How To Set Intentions and Trust The Results

Learn how to set intentions and trust the results you receive. How much do you really trust yourself and the Universe to bring you what you want and need? Have you set intentions over and over with no results?

A few days ago I set a monetary intention to be achieved by the end of the month. I guess I have been stressing about all of the hows involved in order to manifest my intention. After a while, I found myself grouchy, edgy, and annoyed. I decided to log in and use Automatic writing to talk to my Spirit Guides about what was going on. Here is what they said…

“You need to relax. You have set an intention, but you keep worrying about the result.  Here’s how you do it. Once your intention is set, you need to learn how to take inspired action. Worrying and worrying about how the money is going to come to you or checking your advertising earnings multiple times per day will not get you where you want to be.

The message you are sending out is that you do not trust the universe to give you the inspiration necessary. In essence you are not trusting in yourself. Make it a game. You have always done well with games and trying to better what you achieved before. You have the full ability to manifest your intention this month and much more. Learn to ask better questions. We hear you asking the same questions over and over again, but you are missing the bigger picture. The Universe is capable of bringing you all of your desires and more, if you will only allow it.

Going over the intention in your head is okay to an extent but it just brings in the energies of more worry. You can do this. Why are you so afraid of your the power you hold?  We love you. Trust us and be open to the money coming from different sources than you expect. Just allow it to happen. Can you say you trust the Universe completely to bring you what you want? Keeping changing your mind is a sure way to not get anything. Pick one dollar amount and stick to it all month. There is always opportunity to change the amount next month. Nothing is holding you back but your own fears right now.

Allow the support from the Universe to manifest and be open to odd new, but exciting ideas that could be anything from a new telephone call, something in the mail or overhearing what someone is talking about that makes the light bulb go off. Those are the signals the Universe is sending to you. They are messages from your Spirit Guides to assist you in manifesting your intention. There is never any shortage of ideas, it really comes down to how much you trust in the Universe and how much you believe in yourself.”

How To Set Intentions and Trust what you Get

When you have set an intention in the past and it has not come to pass, did you find yourself doing any of these things (like me)?

  • Changing your mind on your intention frequently as though you only get one chance.
  • Expecting the result to come in the form of a neat package in exactly the same form it may have come to you before.
  • Not believing in yourself enough to allow something good to come into your life.
  • Not following those new ideas to completion – did you take action or did you think the idea was just a fluke and wasn’t meant for you?

What has worked for you in manifesting a specific intention? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

18 thoughts on “How To Set Intentions and Trust The Results”

  1. I’m dealing with that exact same issue!! This article has helped me to trust myself, my guides, and the Universe. I see the same sign everyday and when I ask a follow up question, again, same type of sign. I just have to trust it will happen. I will use the power of intention on my new career, starting in October. Thank you Laura for this! This was an answer to my prayers from yesterday!!!

      • Laura: I did a mediation last night and for the first time, I felt 100% trust in my situation and the signs. To feel the trust is great! I want to thank you because I couldn’t have done it without this article. It gave me the push to reach that level! Thank you again Laura!!!

  2. Oh, yeah! You could have been writing about me here. I’m a chronic worrier and second-guesser. Learning how to let go, sit back, and trust can be a challenge at times. When I start to get one of “those” thoughts, I try to refocus–I might sing a song or stand up and go for a walk. I’ve debated starting a penny jar and then donating the money somewhere.

    • Hi Robyn,

      Nice to meet you! I didn’t think I was a worrier, but it turns out I completely am! I guess I think I have to control and plan everything, rather than waiting for a sign or synchronicity. It is something I will keep working on.

      I like your thoughts on the penny jar.

  3. I have surely done all of those things, and more. In fact, I could have easily written the article – yup, yup and yup. We can only work on getting better at it, which happens over time.

    Except, I have had flat out miracles happen. I have seen the universe at work and been ASTONISHED at what has happened, because the results came to me in completely unexpected ways.

    The thing is, I am still going through the same thing (it was part of the solution along the way) and I still don’t know how I will get out of it/what’s coming. I do however have faith that I will get to where I am being led eventually. Hoping I don’t miss the signs and lack follow through. Although, we don’t need to worry about that either, because if we miss it, they’ll send it along another way. I’ll bet it is going to be great.

  4. While yes I am a worrier by nature I also look at signs as a puzzle. But sometimes its like, this makes no sense to me, sure you have the right person, ever have that one?
    I must confess, I do not understand any of the signs (I feel them to be true and for me but no clue) I have been give for my manifestation, apples, leaves, birds, bugs (ie flies, bees, butterflies), songs (up to ten but only parts of them not the whole so I tried to put them together as if they were telling a story nope no clue again), one set of numbers, physical feelings.

    But I am also not sure if what I am trying to manifest is even allowed to be done. Yet when I ask or think maybe I should back away from that, it’s as if they won’t let me. Like a connection that they won’t allow to be severed, which I don’t mind I just don’t understand why, and when I ask, I get nothing for a while or a day, then suddenly something (like above) and then I have to ask well okay now what does that mean? I get nothing again, repeat cycle mentioned above.
    I tried looking online everywhere and there is controversy if you will about what you can, or can not manifest, what is and isn’t allowed or is frowned upon by the universe. Thing is what I am basing my manifestation on or rather off of is a feeling I have and always had & still do, so no ones free will, is messed with.

