of spiritual Knowledge and Wisdom and that of our every thoughts and action is the result of Supreme Spirit. So, nothing is impossible to attain the Brahma-Jnna. Every origin is born of the another origin.

    It’s for you”My thirst is, you must have a trial on this spiritual practice at least once in a way even as a fun. In my analysis, you must bring all your thoughts in a vision and take a deep breathing starting from “Mulathara”, then raise up to the Top-Crown- brain cell, hold this position as comfortably as possible.

    The practice will create vibration among the cell. In course of time, you will gain the attempts. And the influence would also reach me, in turn, I will reiterate the same to you. No doubt that you will realise the presence of Brahman – the Omkara in and around your body. Not enough that you should encircle the same spirit and enrich the every Atman and enjoy the Supremacy and Cosmic Love”

  4. Absoultely love Jason and spiritualnetworks….felt at home the first day I logged on there. You can also catch me there under Rhonda Hall

  5. I just recently signed up to Spiritual Networks and I must say that I’m very impressed. Great job. Someone asked about other similar websites so I’m also recommending 1soulnetwork.com – 1 S.O.U.L. | Spiritual Nexus for Global Transformation provides a platform for authors, coaches, experts, instructors, entrepreneurs and those on the spiritual path, holistic living, prosperity & self-realization! Namaste…


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