How To Develop Clairaudience

Clairaudience is the inner voice that speaks to you, sometimes loud, sometimes softly. Learn to recognize the signs and how to develop clairaudience.

Today we are talking about Clairaudience. Have you ever heard a loud booming voice in your head? Do you have trouble discerning your own thoughts from messages from Spirit? On today’s podcast we are talking about clairaudience, which means clear hearing. We are going to talk about how to recognize and develop clairaudience, and how to better tune in and hear the voice of Spirit.

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How To Develop Clairaudience

Thank you for listening in to today’s Intuitive Journal podcast. I just want to say I appreciate all of you who keep listening to my very new podcast. I am having a great time producing it and I hope some of what I talk about hits home for you.

This is the third podcast on how to recognize and develop your metaphysical senses, so if you missed the other two from a few weeks ago on clairvoyance and claircognizance you might want to go back and have a listen. Clairaudience (which means clear hearing) is one of the four metaphysical senses, the others being clairvoyant (clear seeing), clairsentient (clear sensing), and claircognizant (clear knowing). It is one of your four metaphysical senses in addition to your five physical senses.

What is Clairaudience (Clear Hearing)?

Clairaudience in short means clear hearing, either by mental or physical means. It is likened to having a mental inner ear. It is the ability to receive messages from your Spirit Guides either in thought form or through hearing actual voices in your head.

Clairaudience is that inner voice that speaks to you. It can come through as a quiet thought or literally an actual voice that you hear inside your head. It is like somebody got inside your head and you have got an echo chamber going or even a steady stream of thoughts.

As an interesting aside, if the Angels are thinking that the message is particularly important and something that will affect your life, they will come through with a very loud message that is booming and unmistakable. It’s not usually something that happens very often, but they definitely want to get your attention and I will talk about that more in just a minute.

A Mental Inner Ear

So, clairaudience is really thought of as mind-speak. It means clear hearing, either by a mental sense or a physical sense. Think of it as having a mental inner ear. It is the ability to receive messages from your spirit guides in thought form. So, clairaudience is about the voices in your head.

This sense is very near and dear to my heart because clairaudience is something that is one of my main intuitive modalities, actually both clairaudience and clairsentience with clairaudience really being the strongest for me.

Two Types of Clairaudience

So, one of the things I think is confusing for some of you is that there are at least two different types of Clairaudience. One type of Clairaudience is the most recognizable but most of you probably have not experienced it that often; that being a loud booming voice that might literally rattle your mind inside your head. The thing is, most people don’t actually experience that type of clairaudience that often. I have actually only had this happen to me a few times in my life and it can be jarring to say the least.

That Loud Booming Voice

So, let me try to explain that loud booming voice a bit more. The way I would describe that Clairaudient voice is like a thunderous loud booming voice that is definitely not my own nor like anyone I have ever heard. I would say it actually was a God-like sounding voice, like you might have heard in some movies. Each time the message was short and sweet. There were no frills and no extra words. Just a clear, distinct, and very direct message.

My Message From Spirit

I do believe that Spirit came through directly in a few situations in my life because I must have been getting off track and heading down a path that would not have been in my best interests. The first time I remember hearing and experiencing that voice was when I was about 16 or 17. I was upstairs in my room musing and wondering about who I would marry in the future and what his name would be, things teenage girls might do.

I was sort of daydreaming and not really all that serious about the answer, when out of the blue a deep and very loud booming voice entered my mind and told me this: “His name will be Steve.” Now, that voice came from inside me, not outside, but it did sound like an external voice of some sort. I did not hear it from across the room or anything. It filled my head completely for about 5 seconds and was one of the most profound psychic experiences I have had.

What Ended Up Happening

So, to fill all of you in on the rest of the story at the time when I was 16 or 17 I was dating someone for over a year whose name was most definitely not Steve and once I heard that I really didn’t know what to do. I basically filed it away in the memory banks. Fast forward a few years and I was ready to go to college. My boyfriend at the time kept asking me to marry him and although he sounded convincing, I turned him down. I always kept going back to what I had heard Clairaudiently in my mind a few years earlier. I went to college and within a year met someone whose name was indeed Steve, and we have been married for twenty-five years now.

