The Buffet Line of Life

The buffet line of life is a great euphemism for doing what it takes to get all of what you want and not accepting the leftovers and crumbs. Does it seem difficult to manifest your dreams, wants, and desires? Are you trying to get to the front of the line without having done the work necessary?

A while ago, I wrote this article, What do You Really Want? In it I asked “Are you a vibrational match for what you really want and desire?” Part of becoming a vibrational match for what you want is sticking with something long enough in order for it to fully manifest.

The Buffet Line of Life

Back when I first got into listening and reading self-improvement articles I listened to an audio tape by Brian Tracy. It it, he mentioned the buffet line of life. The crux of it was that you needed to “get in line and stay in line” if you wanted to actually make your dreams into reality. In a nutshell, it was about persistence, not taking shortcuts, and never giving up on your dreams.

My Dream

I expect my Guides felt there was something necessary they needed to get across to me this morning as I slept in later than usual. My dream this morning went something like this:

A friend and I were at some type of large reception and it was our turn to get up and stand in line for the wonderful buffet that was laid out. My friend jumped up and headed toward the line. She asked me if I was coming along. The line looked incredibly long, so I said I would wait until it got shorter.

So I waited at the table for what seemed like forever. She finally came back with a grand plate of food that had everything she wanted on it. I was quite hungry by that time and I wanted to eat.

Great Food

The line for the great food was as long as it was earlier, so I decided instead to forget the food line and jump straight to the dessert table, where there was very little food left. There was just a lot of pieces, crumbs and remnants left. I remember grabbing a few extra pieces of dessert because I was so hungry.

I woke up this morning with the remnants of that dream floating in my head. Am I really that impatient that I would skip the best looking nutritious food and accept the leftovers instead? (Well, it is possible, as I am an Aries. We are not known for having a great amount of patience in general.) 🙂

Did I not want to do what was necessary (stand in line for a long time) in order to get the best food that I really wanted? Was I skipping ahead to the dessert table to be able to enjoy the sweets (the rewards) before putting in all of the work? A lot of food for thought (Pun intended)!

What about You?

So, have you stood in line long enough to get all of what you want, or are you jumping in and out of the line or trying to skip ahead to the dessert table? Or, is the buffet line full of too many choices that you can’t decide what you really want? Have you really done all that it will take to manifest what you truly desire and not accept the leftovers and crumbs? Leave a comment below.

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15 thoughts on “The Buffet Line of Life”

  1. It is interesting that this your topic today. I have recently been accused of “jumping to the dessert table” and not paying my dues. I am presently new to a career and am diving into it head-first, as the alternatives, or the status-quo rate of progression seemed abusive and negligent to my own spiritual and creative needs.

    So, I am taking the leap of faith, pooling all the experience life has granted me thus far, and laying all my chips on the line. Naturally, this idea is unpopular to some, those who have accepted some level of personal suffering to reach their current plateau, and I am not a stranger to people trying to tell me that I am violating the order of process, and I should do as everyone else they know has done. I personally don’t believe there are any rules externally to follow except for the encouraging signs we receive from the divine, and our inner intuitive knowing.

    This isn’t my first leap, but perhaps the biggest. I have done my “fair share” of suffering through life to get to where I can just see things as choice and consequence. The question of whether we have done the work for the big question before us in life is something we can answer if we simply are honest with ourselves.

    If we can give ourselves a resolute, “YES I CAN!!” then you are on the course. It seems the moment, we commit to an idea, that which we need always rises to greet us. The adversity we may receive is simply there to test our resolve, and to keep us humble. I have come to trust the paradox of life.

    For every triumph, there is (at least the illusion of) an obstacle. For every warm welcome, there is a cold rejection. I would be worried I was in one big lie if this wasn’t taking place. I have dug deep to answer whether I am doing anything that takes from or harms another. No, I am not. I can see how the road may possibly manifest in front of me (and its always better than we can imagine!) and I am staring down a fun adventure! Am I skipping any nutritional levels necessary to develop my experiences at this time? No…..I can make my meals for myself.

    I am aware of the destructive pattern potentials that reside within, and know their language when they emerge. I know what to do, and I am going to live this year like its the last one I have on earth with love, kindness, and humility. I only hope those that condemn my decisions, whom I love so dearly, can come to enjoy this journey with me.

    • Hi devan,

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. It is nice to meet you!

      I love this sentence: “I know what to do, and I am going to live this year like its the last one I have on earth with love, kindness, and humility.” What a great way to approach the new year. I wish you the best success.

