How To Reconnect With Your Soul Level Gifts

Reconnect with your soul level gifts and start fully expressing who you are. Allow your true inner self to shine through. In a previous article on how to discover your soul purpose, I talked about feeling like discovering your soul’s purpose can seem harder than it needs to be. Are you trying hard to do things or learn things that really do not resonate, because you think you have to?

What if your true life’s purpose wasn’t work at all, or at least not to you? What one person finds hard to do can be another person’s core strength.

  • Does your soul radiate joy when you go to work or do you feel drained and exhausted?
  • Are you using your inborn soul level gifts to their fullest?
  • Do you find it difficult to connect with your soul level gifts or even know what they are?

What Are Your Soul Level Gifts?

Your soul level gifts are a unique combination of inborn talents, strengths, insecurities, vulnerabilities, and past life learning all bended together.

You came into this world with many existing gifts. For some of you part of your path in this lifetime is to explore new gifts and for others it is to use your existing fits more fully than you have in a past lifetime.

Some of the gifts you were born with can be better expressed here and now due to advancements in technology. Say you were really good at fixing things in a previous incarnation. In this lifetime you might move on to fixing things of a technical nature and not making horseshoes. Your gifts never leave you, they just grow and evolve to suit the times.

However, with the advancement of technology comes challenges. You might find yourself in a career that revolves heavily around technology. Your gifts from a previous lifetime may have been in a very different area, such as fine art, painting, or caring for animals. You can find yourself feeling disconnected and spiritually empty and not fully understand why.

Is Self-Awareness A Detriment?

When you have started walking a spiritual path, it can seem like we have to completely reinvent ourselves. We give up things that we think don’t fit the spiritual mold and in some cases you can end up giving up too much of yourself.

Just because you may have embraced your spirituality in the past few years or so, doesn’t mean you didn’t have wonderful things to offer before that point. Sometimes our own self-awareness can start to become a detriment.

How far away have you traveled from who you used to be? Sometimes on this spiritual journey we can get pretty wrapped up in the fun and newness of connecting with our Guides, meditating, and experiencing awesome healing sessions.

But the thing is we don’t get to travel to the ethers every day. We live here…on Earth…in 3D. As much as perhaps you would like to take a permanent vacation to a land far, far, away in your mind, we do have to consider our present reality.

We have bills to pay, children to take care of, and cleaning our homes. Just the standard day-to-day living. So, how do you combine the two? How to you stop trying to put a square peg into a round hole?

The answer is alchemy, which in its simplest terms is the blending of two elements together to create something new. It is a transmutation of sorts which moves us from ordinary to extraordinary.

What Are You Naturally Good At?

Think about all the ways you already express your natural soul level gifts. I think one of the misconceptions is that you are unaware of your gifts.

You are aware of your gifts at some level, but sometimes they get pushed to the back burner. They get buried by allowing someone else’s words to have more meaning for you than your own desires. We “buy in” to what society says we should do. Your gifts get shelved and forgotten. One of the ways to help you remember your gifts is through an intuitive reading with me. Another way you can work through things yourself is to start with a list.

Make a list of at least 10 things others have complimented you about. I am not talking so much here about nice clothing, but perhaps skills that others have noticed you do easily. For some it might be the ability to fix your hair well. For others it might be the ability to work out complex math problems.

One of my gifts is my ability to sew and quilt. I started sewing when I was around 8 years old and even then it felt like I just “knew” how to move and finesse the fabric. Fast forward to present day and I was using my sewing machine and my husband commented how my hands just knew what to do.

Yes, part of it is years of doing, but the other part is a past life flashback where I was a seamstress in some type of general store, we were at war, and I had to make or fix a uniform for the enemy while having a gun pointed at me. Yeeesh!

I am also naturally good at this skill because there are many generations of women in my family that knew how to sew and quilt. It is in the DNA! Think about that for a moment. What are you doing now to build your DNA line for the next generation or two. Are you honing skills, physical or verbal, that strengthen your family ties? What traits, talents, and skills are you going to pass along?

How To Reconnect With Your Soul Level Gifts

Here is another way to re-discover your passions and reconnect with your soul level gifts.

Think back to how you went about getting what you wanted when you were a child, maybe before ages 8-10.

Some of those methods are a part of your soul level operating system.

You might even have to think back to before that age. What worked back then? How did you see the world differently? How did you get what you wanted back then? You know when a child makes up their mind to get something that they really want, they become very, very determined, but what came naturally? What was EASY?

How did you view the world? A bit more simplistically, perhaps?

Now, think to how you go about getting what you want today? Do you use the same methods or have you gotten so far away from how you manifest something you can’t quite remember how you created everything? Are the methods you are using helping you or hurting you? I guess that is a question for another blog article!

One of my mentors, Andrrea Hess once asked us, “If someone offered you ten million dollars, what gift or skill would you not be willing to give up?” Would it be your intuition, writing, speaking your truth, or something else?

What Is Stopping You From Success?

If you have identified some trait or skill you want to bring out more fully into the world, what is stopping you?

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How are you expressing soul level gifts? Leave a comment below.

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