Earth Angels Among Us | Signs You Are An Earth Angel

Is there such a thing as Earth Angels? I believe there is. There are many of us placed on this Earth that can read the energy of others to a heightened degree. At times, we are placed in another’s life, if only for a moment, to bring a message or words of encouragement.

We feel what others are feeling and sometimes words just seem to come out of our mouths that we really didn’t think we said, as if someone was telling us exactly what to say to the other person. Earlier I wrote about being a spiritual healer and having the capacity to help others. Acting as earth angels is another way our souls are called to service.

Earth Angels

You know when you are having a great conversation with a friend or new acquaintance and the energy is really clicking? Perhaps she says something about her current state of finances or that she doesn’t care for her job? Before you know it, you find yourself blurting out some form of suggestion like, “Oh, you really need to be working with animals.” or Oh, you would be perfect working with the public!”

Your Work as a Messenger

“Not all angels reside in heaven. Some walk the Earth. Just like you.”  – Laurel Bleadon Maffei,

There are times when you are called by others to be a messenger. This may come up as some sort of immediate situation out of the ordinary, the kind you go home and tell your spouse about. “You wouldn’t believe what happened today…”

There are times when someone has asked their own Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels to give them a sign as an answer to a question. You might happen to cross paths with that person the next day. Perhaps you have a short conversation with that person at the grocery store or while shopping. I do encourage you to practice discernment however in a situation with someone you don’t know.

Delivering The Message

Some of the time when you deliver the message, you may think that it is for you. Many times it is for the other person and you are really acting as an Earth angel to bring the message to that person.

Sometimes others are involved to help you understand yourself. By learning to contact your spirit guides, you can understand yourself better and relate to your life’s purpose more clearly.

Ever feel like you have been an Earth Angel for someone else? Have you ever experienced earth angels?  Share your stories in the comments below.

17 thoughts on “Earth Angels Among Us | Signs You Are An Earth Angel”

  1. Oh for sure, this happens all of the time! It is really nice to get the return on this when someone is put right in your path to cheer you up on a bad day, or to be that little bit of an extra help when you can truly appreciate the kindness.

    • Hi Julie,

      Yes, it is wonderful when you are the receiver of that little bit of extra help or that smile when you really need it.

  2. Many time have I been in conversation with someone, and suddenly a topic will come up and things will flow from my mouth, things I have never thought of or heard before, and most times I don’t even remember after the conversation what exactly it was that I said. These messages are meant for the receiver, and I have only been a vessel for the Word to come forth. 🙂

  3. Greetings:
    Thank you for addressing this topic. Have been curious. My grown daughter has been told by at least 4 different lightworkers that she is an “earth angel”. Guess she had to be to be put into our dysfunctional family, lol. Even as a little child, teachers would tell us she always acted like the “mediator” between the other little ones. Continued even through college becoming “Psych” major. (trying to understand human nature) Now she is following the “path” working as social worker for special needs individuals This job definitely brings her in contact with other lives to bring day to day encouragement.
    Thanks for listening,
    A proud mama

  4. I at one point & time in my lfe could hear & some – what talk to the dead , why do I feel I can no longer do this ?

  5. It all makes sense now… I’ve always know I was different from other humans, and stumbling across this made my day! It’s so amazing to know I’m not the only “earth angel”. Thank you so much!

  6. Earth angels when tired they have the ability to give themselves energy with out coffee or any type of stimulant, they can see your future and your past, and now and again they come away with great messages of wisdom.

  7. Hey! Okay I dont know if this relates, but i have sort of things involving dreams. Everynight when I sleep, I notice something. I see someone, or something in them and the next day I see them if its them or just a picture, or if theres zombies in dreams, i see a picture of a zombie the next day, or watch a movie with them. Its been going on for a long time. And I do see the times, like right now it is 12:13 i end up not paying attention and i miss the time, or i end up seeing the time. Is this normal?

  8. I’ve always felt out of place. When I learned about Earth Angels I knew for sure I fit right in there. But, one thing is different.

    I remember something. Or I think something. I know other Earth Angels remember things too, but what I remember is different.

    I think that I am here on accident. Like I wasn’t even meant to be on Earth. And my whole life I’ve felt “Phantom Wing”. It’s like when someone gets something amputated, and they feel that limb still there for a while, except it’s on my back. And happens a lot.

    I don’t know if this is normal and I don’t know what I am- I don’t even know if you’ll respond to this but I need to speak to someone.
    Thanks for any info.

  9. I have been used in many ways, rescuing people who are in dangerous situations, to be liaison in healing, protector of life, words of encouragement and more. It no longer amazes me when I’ve been assigned a duty. I have accepted and walking in my calling for a lot years, it is beyond human understanding. I see things in he spirit realm, and hear instructions from the universe around me. I am super sensitive to noise that try to distract my ability to hear instruction. I used to question as to why I have been given this awesome gift, and used to be very afraid of it. I have many revelations of others in difficult times and love that complete strangers, animals and children are immediately attracted to my spirit.

  10. I agree with Carolyn Teal…I came here today after repeated incidences of repeated number sequences appearing on my clock–knowing it was not ‘random’. I have many close family members and peers who have transitioned, and I can feel the warmth and guidance, as well as that of the universe at large. As I continue to grow in wisdom, I feel that I have been blessed with opportunities to also impart wisdom that is not of my own volition…it is simply tapping into the wisdom of what ‘is’, and will be…of God. It can be unsettling at times, as I definitely have to stop and continually ask for guidance and clarification for myself. I’m still growing into my true service and use of whatever gifts I have been blessed with/afforded. I’ve always felt or known that I was ‘different’ and used to crave ‘belonging’ and ‘acceptance’…I no longer do in this dimension, as I realize it is just a temporary existence and plane…but, the journey is still amazing!!! Thankful for this site and information, as well.


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