Spirit Guides 101 - How to Connect with your Spirit Guides

Who Are Your Spirit Guides

Spirit Guide Connection Kit

Spirit Guide Connection Final-125Learn on your own how to connect with your Spirit Guides so you can gain the comfort and familiarity with them.

This Spirit Guide Connection Kit guided meditation will bring you into your connection so that you can communicate with your guides anytime you want. You also get a list of questions to get started talking with them.

Spirit Guides are energetic beings that we hired before we incarnated to assist us with our life path. Find out how these Guides help us in our day to day lives.

By developing a relationship with your Primary and Secondary Spirit Guide team, you can begin to trust the intuitive guidance and daily help these beings offer to you.

We don’t have to go it all alone in this lifetime. We have assistance available to us if we are just willing to listen to the guidance that comes through. These beings have incarnated before and have a wealth of wisdom to share, along with an advanced spiritual perspective. Of course we all have free will to do choose anything we want, but spiritual guidance cuts through the muck and gets to the core of what we need to know.

How Spirit Guides Help Us

There are many ways our Guide team reaches out to us to get our attention. Find out who they are, how they get our attention and how they can make our life here on Earth easier.

How Spirit Guides Help Us Through Life – How you hire them and the life areas they can assist us with.

Spirit Guides – Who’s On Your Team? – Understand who your Guides are, why they were hired by you and where they reside in your inner circle.

Earth Angels Among Us – There are times when you are called out to be a messenger to another or perhaps you receive a message from another.

Have Your Spirit Guides Lost Patience With You? – No, they have not. Find out why we can sometimes think that way.

After Death Communications – Do The Deceased Communicate With Us? – Are the Guides we hire the same as deceased relatives of ours?

How to Connect with Your Spirit Guides

Develop your own connection to your personal team of beings. Recognizing their guidance is one area that can seem difficult at first. But through time and consistent practice you can understand their messages and how those messages fit into what you are currently experiencing.

Signs From Your Spirit Guides – Some of the many ways your Guides connect with you. Recognize the signs.

Connect With Your Spirit Guides – How to easily connect with your Guide Team using a celestial staircase.

Is It A Message From Your Spirit Guides Or Just Mental Mind Chatter? – Three easy ways to understand the difference in the intuitive information received.

Automatic Writing – Connect With Your Spirit Guides And Higher Self – One way to feel comfortable talking with your Guides.

Akashic Record Reading

If you are still having trouble distinguishing your own unique life purpose or want some objective clarification, book an Akashic record reading with me. We will dig into your soul level gifts you were meant to express in this lifetime, find out what is energetically blocking you and do some clearing work around those issues. This will allow you to take new actions, understand who you truly are at soul level, and gain a fresh perspective on your unique talents and gifts.