  2. Hi Laura. I can attest to the stubborn or impatient Aries lol, not me I am a virgo (my own stubborn I guess) but rather someone I use to see.

    I pretty much stay in line, the problem I have is it sometimes feels like hopscotch. Land one is just to the left or right of the line, then land two puts you right back in line. If this makes sense. I try not to go ahead or go for crumbs, but there is a time I need to sit down.
    The problem I run into is I tend to for lack of a better word misplace the vibrational alignment maybe for a day or an hour or a minute. I think I get it back but then there is that little bit of worry or doubt that maybe I didn’t.
    Here is the other problem that isn’t necessairly covered completely and thats how do you know for a fact your in alignment is it a feeling (and yes I will re-read the link listed), a thought, just something that comes over you and you get this light feeling as if you’ve been lifted out of your body (without actually do so) .

    I try to ask guides, angels, god but its like there is a block and no matter what I try to do I can’t find the block, nor the cause of it (and I can’t afford to have it found or removed) so I have to try and trace it. I can’t hear them and trust me I have sat in silence with my mind totally blanked for a long time after asking. I have tried every way necessary, charka cleaning (via an online recording), mediation, etc.

    There is too many things out there in the world of internet, on manifesting, use pink or blue bubbles, state it and then leave it be, state it and once a day visualize it, do this, don’t do this, do that, don’t do that. Stay positive never be negative, never worry/doubt or fear as that will be what manifests, even when you pray or talk to angels. My fav what you can and can not manifest, which changes too.
    LOL the problem is this how can you get it out and talk it out with god and the angels if you can’t get out the negative without it manifesting. I have always been a balancer if you will. When I pray I ask for something I include both what I am looking for and not looking for in my conversation/prayer.

    Then you add to that confusion angel numbers that for some reason I get a nudge and it don’t seem to make sense, or I will ask about how something is going that I asked for from the angels I get a song about another subject, its like the opposite lol. Say I am thinking two things, I ask about one and ask for a song to help me understand it, I get the song for the other thing, then when I ask about the other thing I get it for that one thing. Or I ask and its cryptic so I ask for confirmation/sign and its cryptic. And yep I asked them to make it as simple (think answers for dummies) totally understandable, no doubt about it, heck appear and tell me (as I don’t scare with things like this voices and people who have past use to appear to me along time ago) point blank lol. There are times when I get a hint if you will something will show like here you go a little something hold on to this, okay, but then nothing for a month for example then repeat one little thing.

    Hence I am thinking the block is what is not allowing me to see anything other then the exact one thing. Which thankfully I asked for two weeks prior.
    For me at times its like things are backwards at time, I have asked for things in a form of a miracle (and expect it) but then nothing, I’ve tried time limits, I’ve tried no time limits. thoughts, energy sent, etc, and all this comes back to being in line and it feeling like hopscotch (one, two, one, one, two) with no end in sight. Thing is until I found out about manifestations and LOA I was just simple, ask and keep asking it happens it happens, I didn’t do anything positive (thoughts, etc) or negative (thoughts, etc) I didn’t worry about them I was never a happy upbeat positive person (due to personal reasons) I was more okay whatever.

    So then it comes back to how do I know for sure if I am in vibrational alignment with my desire, manifestation as I asked earlier.

    Sorry this is so long, I think between having the questions, I needed to get this out, sometimes it bugs me so much I just think UGG!!!.

    • Hi Susan,

      I think everyone has felt like they are playing hopscotch at some point or another. Everyone has fears and doubts. What is more important is how you feel most of the time.

      One way to think about vibrational alignment is to ask yourself how you feel when thinking about your goal. If you feel good about it, you are in alignment. If you feel bad, worried, frustrated, or sad about it, you may have not found the sweet spot for your goal yet.

      I’m sorry, I don’t have all the answers you desire right now, but I will keep writing when I have more to share.

      • Thanks, most times (99%) I am happy about but there are days when I do get frustrated about it… I got three things I am trying to manifest, and at least a couple should be pretty quick and easy, are taking the same amount as the first one.
        Most the time I feel okay, nothing real high or real low more even keel. Sort of like being in the middle of a beem thats balanced. When it starts to tilt to doubt, fear, worry. I then correct my stance.

        I can’t wait to hear what more you come up with, as I once said yours is easier to understand cause you put it in simplier terms & meanings. I’ve been to alot of sites that just turn all of this into total complicated mess, or they are copies of that lol.

        Thanks again.

