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Discover the benefits of meditation in clearing your mind and assisting in opening your psychic abilities. Find tips and music for meditation.

(Free Gift) 3 Incredible Meditation Mp3s

Hey I’ve got something really incredible for you today…  My friend Heather just released 3 brand new guided meditation tracks:  – Wiring Your Mind For More Money- Living Your Best Life – Abundant Health And the great news is that for you my valued subscriber, you can download them for FREE right now:  ==> Go here for your Free Meditation Audio […]

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How To Stop Self-Sabotage And Get Out Of Your Own Way

Self-sabotage is like a mirror reflection of where we are and what is standing on our way of receiving what we have asked for. Learn to get out of your own way. On Friday I made the following post on Facebook, “Today my guides have been telling me to “Get out of my own way” […]

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The Physiological and Psychological Benefits of Yogic Meditation

Learn to clear your mind with the benefits of Yogic Meditation. Find out how combining yoga and meditation can help relieve stress, improve immune function and augment self confidence and happiness. The following article is a guest post written by Maria Rainier. Please take a moment to welcome her and leave a comment. The Physiological […]

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