The Third Chakra Energy Center – Solar Plexus

third chakra - solar plexus chakra

The Third Chakra energy center, also known as the solar plexus chakra governs acceptance of your place in the chain of life. It deals with issues such as self-esteem, rejection, and criticism. This is the third in a series of posts about the energy centers of the body. Read other posts about the Root Chakra, … Read more

How To Balance and Heal Your Sacral Chakra

heal your sacral chakra

Heal your sacral chakra and let go of shame around sex, relationships, passion, and joy. Find meditations, books, and crystals to heal your second chakra. The Sanskrit name for this energy center is Swadhisthana. This is the second in a series of posts about the energy centers of the body. I have also written posts … Read more

Heal Your Root Chakra | Self-Love – Acceptance

heal your root chakra, first chakra

Easy methods to heal your root chakra and let go of the need to control everything. Find meditations, books, and crystals to heal your first chakra. The root chakra, or base chakra sits at the bottom of the spine and is known for grounding and physicality. It is the first of the main seven chakras … Read more

Metaphysical Healing Properties Of Citrine

healing properties of Citrine

Find out the healing properties of Citrine, also known as the “Bankers Stone”. The Citrine gemstone promotes joy, abundance, and creativity. Citrine promotes strength and creativity as well as clearing negativity and helps to set intentions. Use Citrine in conjunction with other healing stones to amplify your intentions. Stone Color Natural Citrine is a pale … Read more

How To Create More Joy In Your Life

How To Create More Joy In Your Life

Do you feel joyful every day? If not, read on to find out how to create more joy in your life. Have you ever been really excited about something or a purchase you made and when you shared it with someone they made you feel small? You may have just experienced a “joy snatcher”. An … Read more

Himalayan Salt Lamps Bring Serenity To Your Home

Himalayan Salt Lamps

Does your home feel calm and balanced or crazy and disorganized? Himalayan salt lamps give you the calm sanctuary effect you have been searching for. About ten years ago I visited a local metaphysical/wellness store when I was first beginning my spiritual journey. That store is now closed, but what I remember most from my … Read more

Learn FOUR Powerful Energy Healing Techniques

Jeffrey Allen Duality

Have you ever had an experience that science simply can’t explain? Like getting a “sixth sense” about something… and being proved right? Or experiencing vivid déjà vu? (Where you could’ve sworn you’ve already been here before… even though you haven’t?) Or perhaps, as a parent, you’ve flat-out KNOWN when you knew your child was in … Read more

Fascinating EFT Tapping Technique to Re-wire Your Brain

Nick Ortner - The Tapping Solution

Find out how to use the EFT tapping technique to reduce negative emotions, stress, and overwhelm. I have an incredibly valuable gift for you today and it comes from my friends at The Tapping Solution, one of the world’s biggest online personal growth companies. It’s a free video on how to literally re-wire your brain … Read more