Are Your Chakras Out Of Balance?

Are Your Chakras Out Of Balance

Are your chakras out of balance? Can your chakra system actually hold clues to your purposeful work? Here are seven clues.

As spiritually aware souls on this planet, we work so hard to clear and balance our chakra system. But sometimes we can’t see the forest for the trees. It can seem difficult to balance one or more areas and see our truth clearly. Especially when it come to stepping into your purposeful work.

This can cause you to feel as though you haven’t made much REAL progress toward your goals. Also find out the truth about chakras and energy healing.

Are Your Chakras Out Of Balance?

Here are seven clues to tell if your chakras are out of balance when it comes to stepping into your life purpose:

Seventh chakra

You may be refusing to see the truth of your purpose and close down your connection to Source energy. Furthermore, you can close down new thoughts preferring instead to stick to what you “know” works.

Sixth chakra

You may miss intuitive insights for actions to take that will lead you into life purpose. Think about those small quiet clues that come when you are doing something totally mundane like doing the dishes. Have you allowed yourself to acknowledge what you really want?  Click here to read more about the sixth chakra energy center.

Fifth chakra

You may have trouble communicating with others about your intuitive and healing abilities. Are your fears about what others might think or the reaction you might get keeping you from speaking your truth?  Read more about the throat chakra.

Fourth chakra

There can be issues with self-love and being able to see yourself as the true divine being that you are. Do you see yourself as perfect, whole, and complete? If not, why. You were born perfect. Do you really believe that about yourself?  Read more about the heart chakra.

Third Chakra

You may get caught up in perfectionism and that can keep you from taking any real action toward your purpose. Does your to-do list have actions that truly lead you to your goals?  Read more about the solar plexus chakra.

Second chakra

You may have low self-esteem or feel a lack of creative ideas toward the next steps that you need to take to embrace your life purpose. Do you view your work as play or drudgery? Be honest.  Read more about the sacral chakra.

First chakra

You may be feel that you cannot accept money for doing healing work and this blocks you from stepping into your true path. Shame may play a bigger part than you know. Find out more about the root chakra.

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