  3. Well this article is perfect for me in more than one way. I just spent the day in the kitchen baking and cooking, two activities I do enjoy on a bitter cold day. Now pertaining to the buffet line. I am struggling to find the right line for me at this time. Like Susan, I ask for guidance, but find that for some reason I am not getting a definite response. I am assuming that I must stay in a holding pattern for the time being. But as a thinker and a worrier (ah the beauty of being a Cancer!),

    I have come up with multiple approaches to the situation (for me it is finding a new job). I am looking at all the different buffet offerings and want some from one buffet and some from another. While I realize that I may or may not get everything I want, I am overwhelmed with all of the choices and now just want to hide in my shell.

    • Hi Debbie,

      Its really all about choice and consequence. I think we get overwhelmed because we don’t know for sure the consequence of our choice, and it is human nature to want to be sure of the result, before we make the choice.

      The Universe seems to be saying, pick one and see how it turns out. If you don’t like the result, go back to the buffet and make another selection.

  4. Well, being a practical person, I say just do whatever brings the results and outcomes you’re looking for, as long as it doesn’t hurt anybody else, or yourself.

    Manifesting is going to operate differently for every mind and personality, I think, and following the “rules” may sometimes be the last thing you should do. Don’t ask, “is this the right way,” but “is this MY way, and does it WORK?”

    If it doesn’t, just try something else, and keep on trying. Dessert often tastes best when you’re still hungry, after all! 🙂

    • I like your comment of “Don’t ask, “is this the right way,” but “is this MY way, and does it WORK?””. That is a great perspective.

      I would agree that manifesting works slightly differently for each individual.

  5. Hi Laura,

    Now THAT is a really good question.

    It seems pretty obvious on the surface if you follow the bouncing ball. For instance, for a while I thought I needed to go back to full time work. Then I accepted that it wasn’t going to happen (from brick wall type of feedback the universe sent me), so I looked for what else I was supposed to be doing. My gut gave me several “missions”, some of which were harder to accept than the others, and some of which were fun. Then I felt I knew what was next, but I found it difficult to arrange for its accomplishment around “daily life.”

    Finally I got to the point where some expensive things needed to be taken care of, so I had to do a gut check – what’s next? how will I find the means to do these things? have I waited in line long enough, taken the right steps, learned the lesson already?? Time will tell, and I will do my best to show up as is best and right…but I have a feeling there are quite a few more twists and turns along the way! Makes the experience interesting, anyway 🙂

    • Hi Julie!

      I love your positive outlook. Yes, only time will tell, but I have a feeling offering the readings you do is on the mark or pretty close to the mark. What would life be without a few twists and turns?

      Great article on spiritual downloads by the way.

  6. Laura,

    I needed this message today. I am a Sag…definitely impatient and quick to get bored. I recently started a new job and school and feel like I’m always 10 steps behind when actually I’m 10 steps ahead. I have a serious case of “monkey mind” and want to jump straight to the dessert table…lol. I ask my spirit to remain calm, but I always feel uneasy like I just want to get to the end result. I believe that I am struggling with my purpose on this Earth. I know what it is but when will my stars align? I call on my spirit guides to keep guiding me and thank them every chance I get. I’m constantly seeing 222 and 11:11 so I know I am on the right path…I’m just extremely anxious to get there!!

    I will continue to stay on this path and see it through. I am doing very well in my graduate program and know it’ll take me to where I am supposed to be. I know I will contribute GREATLY to this world and I am excited about it. I just wish my spirit could settle and my ego would step to the side so my mind and spirit can fully connect.

    • Hi Jacquie,

      It’s nice to meet you and welcome! Thank you for leaving a comment.

      I don’t know if we are ever supposed to “get there”. Enjoy the journey and remain as present in everything you do as you can. That will allow your gifts to shine when the time is right.

  7. I loved Devan Yates comment “I have recently been accused of “jumping to the dessert table” and not paying my dues.”

    Oh we have all had these dreams at one time or another and thanks for sharing yours.

    That buffet table of food (knowledge) and you were ready and hungry for it but you didn’t want to have to wait…you wanted it now and I think we can all relate to feeling that way but as you say you can’t partake in the desserts ) when you have tried to skip the most important part that will truly nourish you…and you knew it too cause the food looked so good to you…and there you watched someone else go ahead, wait, and get it as you tried to wait until it was easier cause the line was shorter. That was awesome!

    • Hi Sherry,

      Thanks! I have had a few more dreams recently, but not remembering enough to get anything put together for a post, or none that resonated enough to make good sense of it. This one was pretty vivid though.


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