Do you Wear Black to Work on Monday Morning?

Do you wear black to work on Monday morning? If you find that you do, it may be time to take a look at why that is.

Wearing black clothing in and of itself is perfectly fine. In fact, it is one of my favorite colors and I do tend to wear it fairly often. It is a powerful color and can give you confidence. But when does it cross a line from being a fashion color choice to becoming a representation for something that is misaligned within your life? A few months ago, I wrote about leaving my day job and this is one of the reasons I did.

Do You Wear Black To Work?

What I am getting at is; are you wearing black to symbolize something that is not going well in your life? If you think about what the commonly accepted associations of wearing black are, you will more than likely come up with going to a funeral. In that thought process, black represents death, the end, and mourning.

If you find yourself wearing black to work on a Monday morning week after week, start looking at the consciousness behind it. Do you just happen to put a black outfit on because you feel great in it or do you put it on because you view your next 8-10 hours of life as a daily grind?

I worked at my prior job for 11 years and somewhere along the way, I made a sub-conscious decision to wear black to work on Mondays, and did so for a number of years. Once I really thought about it, I realized that it was my sub-conscious trying to tell me that the job I had was not aligned to my Soul’s purpose.

Is wearing that color symbolizing a job you dislike so much that you think it energetically represents death? Do your feel that your job is so misaligned to your Soul’s purpose that you view it as waking up and going to a funeral on a Monday morning?

What Color is your Job?

I know that sounds like a book I have read about careers somewhere along the way, but think about your perfect type of employment and the color it represents to you. If it is something outdoors, you may think about a beautiful sky blue color or green like trees and plants. Someone that is a healer may envision purple, as it is regal, calm and serene.

When you are in energetic alignment with what you love to do on a daily basis, a full spectrum of color is available to you and you wear those colors with joy.

So, think about the colors you wear daily, not only on Monday and what type of energy and vibration that is sending out into the world.

What about you? Leave a comment below.

21 thoughts on “Do you Wear Black to Work on Monday Morning?”

  1. Laura,
    You’re a genius! I believe you’re absolutely right. I do wear black – a lot – to my office not just on Monday. However, I wear lot’s of bright colors when I’m up in front of group demonstrating mediumship. Thank you for opening my eyes to this! I hope you’re doing well and happy since you left your job. All my best. Please let me know if I can be of help to you in any way.

    • Hi Angela,

      It really is quite interesting why we decide to wear certain colors and when. I have found myself wearing very little black this summer, except for a few pairs of pants occasionally. This summer has been very good overall, but a few things I thought were worked through must still need time and energy devoted to them. Still a good summer though.

  2. Hi Laura,
    I worked in corporate America for 15 years and the feelings that would arise on Sunday nights was the same as when I went to school.

    It wasn’t in alignment with me. I don’t have specific jobs that I would prefer but I do prefer work that allows freedom and flexibility and that is why I became self-employed.

    • Hi Justin,

      I remember that Sunday night feeling of dread well. I still enjoy my weekends now, but truly enjoy planning what I want to do during the week and look at Monday as a fresh opportunity to create more of what I want.

  3. Hee hee, I quit my job too! Now I wear my robe to work on Monday morning (actually more like Monday afternoon). I recommend it! 🙂

  4. Well I have one outfit (long dress) that I wear to funerals, though most my family and friends say dress causal/comfortable (ie dress Jeans and a nice shirt lol), the dress is black (it was suppost to be used in my parents renewal of vows (50 yrs), my mom passed away (may) before that could happen (december), she was going to add a splash of color to it, pink round the wait, little colorful pins to adorn the front right side and a white carnation/rose over the heart but she didn’t get a chance to. I wore it to her funeral but I followed her lead added the splash with a nice small belt and three angel pins on each side. And a berrett that she made with little colorful flowers to do my hair.

    Now why is that important? Because to funerals I don’t really like wearing alot of black, my brothers funeral (in 94) I was frowned upon because I wore black dress stretch pants, and a shimmery silver/black top (my bother loved the outfit) people thought it inapproperiate, tough I was there to honor my brothers life not theirs.

    In my daily life, yes I do wear black, sometimes all black, sometimes half and half or sometimes blues, pinks, purples all of various shades.

    Basically when I wake up in the morning get up, take a deep slow breath and then just pick out which ever catches my eye, sometimes two might and then I hold them up and think hmm what will I be doing today will this one be restricting, also take into account the temp outside (for the weight of the material), etc.

    Normally I am either in Jeans, stretch pants (both leggings and dress style) or even shorts. also of various shades. Again dependent upon the above to.

    I don’t believe I have ever worn a certain color cause it made me feel better or represented how my day was going to go, but maybe that is because I have a colorful amount (though limited amount) of shirts and pants. Sorry I can not do skirts, and dresses unless I really have to.

    My father told me when his time comes, wear what is comfortable, if the heels pinch don’t wear them, wear t-shoes, if they don’t it’s up to me. He wants everyone to be comfortable and causal, threatened to haunt anyone in a formal suit lol. Sport jacket, nice shirt (or t-shirt), jeans or dress pants fine and dandy with him.

