My Aura Reading Experience

Read about my aura reading experience with using computer software and a video camera. Can your aura be captured digitally?

In my last post about attending a psychic fair, I said I would be writing more about my experience with having my aura read. If you have ever had an interest in an aura reading, I thought this might be handy information so you know what to expect.

I attended a psychic fair a few weeks ago and along with intuitive readings, numerology, handwriting analysis, there was a lady doing aura readings. I had read a bit about them prior to this fair, so I thought it sounded interesting and signed up.

Aura Reading

After introductions, she explained how the machine transferred the information. I sat in the chair while she adjusted the video camera to the proper angle. I then was instructed to place my hand in a comfortable position on a small blue electronic box with a silver outline of a hand. I was told my hand would have to remain on that box for about 20 minutes or so and that I couldn’t move or pick up my hand or it would mess up the machine.

Scanning the Chakras

The next step was the initial scan of each chakras via the hand that was placed on the metal box. It registered in the computer and showed my current base aura reading.

Crystals and Gemstones

She then moved on to testing 8 or 9 different stones by placing them one at a time in my right hand that was free. The portion using the different gemstones and crystals was quite fascinating to me. With each stone, the computer either showed the same aura make-up or a change to the aura. She tested clear quartz, Tiger eye, blue lace agate, and many others.


After that, she had me smell 4-5 various fragrances and turned them so I couldn’t see the label. My hand was still on the metal box at this point. The reactions also registered any changes in my aura.

The Results of my Aura Reading

I then received an 18 page printout of my aura with details on each chakra either being in or out of balance and recommendations on which stones would be useful and which aromatherapy scents I should look into.

Well, now that I have told you all that, I suppose your curious to know what the results of my aura reading were…Okay, my aura was read as blue to blue-white. It was recommended that I carry a blue lace agate stone with me in my left pocket for 40 days and a mixture of orange and lemongrass would be a good choice for aromatherapy. I also got a free mini-numerology report, which told my life path number as an added bonus. Overall, it was an enjoyable experience that I would definitely do again.

What about you? Have you ever had your aura read via a computer? What did you think about the experience?

5 thoughts on “My Aura Reading Experience”

  1. I’ve never had my aura read by a computer. Something makes me feel a tad skeptical about it although I can’t quite put my finger on what that is exactly!

    That being said, I think the woman who did this reading for you obviously knows her stuff and was very thorough! Did you find the report accurate?

    What’s your life path #? I’m a 6! 🙂

    • Hi Lindsay,

      Yes, for where I am right now, I would say it was pretty accurate. She told me to keep the report and have another done in 6-12 months so I could compare the two and see how things change. I am a life path #1.

      Your life path of #6 is quite fitting for what you are doing – healer and counselor. Cool!

  2. Wow! That sounds amazing. I use crystals and aromatherapy all the time in healing work. I would love to have the aura reading done and see how it compares to my favorites and what would be beneficial to add. Do you have any information or a website on the person who did your readings?

    • Hi Stacy,

      Yes, her name was Margie Ware. Her website (is no longer available.) She also organizes a local psychic fair near Appleton, WI. She may know of someone in your area that she could recommend.

  3. Hi Laura! I have got several photos of my aura, and it changes constantly. It’ s quite fun to have these photos taken but I’m not sure how serious it is, given that I was told that with each visit you are meant to go up one chakra colour. I did not. I had a light to dark blue aura just after having my daughter and a year later it was a full blown yellow. I think it changes depending on your focus at the time of taking the photo. I guess the blue represented motherhood to a very old little soul, whilst yellow was around the time I focused a lot on my creative work again. I am guessing the most constant colours around me would be yellow and green (my most developed centers of energy being the solar plexus and heart).

    By the way, found this blog looking up why I keep seeing 444 😀 thank you for that!


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