Are You Toning Yourself Down To Fit In?

Are you toning yourself down to fit in

What happens when you allow others to dictate your actions? Break through the perception of being normal and let your soul’s unique gifts shine through. Until the past 6 years or so, I spent most of my life attempting to appear and stay normal. I have gone along with what people said in attempts not … Read more

The Real Reasons You Want To Quit Your Day Job

The Real Reasons You Want To Quit Your Day Job

What are the real reasons to quit your day job and step into your purposeful work? The answers go deeper than the logic on the surface. Here are a few deal breakers and warning signals from my own experiences. Have you ever wondered what leads up to making the jump to a new career or … Read more

How To Know If You’ve Lost Your Passion

How To Know If You've Lost Your Passion

How to know if you’ve lost your passion. Can your passion die or fade away? Can what you thought was your dream just vanish from your life? Find out if it is just frustration or something more. Something a client asked me a while ago is still sticking with me and I thought I would … Read more

Who Would You Become If You Could Do It All Over?

Who Would You Become If You Could Do It All Over?

Who would you become if you could do it all over? What if you were given a blank slate and the opportunity to start over? What changes would you make? Could you be true to your soul level self? Imagine the possibilities of starting over with a clean slate. What if you could start over … Read more

How to Free Up Your Energy

The Power of No - How To Free Up Your Energy

How much energy do you expend thinking about daily tasks? Find out how to free up your energy, embrace the power of NO, and let go of the mental mind clutter so you can start taking action on what is important to you. Thousands of Repetitive Thoughts We have thousands of thoughts each day and … Read more

Feeling Left Behind When It Comes To Finding Your Life Purpose?

feeling left behind

Are you feeling left behind when it comes to finding your life purpose? So many of you that are struggling and searching to find your life purpose feel as though time is running out.  It is a feeling that if you don’t finally find exactly what “it” is, you are going to get left behind … Read more