Do you Wear Black to Work on Monday Morning?

Do you wear black to work on Monday morning? If you find that you do, it may be time to take a look at why that is.

Wearing black clothing in and of itself is perfectly fine. In fact, it is one of my favorite colors and I do tend to wear it fairly often. It is a powerful color and can give you confidence. But when does it cross a line from being a fashion color choice to becoming a representation for something that is misaligned within your life? A few months ago, I wrote about leaving my day job and this is one of the reasons I did.

Do You Wear Black To Work?

What I am getting at is; are you wearing black to symbolize something that is not going well in your life? If you think about what the commonly accepted associations of wearing black are, you will more than likely come up with going to a funeral. In that thought process, black represents death, the end, and mourning.

If you find yourself wearing black to work on a Monday morning week after week, start looking at the consciousness behind it. Do you just happen to put a black outfit on because you feel great in it or do you put it on because you view your next 8-10 hours of life as a daily grind?

I worked at my prior job for 11 years and somewhere along the way, I made a sub-conscious decision to wear black to work on Mondays, and did so for a number of years. Once I really thought about it, I realized that it was my sub-conscious trying to tell me that the job I had was not aligned to my Soul’s purpose.

Is wearing that color symbolizing a job you dislike so much that you think it energetically represents death? Do your feel that your job is so misaligned to your Soul’s purpose that you view it as waking up and going to a funeral on a Monday morning?

What Color is your Job?

I know that sounds like a book I have read about careers somewhere along the way, but think about your perfect type of employment and the color it represents to you. If it is something outdoors, you may think about a beautiful sky blue color or green like trees and plants. Someone that is a healer may envision purple, as it is regal, calm and serene.

When you are in energetic alignment with what you love to do on a daily basis, a full spectrum of color is available to you and you wear those colors with joy.

So, think about the colors you wear daily, not only on Monday and what type of energy and vibration that is sending out into the world.

What about you? Leave a comment below.

21 thoughts on “Do you Wear Black to Work on Monday Morning?”

  1. Hi Laura,
    I love to wear black color but it seems that you need to aligned with your purpose on wearing it, I try to use occasionally.

  2. @Irene & ElPidio:

    Yea, I don’t think wearing the color black has a particular meaning. I think it represents the meaning the wearer gives to it. Irene, you made me realize that I also wear black when I want to feel sleek and powerful…not just when I’m miserable. So, it depends how I’m feeling that gives the color meaning. How I’m feeling also depends how I wear black (or any color). When I’m miserable, I usually wear lots of baggy, ill-fitting layers that offer ‘protection’ & hide my body. When I feel powerful, my clothing is tailored and fitted to my body.

  3. Wearing black color in the autumn-winter and some brighter nuances (gray , green,indigo..) in the summer and being pale as per naturally even healthy definitively usually brings negative feed back.
    None of them spotted so many possible textures and nuances of color black.
    ..even black at +30deg C means ‘I wanna be a solar panel. 🙂

  4. I always see this girl in our office who wears black. Sometimes she wears pitch black early morning and it makes one look the other side although she has a pretty face and a nice figure. Never will she wear a lighter pastel shade which will look nicer on her. Every morning looking at her makes others feel depressed as there is never a brighter colour in her attire. I always wonder whether she is in a deep depression state or what. She should be happy… she is not married, doing a decent job and has her own vehicle, having a pleasant demeanor. But why, always black?


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