    In my younger days I use to wear black all the time, not cause I was mourning or my sub concious said so, because it looked great on me, it was easy to deal with, and not to mention the most important thing, spill something less likely to show lol no change required until you can get to it.

    Right now I have on a light blue pair of shorts, light blue shirt and white-blue socks, with white T-shoes. First things I grabbed lol. serves its purpose its causal, its comfortable, its nice and its just clean lol (I need to do laundry).

    Thing is I don’t dress to impress, I can’t it annoys me strangly enough, I figure it this way, you dress up to make that first impression, you have two ways to go, continue and be uncomfortable (if it makes you that way) or go back to normal way, problem is if the normal way is YOU, then why be uncomfortable, it will show, and if it shows, what is that impression? Don’t like me how I am and for who I am, not worth my time in knowing I guess. But I will still give so and so a chance.

    What can I say I am an odd duck I guess. But a comfy one. 😀

    • Hi Susan,

      I like your point on wearing uncomfortable clothes. It is interesting why we wear so many items that are not comfortable, when it really isn’t our true self.

      Come to think of it I haven’t worn anything uncomfortable for quite some time now. Jeans, capris, flip flops, and a pretty blouse are what I wear these days.

  5. Wearing black every day?….hmm ouch! You caught me! I softly wondered why I don’t wear more color, but I guess deep down inside…I knew. I wear black almost exclusively, and this is a difficult period of my life. Black represents “I don’t wanna think about it.” It’s one of those colors that goes with everything, I don’t have to think about coordinating colors (or the difficult details of my life), and I just go. At work, when I was working, I’d always wear black…usually with a colored top & colorful jewelry (gotta have something to lift my spirits right? :p). I love unique, colorful jewelry and when I wear color in clothing, it’s usually in a top (the closest to my heart). Maybe this represents hope…or an emerging me…like a rainbow suddenly appearing on a gloomy, stormy day. 🙂

    • Hi Brandi,

      Well said! The color representing a difficult period in your life that you don’t necessarily want to dig into what is the underlying thought or energy. I think the bright colors and unique jewelry do indeed represent the emerging you. What a great way to think about it!

  6. Hi Laura,
    I’d never black color 1 year ago.
    But since I’ve got the Reiki energy in my hands, I did quit the job too, something have been changed.
    I feel black color just like you say – makes me more powerful, gives me more confidence. By the way I wear this t-shirt of black color with words: “Born Free”and picture of Peace sign. Thanks for sharing!

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  8. Hi Laura:
    Wow, This really hit home. There are three of us at work (court setting) and we had noticed for many Mondays our “black” outfits always started the week. Hmm, maybe the setting? I always thought that wearing black would hide the extra weight that somehow caught up with me too. I had been widowed for 5 years, when I too had a reality check. Although I do need to keep working at this job, espicially for the health benefits and future pension, something deep inside my soul, was yearning for a new lease on life.

    Felt the calling to learn Reiki, this healing energy was literaly my God-send. I started to look at my life in a more positive note. Four months ago I became a level 2 and literally felt wearing “aura” colors awaken my spirit. I donated those “black tops, know deep down that my husband would have wanted me to keep living, start to date again, and the best part I have lost those extra chubby pounds (20).

    Well still might buy a little black dress to match up with something sparkly, lol.

    Thanks for all the great articles.


  9. @Denise: I relate to the part about black hiding the extra pounds. I’m in a pre-divorce situation, separated from my ex and I gained a lot of weight during the sad years. I felt black would hide the pain & evidence via the weight gain. I’m intrigued by how Reiki helped you though. I’m gonna look into this.

    • Hi Brandi,

      I would highly recommend Reiki. I am at level II myself. It has helped me tremendously. Find someone local that you resonate with.

  10. Hi Laura,
    I love to wear black color but it seems that you need to aligned with your purpose on wearing it, I try to use occasionally.

  11. @Irene & ElPidio:

    Yea, I don’t think wearing the color black has a particular meaning. I think it represents the meaning the wearer gives to it. Irene, you made me realize that I also wear black when I want to feel sleek and powerful…not just when I’m miserable. So, it depends how I’m feeling that gives the color meaning. How I’m feeling also depends how I wear black (or any color). When I’m miserable, I usually wear lots of baggy, ill-fitting layers that offer ‘protection’ & hide my body. When I feel powerful, my clothing is tailored and fitted to my body.

  12. Wearing black color in the autumn-winter and some brighter nuances (gray , green,indigo..) in the summer and being pale as per naturally even healthy definitively usually brings negative feed back.
    None of them spotted so many possible textures and nuances of color black.
    ..even black at +30deg C means ‘I wanna be a solar panel. 🙂

  13. I always see this girl in our office who wears black. Sometimes she wears pitch black early morning and it makes one look the other side although she has a pretty face and a nice figure. Never will she wear a lighter pastel shade which will look nicer on her. Every morning looking at her makes others feel depressed as there is never a brighter colour in her attire. I always wonder whether she is in a deep depression state or what. She should be happy… she is not married, doing a decent job and has her own vehicle, having a pleasant demeanor. But why, always black?


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