So, what I want you to understand about this type of Clairaudience, the loud booming message that comes up in your mind is this:

  • You may only hear these types of messages a few times during your lifetime.
  • You may hear them when you are in great danger and need to act quickly to save yourself from a bad situation. This can be a warning from your Guides to get away from danger.
  • You may hear them when you have gotten off track with your life or you have the potential to make a life-changing decision that will set you back from your path in this lifetime.

Soft and Subtle Messages

Now let’s talk about the other type of Clairaudience that is much more common and what most of you are used to experiencing. This is receiving bits and pieces of information through your thoughts. It is soft and subtle and will sound like your own thoughts. You can think of it as a gentle whisper in your ear. It can also be a ringing in your ears as though a tone or bell has been rung when your Guides want to highlight a particular message.

How to Recognize Clairaudience

So there are a variety of ways to recognize how clairaudience shows up. The first one is understanding how intuitive messages from Spirit come through and the difference between intuitive information vs. the standard ego and mental mind chatter we all experience each day.

Clear and Concise Messages

Most of the time during the day my ego tries to run the show with thoughts like I am not good enough, people think I am weird, no one likes me, and other self defeating thoughts. Those thoughts are not coming from spirit, they are coming from ego. In order to hear your true voice, you need to learn to quiet your mind. Easier said than done sometimes, right?

I am primarily clairaudient in that I will hear answers to my questions in my head. So, here is what I have found: It is like a calm, clear voice that always speaks with complete logic. When clairaudient information comes in from Spirit, there is usually not any slang or inappropriate words used unless it is perhaps to the title of a song of show. Your Guides can be quite humorous however! The messages are clear and concise, never wishy-washy or unsure.

Ego and Mind Chatter

Those types of unclear answers almost always come from the ego. So, the more clear and concise the response is the more you can discern it is coming from Spirit or your Guides and is not just your ego or mind chatter. Also, their messages tend to be brief, not long and drawn out responses.

Also, your Guides generally don’t generally give you input on what you are going to make for dinner, unless there is something health related you need to know or perhaps if you have set a specific intention to eat healthier. They don’t go into the minutiae of your life unless it would have bearing on something bigger or unless you specifically ask for Guidance. The type of information will almost always be something for your highest good and in many cases deal with bigger questions.

Spotlighted Words and Phrases

Another way to recognize Clairaudience is through spotlighted words and phrases. So, say you are talking to somebody and they are telling you about a situation in which they are considering moving or taking a new job. When you are listening and in the middle of the conversation, you might receive an intuitive hit in the form of a spotlighted word or phrase. Usually once you recognize the word it will keep repeating over and over until you have a chance to share the information.

Of course this is where tact and discernment come in with choosing to share the piece of information you received. Sometimes it is better to ask permission before sharing your intuitive hits. Just say, “Hey, something came to mind while you were talking. Would you mind if I shared my thoughts with you?”


So, here is an example of what I mean by a spotlighted word or phrase: My friend was telling me about some relationship issues which had turned a bit rocky. As she was explaining a recent situation and wondering what to do, all I could hear in my mind was “War of the Roses”. I also received images of roses being thrown all over the place. That message made complete sense to me as I watched a movie back in the late 1980’s called “The War of the Roses”.

If you are not familiar with it the movie is about a seemingly perfect married couple who try everything to get each other to leave the house and it ends in a vicious divorce battle. Now, the thing is she was not familiar with the movie, but when I summarized it for her it explained the dynamics of the relationship she was in very well.

We then talked about those dynamics and she was able to understand what move she needed to take next in order to move forward. Often Spirit shares those spotlighted words or phrases as a way for you to relate to something familiar.

