Does Your Intuition have a Built-In Escape Clause?

Sometimes when you think it is difficult to hear your intuition, you might just have an escape clause built in instead. Find out how to tell.

Have you ever had an experience where you receive an intuitive hit, get that immediate tingling sense, and just know you are on track? You take action right away even though you might be a little bit scared and things work out just like you wanted. When you have those experiences, they are awesome! They are simple, sweet, and concise.

Sometimes however; your intuition might seem less clear cut. If you have too many instances of your intuition not panning out, you might start thinking it is unreliable. We end up putting so much emphasis on what didn’t work, we take our attention away from those times that our intuition did work for us.

Some time ago, I wrote about difficulties trusting your intuition and how when we make things too complicated the entire process breaks down. Another way the intuitive process breaks down is by having a built-in escape clause. This is similar to a “get out of jail free” card from a Monopoly game.

An escape clause is a term or condition in place that allows you to get out of a contract. So, in the case of your intuition, an escape clause is some reason why you couldn’t follow through on the intuitive nugget you received.

Here are a few ways it shows up:

Example #1:  You receive an intuitive hit to attend a networking event in your community. You are excited, but a little bit nervous about getting out and sharing what you do. Within the day, someone calls up and invites you to dinner at the same time as the event. You say yes to dinner and forget about the networking event, thinking you will catch it another time. In effect, you have put an escape clause in place to avoid feeling uncomfortable.

Example #2: You want to offer a class and you are excited to teach it. You set a date for the class and then find out there is a family event that same night. You feel guilty about not attending and you end up cancelling the class. The escape clause here is allowing guilt to overrule your guidance.

Example #3:  You think it would be helpful for your business if you attended an event out of state. But because it requires flying, you decide to stay home because you dislike flying. The escape clause here is letting fear get in the way of a new experience.

By having an escape clause in place, it keeps you safe. It keeps you comfortable. It also keeps you from having any new experiences. What escape clause comes up for you when you think about following those intuitive hits? Time? Money? Family? What are you allowing to interfere with following your intuition?

Making a Real Decision

So, how to you make progress to your goals and finally bust through what scares you? You need to decide…

Are you waiting for your Intuition to kick in before you make a decision? One of the ways confusion can set in when it comes to your intuition is the thinking that intuition needs to strike before you can make a decision. In reality, you need to set an intention first, make a decision to go after it, and THEN start listening for those intuitive nudges.

Sometimes this is the hardest part – just deciding. A lot of times we think we have decided, but leave ourselves a way out or leave a back door open. That way if we get scared, all we have to do is run for the exit sign. If you have an open back door or exit plan in place, you actually have not made a decision. To decide means to cut or to sever. So, that means making a decision to do something which does not include an escape clause.

Take one thing you seem confused about and just decide that you are not confused about it anymore. What would you do next? What would it look like if you had already taken the action you seem confused about? What would it mean for you to do that? How would your life change if you took that action?

Giving Yourself Permission and Getting Okay with it

One of the biggest things I realized about trusting intuitive hits and following through with the necessary actions is giving yourself permission. How often do we give ourselves permission to trust our own impulses and inner knowing? We get used to going outside ourselves for advice and fail to give ourselves permission.

Right along with that, check in with yourself and ask if you are okay with your decision. By being okay with something, you are giving yourself permission to begin taking action.

The “Will I Die?” Double check

This one might sound funny, but this works for a good reality check. Ask yourself, if I put myself out there, will I die because of it? While this seems extreme, for many reading this blog, you might have a few past lives where you actually did die from speaking about topics of psychic abilities and other spiritual areas. I assure you we live in better times.

You might get embarrassed or make someone uncomfortable, but will you actually die? I think the answer is no. Sometimes having that reality check in place is grounding in its own way. It can be what makes you say yes to something that seems uncomfortable but yet aligns with your soul level gifts.

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2 thoughts on “Does Your Intuition have a Built-In Escape Clause?”

  1. Thanks for another great post!
    I love having (seemingly more and more) people grasping the idea that “the work is to keep doing the work” (borrowing my beloved Clarissa Pinkola Éstes here). That is, that following your intuition , or staying healthy, or being loving, happy and creative really mostly is a question of committing to be just that – over, and over, and over again. And how better to express all that, or make it happen – than through action. Sometimes small steps, sometimes huge leaps. But most definitely not anything “mystic” about it all in general – consistency – consequence… or, as Mumford and Sons sang in a track: “Where you invest your love, you invest your life..!” Do you invest in worry, or in courage..? 🙂

    • Hi Minna,
      Thank you for sharing. I love the last line you wrote. Yep…you just can’t get around that action part, can you? Taking small consistent steps every day and focusing your energy on your goal will get you there.


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