Who Are You Listening To?

Just who are you listening to these days and why? If you have set a goal for yourself, are you sabotaging your chances of success by listening to the wrong people’s comments and thoughts?

Who Are You Listening To?

Outside influences such as family, friends, mentors, and even collective consciousness (the masses) have a tremendous amount of influence on how successful you will be in making a positive change in your life.

In a previous article, I talked about mentally beating yourself up. In addition to dealing with your own thoughts, there are other outside influences that can become factors in how successful you will be in achieving a goal you have set for yourself.

It has been said that you are the average of the five closest people in your life, including thoughts, behaviors, and income. Think of the five closest people in your life. Do they or would they support you in making a positive change for the better?

Your Well-Meaning Family

Sometimes family members are very supportive of your desires and efforts and often times they are not. If some of your family members are not supportive to your new goals and dreams, realize that it is their issue and not yours.

Rather than concern yourself with their comments and reactions to your new goals, practice forgiveness and compassionate understanding instead. Everyone is exactly where they are supposed to be at that moment. There is a wonderful release that comes with accepting that which you cannot change.

Friends Who Know What Is Best For You

Many times friends will not want you to change because they have a fear of losing you as a friend if you change too much. The truth is that is entirely possible. Friends who do not have the same aspirations and goals as you do will tend to fade out of your life. The good news is that they will be replaced by other friends that are a vibrational match for the support needed to achieve your goals.

Deceased Relatives

What is running through your head that was placed there by relatives that have since passed away? Did your Grandparents always tell you a certain “truth” that you believed because it it came from a trusted relative? I have been working on clearing out a few of those thoughts recently. It is amazing what can stick in your head long after someone has passed on.

I certainly mean no ill to those that have passed, but just examine some of the beliefs you have and their origins. Once you realize the source, decide if those beliefs still serve you in a positive way. Let go of the beliefs that do not serve you anymore.

Who Should You Be Listening To?

Surround yourself with those who already have what you want and are congruent with your goals. You then stand a much better chance of reaching the goals you have set for yourself.

Napoleon Hill called it a Mastermind group. I like to think of them as Mentors, Resources, and Allies. You need a group of 4-7 of great positive people that have already achieved what you want. Look to them for inspiration, ideas, and direction.

Just be sure to choose a mentor that has really achieved what you want to accomplish. Have they really lived it? A mentor can come from reading books and biographies as well.

8 thoughts on “Who Are You Listening To?”

  1. Sounds very interesting. Also I can attest to the article, there are some family members who support me and some I believe humor me, and some who just don’t know so they give the “more then one way to look at it” type of advice, where they just say things, like it depends on the type of person, the circumstances, your feelings, etc so you never get an answer persae they just give you extra questions (or ones you’ve asked) then they expand that. So really its the “Thinkers advice” you think on what I ask if it makes sense then cool if not I tried lol.

    Though I am courious you mentioned those who passed away, advice I a presuming you mean from when they were alive. What about advice they might have passed on to you or to someone else then it was passed to you, same deal?

    This “kind of” reminds me of that song “I hear voices” by Chris Young.
    You can find it here…

    Love the song either way but when I was reading the article that song came right into my mind. LOL.

    • Hi Susan,

      Thank you for sharing the link to that song. It is quite fitting!

      Yes on the ones I referred to who passed away, the advice was from when they were still alive. Same deal on others passing on their advice.

      Yes, I have received a lot of “thinkers advice” too. It makes me go around in circles sometimes.

      • You’re welcome on the link. It’s really a great song (video on youtube its really great you should watch it, it makes sense and its light) even people who don’t like country music would hear that and you look down their tapping their foot, nodding their heads like yep, lol.

        I know what you mean in “going around” you don’t know whether or not to chase the tail or sit there and let the tail come to you sort to speak.

        Actually the song I linked to wasn’t one that had played in my head until that posting.

        Question say two people with different music tastes for instance (Example, “A” listens to alternative rock/christian alternative rock, but I listen to country), and the angels/spirits want to get a message to “you” from/about “A” would they use the music that “A” listens to or would they find a song in the genre I listen to, to get that message across?

        This question above came about when I re-read your article and I am not sure why it just popped in there. Possibly because it talks about things passed on verbally, someone may sing a song that like you and the song I linked to said voices of the past, passing on I don’t know, but something put that in there not sure why but they do and arguing I am not up for tonight lol.


        • Hi Susan,

          In answer to your question, I think it could be either genre, depending on the message. For me, I am not big on remembering lyrics, but if I have a certain song melody playing repeatedly in my head, I will do a Google search on the song lyrics. It always makes sense when I read the lyrics.

          • Okay thank you much. I usually when I hear a song that strikes me, or replays (sometimes annoyingly) in my head, I will google the lyrics read them, and then if I can find it listen to the song on Youtube, then watch the official video if they have one as well. Sometimes it could be just the words, or maybe its something in the vid, or it could be a combo. As a thought.
            The problem is that some types of music no matter how I try I can not grasp the meaning of lol sometimes I can’t understand the lyrics so I have to look them up.

            My friend actually had one instance that she asked the angels when she thought she was being psychic attacked to send the person a song with love the chorus part of “Return to sender”. I don’t know if they ever did that for her.
            I asked her where she got the song from cause that is an old song, she said well from you, too which I don’t recall that cause I’d never heard it before and she no see I asked you what would you do if someone sent you something wrong and you said jokingly return to sender? LOL I thought she actually meant the mail.

            Btw for those who don’t know that song I looked it up, was recorded by Elvis Presley on March 26, 1962..

            But anyway again, thank you much.

  2. Hi Laura,

    I always try and find the motive behind advice I get from anyone. Most times that motive will show it’s ugly face and sometimes there are those that we can truly trust. I would like to surround myself with those who already have what I want but I don’t know anyone. So I do the next best thing and surround myself with those who want similar things I want.

    • Hi Todd,

      I would agree motive is a strong indicator of who is worthwhile to listen to and who you can trust.

      I have found some good role models in cyberspace and I have also been recommended a few biographies to read of people who have what I want. Good role models may not always be found in you current realm of people you know. I have had to do some digging to find those that really resonated me my goals.

  3. Very interesting write up. It’s is always good to know people that can help you to get sort of advices. Me, before I always listens to my friends, but the things that I listen is not as right as my parents did. I believe that parents are the best listeners than anyone else!


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