Repetitious Thoughts

Another way to recognize clairaudience is in the form of repetitious thoughts. These are the type of thoughts that keep popping into your head, even when you were not consciously thinking about them. This is slightly different than the spotlighted words and phrases I just talked about because in those cases you are usually engaged with someone else in conversation. You can have similar experiences on your own, and it usually happens when you are in a calm state relaxing, doing a repetitive task like ironing or washing dishes, or other times when you are daydreaming.

For example, my guides keep gently suggesting I take up Yoga. A thought about yoga will just pop into my head when I am thinking about something completely different. What they are trying to get across is that by taking up a regular practice of yoga, it will help me in other areas of my life that I am asking and thinking about. I know this right, but I still haven’t actually started yoga yet. So my Guides keep reminding me until I actually will go do that. So they are kind of pesky that way.

About Those Songs In Your Head…

Clairaudience can also come to you in the form of repetitious thoughts and tones. These are the type of thoughts that keep popping into your head, even when you are not consciously thinking about them.

Do you hear songs that keep playing in your head over and over again? If that happens, take a few minutes to do a web search for the lyrics to the song you have been hearing. You will be amazed how relevant the lyrics can be to a problem you have been thinking about and giving energy to in your life. Answers from spirit may not come in the form you expect.

I also get much of my information from songs that are constantly running through my head. It could be just for a short while, or the same song can run through my head for days. Right now, as I type this, the song “Forgiveness” by Bryan Adams is playing loud and clear in my head and has been for the past two days.

The reason the songs work is because it is running in the background, you are kind of daydreaming, and you are hearing the song lyrics go through your head, a certain melody, and it’s really about connecting with the first thing that came to your mind when you started realizing that you had the song going through your head.

What To Do With The Information

Does it remind you of somebody? Well, perhaps you should call them. If they have passed, it can be a message from them that they are around you and they are letting you know that they are with you.

It can also be thinking about doing business with somebody and maybe a certain song comes up. It may very well be able to give you an indication of yes, I should be doing business with this person or no, I should not be doing business with this person.

Again, the songs running through your head…that’s where I get a lot of my information. Sometimes it’s interesting because it can be for a very brief period of time and it seems like once I have gotten the message, then the song stops. Sometimes that same tune will run through my head for days. I guess it just takes some time to figure out what place that message has in your life.

Ringing in Ears

Another way to recognize Clairaudience is when you experience a ringing in your ears. It might be a low or high pitch and sound like a bell or a high pitched buzz. It is loud enough to notice. So, when you hear that take note of the conversation or your thoughts at the time. Is there something you need to hear at that moment? Often that is a quick and easy way for Spirit to point out something to you that you might miss. It is another form of a receiving a message from Spirit.

Someone Calls Your Name But No One Is Around

Another way to recognize Clairaudience is hearing your name being called but there is no one around you. You hear someone say your name but there is no one in the house at the time. You might check your phone or other devices and confirm that. So, at that point, especially the first time, you might be a bit frightened. If you are ready, go ahead and start a conversation.

If you receive a response you may want to verify if whom you are communicating with is above board. You can ask this question – Do you follow Divine Love, Light, and Truth? Ask it three times. You should receive a Yes answer all three times either through your thoughts or sounds. If you do not receive three yes answers, discontinue the conversation.

Sensitivity to Loud Sounds and Noises

People who resonate with clairaudience can be sensitive to loud sounds and noises, especially sudden noises, like a heavy box being dropped or a door slamming closed. You might literally cringe and feel a shock through your body. This is because your hearing and awareness level is amplified to a degree and it makes everything sound closer and louder to you than to someone else. So, if you have every been made fun of because you jumped out of your skin when someone snuck up behind you, at the time you were more than likely using your Clairaudient skills to a higher degree.

You Hear People Before You See Them

Another form of Clairaudience is identifying someone by their voice first before you recognize them by their face. You might have an instant connection with their voice before you actually remember their name. You might think to yourself, “I would know that voice anywhere!”

