Intuition Or Ego? 5 Ways To Tell If Your Intuition Is Speaking To You

Is it your intuition or ego talking? Here are five ways to tell the difference between intuition and ego so you can make sense of those messages.

One of the questions that comes up frequently during a reading is how to know if those subtle nudges are your intuition or if they are just wishful thinking. Trusting your intuition is something I look at as a finely honed skill.

So I thought I would share this question with everyone reading to help you see the difference between your intuition and ego. You can read this post also:  Separating Intuition From Ego.

Intuition or Ego?

Question:  How do you know if the guidance you receive is your intuition or just egoic based thinking?

Here are five ways you can tell the difference between your intuition and your ego:

Your intuition comes through as subtle thoughts.

For instance, your intuition may be a subtle thought to drive a certain way home, which might be different from your normal route. To me it just feels like this recurring gentle nudge or thought that keeps popping into my mind when I am thinking about something completely different.

Your ego comes through loud and booming.

Which thoughts have your attention right now? The chances are good it is your ego running the show. Egoic thoughts will drown out intuition almost every time. Those loud thoughts will tell you every reason not to do something. If you feel you are overthinking a decision, that is your ego talking.

Ego based thinking will have fear or paranoia attached to it.

This could stem from a fear of making a mistake or repeating a past mistake. This is actually attached to varying degrees of perfectionism, which is nothing more than giving away our power to someone or something that we perceive ourselves to be incapable or reaching.

Intuition comes from a loving place and ego generally comes from a fear based place.

Intuitive guidance is usually short, sweet, and to the point. On the other hand, ego will have a long “discussion” with you and tell you all the reasons you shouldn’t take a certain action.

Use discernment and ask yourself how you feel when making a decision. Are you wringing your hands or are you relaxed? Anxiety and fear come from ego based information. Your ego tries to keep you safe while your intuition wants you to grow and explore.

Intuition intends no harm. Your Intuition is there to help you grow.

Your angels and guides are there to protect you. They are trying to keep you out of harms way, not guide you into destructive behaviors or scenarios.

Your intuition is there to give you a quicker path to what you want. Now, does that mean you will steer clear of accidents? No, not always. However, by listening to your guidance you can avoid many of those pitfalls.

Do you have trouble distinguishing between intuitive nudges and ego? Leave a comment below.

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