Guided Meditations for Emotional Healing



A selection of guided meditations for emotional healing using a combination of NLP (NeuroLinguistic Programming) and hypnosis. This powerful combination of healing methods allows you to bust through limiting beliefs and replace them with empowering thoughts and thought patterns. Through the power of hypnosis you can change and heal how you feel about yourself.

Hypnosis works by placing you in a relaxed frame of mind and through the power of suggestion helps to reprogram your thoughts into a positive frame of reference.

These meditations can help you:

  • Take control of your emotional state
  • Release and heal negative emotions
  • Transform your thinking

Each are about 40 minutes long and they are available for immediate download in .mp3 format.

Scroll down and have a look for yourself.

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Guided Meditations For Emotional Healing

Let Go Of Your Pastlet go of your past guided meditation

Is emotional baggage from the past holding you back? Need a way to stop clinging to old experiences, so you’re able to let go or forgive?

Your brain soaks up life events and tries to learn from them. When something bad happens it can be difficult to let go and move on. Sometimes the past becomes a shackle, holding you back from trying new things. It can damage relationships, stall your career, and make you immensely unhappy.

Hypnosis can help you put the past behind you and move forward again. Get rid of emotional baggage, using hypnosis. Click here to download a free hypnosis audio.

Emotional Strength

be emotionally strongBe Emotionally Strong

Would you like to be more emotionally strong in your life? To feel secure, stable, and able to deal with any sensations life throws at you?

Life can be a bit of a roller coaster ride. One minute you’re contented, and the next you’re miserable. Emotions are powerful and can just sneak up on you, overwhelming you with sadness or filling you with despair. If only you could process what’s happening and keep things under control.

You can control the way you feel and manage your feelings – with help from hypnosis. Click here to download a free hypnosis audio.


stop being insecureStop Being Insecure

Would you like to overcome your insecurities and enjoy life more? To be able to confidently socialize with new people, enter new relationships, and acquire new skills?

Insecurity can hold you back from trying and doing new things. It damages relationships, where it can suck the life out of your connections. Also, it stops you learning skills because you’re afraid you won’t be good enough. It shuts down opportunities before you’ve even had a chance to consider them, leaving you feeling empty and unfulfilled.

But you can push doubts out of the equation – with help from hypnosis. Click here to download a free hypnosis audio.


control your emotionsControl Your Emotions

Do your emotions seem to sometimes run away with themselves? Would you like to be able to hold them in check when it suits you? Emotions are part of what makes us human, but occasionally they can get in the way.

We get angry, jealous, disappointed, upset – and these negative feelings make us think and act in ways that can be damaging, ruining relationships and creating friction among friends or colleagues.

It’s time to keep those feelings from controlling your life – with help from hypnosis. Click here to download a free hypnosis audio.


dissolve angerDissolve Anger

Are you tired of anger getting the better of you or compelling you to make bad decisions? Want an effective way to control that emotion, once and for all?

For some people, feelings of anger can be triggered by the smallest thing. But flying into a rage or a fit of temper does no one any favors. It hurts the people you care about most, and can even push them away from you for good – leaving you alone, wretched, and isolated.

But you can keep anger from rearing its ugly head – with help from hypnosis. Click here to download a free hypnosis audio.


get over a relationshipGet Over A Relationship

Have you recently ended a relationship? Need a simple but effective method to get over your ex?

A breakup can be an overwhelming experience for anyone. Your former life is over, and your emotions are all over the place. You’re physically and mentally drained, often with no one to talk to. At times it seems like there’s absolutely no way forward.

It’s time to get over it and get on with your life – with help from hypnosis guided meditations. Click here to download a free hypnosis audio.


learn to trust againLearn To Trust Again

Would you like the ability to trust more in the people around you? To be able to build a strong, vibrant relationship and eliminate doubts completely?

When someone fails you and breaks that sacred trust, it takes time to recover. But when time passes and trust remains elusive, it can change how you see the world. Betrayal leaves a bitter taste in your mouth and affects the way you perceive everything and everyone in your life.

It’s time to release your fears and learn to trust people again – with help from hypnosis. Click here to listen to a free sample.


forgive for goodForgive For Good

Would you like to be able to forgive someone you love? Do you sometimes find it hard to excuse others and let them off the hook, despite how much you want to?

Failing to forgive someone won’t make you feel any better. Bearing a grudge hurts you too, and disappointment can worm its way into your head. You spend your time and energy feeling betrayed, let down, angry and annoyed, when you should be living your life to the full. If only there was a way to put it all behind you and move forward…

There is an easy way to find forgiveness in your heart. Let bygones be bygones, with hypnosis guided meditations. Listen to a free sample.


get rid of guiltGet Rid Of Guilt

Is guilt from your past holding you back? Do you want to be able to overcome those feelings and finally move forward with your life?

The feeling of guilt can be debilitating. It brings shame, makes you think harshly of yourself, and can be difficult to bear. Worst of all, it interferes with your normal life and holds you back from achieving your goals. But guilt won’t change the past, and it won’t put anything right. The only way to do that is to forgive your transgressions and get on with things.

Getting guilt out of your life can be done – banish feelings of blame, using hypnosis.


overcome jealousy guided meditationsOvercome Jealousy

Are you tired of feeling jealous every time someone else gets a little attention? Would you like to be able to eliminate envy from your life for good?

Jealousy can be triggered when someone you care about spends time with someone else – especially a possible rival. It might seem random and irrational, but the feeling can be overpowering. If it goes on unchecked it can damage your relationships beyond repair.

How can you keep resentment and jealousy at bay? With a little help from hypnosis guided meditations. Conquer the green eyed monster.