Telepathy and Energetic Pinging

Another way that you can experience clairaudience is through telepathic communications. This is when you actually tune into another person’s thoughts and energetically ping them. This can be done in the presence of another person, or remotely, provided both parties are willing and open. Particularly with a spouse, if you are close to them, you can go back and forth mentally and read each other’s thoughts.

Now one thing I want to say here is you do need to have consent to do this. If you tune into someone without their knowledge people can feel it. They just KNOW and you will probably get called out on it, or at least given a dirty look. It is not okay to just go around energetically pinging people here and there. If you have ever had it done to you then you know it is just an icky invasive feeling. So, be professional and only do this technique with someone willing and open and that has given their permission.

Oh, and if you ever notice someone using this technique on you, do say something to them. If you cannot talk to them directly, you can also put up an energetic shield of mirrors around you to stop this from happening.

How To Develop Clairaudience

Okay, so now we have talked quite a bit about how to recognize Clairaudience. Now I want to switch gears and talk about how to develop Clairaudience and strengthen your skills of clear hearing.

Deep Listening

So, in order to hear you have to listen, right. You remember that old saying that “you have two ears and one mouth. Use them proportionately”, right?

So, for me one of the most effective ways I have found to expand Clairaudience is to listen deeply in a conversation. What I mean by deeply is that you are listening to a few other things besides the actual words. This is something that is used in various degrees to determine if someone is telling the truth.

So, what can you listen for? You can listen for spotlighted or shining words and phrases. Listen to the tone of voice. Listen to what is not being said. Combine it with Clairsentience and feel into the tone of the conversation or the lilt or accent in someone’s voice. You can pick up hidden anger behind the actual words.

You can also pick out when someone is saying something that is untrue or that they might not really believe in. This is often what is done in intuitive coaching sessions in order to pick up on a belief or a block that is holding you back.

How to Develop Clairaudience Using Automatic Writing

Another way to develop clairaudience is to practice automatic writing. Automatic writing is a wonderful way to get the messages you receive down on paper or typed into the computer and it is a fairly easy process to learn. I will include some links to pages about how to begin automatic writing in the show notes for those of you who want to know more about automatic writing.

And here is a tip for you if you are writing anything, either in your journal, an essay for school, or even a book. This tip is from one of my mentors, Slade Roberson and I find it very helpful. When you begin writing, ask Spirit or your Guides to “make me a vessel”. The phrase “make me a vessel” opens up the lines of communication between you and your subconscious and makes it easier to receive messages from Spirit.

Tuning In and Awareness Through Meditation

Meditation is another way to be able to get through to that small, still voice that is your true self. When you are able to get through to that voice, you will be amazed by the
insightful answers given to your pressing questions. With all of the distractions of daily life it can be an odd sensation to have everything quiet for a few minutes, but that is when you can hear Spirit the best.

When you have that heightened awareness through meditation or even just a few quiet moments to yourself, you might also hear faint noises, such as soft music playing and it seems to come from another room, but when you enter the room it is quiet.

Use your awareness and tune into sounds around the house that are usually nothing more than white noise. What can you hear? Try tuning into just one specific sound and really hearing how it resonates through the house. Can you hear the washer? Tune in deeper to the rhythm of the wash cycle. You can look into guided meditations, music only meditations, or ones that use binaural beats to help you gain that focus. There are links in the show notes to some that I recommend.


So, I hope this has helped you recognize the sign posts of Clairaudience and given you some clarity on identifying your intuitive abilities. I think we are going to wrap things up for the day. On the next podcast I will be talking about Clairsentience, so please subscribe to my podcast if you haven’t already. That way you’ll get notified when the next episode is ready for you.
I would love it if you would leave a comment on this blog post on my website and share your experiences and any questions you have or have had about how to develop clairaudience. I would love it also if you found this helpful or interesting to leave me an honest review in ITunes. So, I look forward to speaking with you soon. Bye for now!

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