    I also try to come up with new positive affirmations each morning, afternoon and before I fall asleep to try and help me. But it’s the signs I am having trouble with the most. And when you ask for another, or clairfy, they either give you another that is confusing, or another. I tried talking to them, I wrote them letters (addressed to Heavely father, all angels, guided spirits, loved ones & universe), but I know they are there, cause I feel a touch on my back. or the top of my head, but nothing is said.
    Actually not true I had this one personal confession to make nothing bad, and I felt a light touch on my back and heard this beautiful voice, say to text this person an tell them. I said how it’d take to much, she said “Sometimes short an simple gets the message across better then anything”, so I did it. Never heard back, don’t know the affect, thought. When all I got was “Nothing was said that they would respond, but you needed to let him know, and he needed it too”, But this person is part of the manifestation I am doing.

    I have even tried the candle burning, with the visual first, the affirmation, lighting the candle (red & white, I have no pink but since I was told white can act as both white and one other color its cool true I don’t know).

    I am not sure if the manifestation is happening I try hard to be positive but I am not one of those happy all the time type of people so its really difficult, I get frustrated, I get depressed, angry, I cry, I yell, I scream, I feel better, I apologize. I try to chase the negative out, perky happy all the time people I confess annoy me, I tried it once I annoyed me lol, so I went back to my demeaner.

    I really don’t understand the art of automatic righting. I tried it once, and I didn’t feel anyone around after an hour of calling (so I thought maybe I was blocking them, I had a free online Charkra cleaning done if that works) and still nothing, so I thought try it anyway what can it hurt maybe they’d pop in then. I would ask a question, and a thought, an expression, a picture would pop into my head, so I wrote it down, asked for claification and it happened again, but no voices really other then my own in my head (well okay sometimes I hear voices and when I ask who they are they say they are the spirits of my kittens who passed, they are always there its odd at times who ya talking to oh my dead cat lol) anyway. I did this for a while but nothing that popped into my head made sense. I am still trying it.

    I am sorry this is long, and I didn’t want to make it longer by doling out all the details of the manifestation. I do have another question (if any of the ones above can be answered), when speaking of the universe, Is god and the universe the same or are they separate entities? Hate to address something to two different to find they are one ya know.

    I am hoping you can help me and if you need follow up I can email that to you for clairifcation so any help given was done with the full story.

    I have alot of questions regarding this, Laura have you also thought of opening a section on your blog like a FAQ shoot I could fill that up for ya lol. Sometimes it seems like there isn’t alot of info out there, and you read something an it makes you question further, such as psychic feelings examples (one or two) are given but nothing further explains what they could possibly mean, like a slight ache in the heart, when you think about saying goodbye to someone and when you follow the ache it comes back not to you but to that person, is it them or your imagination of what they might feel? Sense of smell, they discuss out there a deceased loved one, what about a live loved one, their scent might pop in every once in awhile? what could that mean, thinking about you? or the urgent need to call or text a person but you don’t know why? See alot of the info out there is usually complied from sites like here and DV’s site, and some are what I call a positive negative site where you get both at the sametime, instead of here is one part, but here is another thing. Just a thought, I know your still working this and adjusting. LOL make a list for suggestions as they come in, never know when your guide will say this seems good, like this one, maybe this one to. They can be pesky and teasing to.

    • Hi Susan,

      Thank you for your thoughts and I appreciate the ideas for new blog posts as well.

      Have you considered starting a blog yourself? The way many of my questions got answered was by trying out new techniques and ideas and then writing about them.

      For me when I started this blog it felt like the floodgates of my mind opened. I felt like I could write forever. I think it would really help you to answer the questions you have to your own satisfaction.

      • I don’t know, I am good a joining them, responding/reply to them. Not real sure about starting them. Heck I am trying to figure the new layout on FB lol.

    • I am learning to recognize when I am getting in my own way. It works so much better when I tell myself to sit on the sidelines.

  5. Nicely done. I agree, that once one just lets the universe do what it wants, a space of opportunity, freedom, and ease begins to enter ones life.

    • Hi Baker,

      Very nice to meet you! Thanks for stopping by. I checked out your blog. You have some great pieces of writing.

  6. Hi Laura,

    I am new here.

    In this post, I enjoyed reading about how the universe answered you when you did your automatic writing. As I read, I could see and feel the energy that the universe is trying to release for you.

    The main principle here I think is one of letting go after your intention setting and allowing forces greater than we know to go to work. When we keep focusing on the how, it becomes a problem. It is like the universe is asking, ” Are you letting me do it or do I have to take instructions from you?”

    When that happens, I guess, our ego takes over and our guides leave. Energy gets transformed to a negative form and we get our worries and so on.

    I am also very guilty of this. This thing about not letting go. Unless, we can make it a habit to let go, things will continue to be this way and our intentions will never get manifested.


    • Hi Jimmy,

      It is nice to meet you! I checked out your blog and admire your work.

      I love what you said about energy transforming to a negative form and then the worries show up.

      So true! I am a pro at micromanaging myself and then no, the intentions do not manifest.

  7. I just loved reading your message. You guides come through so clearly and offer inspiration to us all. Thank you for connecting with your higher self, and being so much of service to us all. I love you x

    Merry Christmas xx

  8. i have set an intention to earn $40,000 per month and have allowed the universe to bring it in my life .
    an idea came to me that i can earn money by blogging but i dont know what to blog about and my writing skills are not good enough.
    so what to don now


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