Healing The Energy of Disappointment – Intuitive Journal Podcast 10

We’ve all been disappointed at some point or another. Find out how to heal the energy of disappointment through awareness of what is going on below the surface.

We have all experienced disappointment at some point in our lives. This is something we’ve all faced at one time or another, but you know sometimes it just seems to come up and we have to deal with it.

On today’s podcast we look at healing the energy of disappointment through another lens. Disappointment can be used as a teaching tool to bring clarity to what we truly want.

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Podcast 10 Transcript – Healing the Energy of Disappointment

Okay, so today is going to be a bit shorter of a podcast but I wanted to share something that has been going through my mind this week, and that is about when someone or something disappoints you.


We have all experienced disappointment at some point in our lives. This is something we’ve all faced at one time or another, but you know sometimes it just seems to come up and we have to deal with it. So what I am looking at today is trying to look at disappointment through another lens. Disappointment can be used as a teaching tool to bring clarity to what we truly want.

And today I wanted to bring that into your awareness. And that I guess is how I teach, by bringing something into your awareness, especially if it is something I have been going through recently myself. I want you to see it for yourself, through your own lens and not just only through what I say or what others say.

To me, awareness is the first step in healing. Awareness and recognition of the roots of what is behind the energy that keeps coming up. Because it is different for everybody, everyone has a slightly different trigger and a different set of circumstances.

Overestimating and Falling Short

So, let’s first talk about what disappointment is and the energy behind it. And I saw something online that seemed to sum it up pretty well. So, to me, disappointment shows up when we overestimate what someone else will do or not do.

We give someone the benefit of the doubt or we have an expectation that does not get realized. Someone falls short of what they said they were going to do or someone doesn’t deliver the goods when they said they were going to.

Focus on Feelings

So, what kind of feelings come up when you think about being disappointed. For me, the first one is anger. I also think disappointment is made up of quite a few different emotions. Anger being one of them, but what else comes to mind…anxiety, fear, annoyance?

If somebody doesn’t follow through and you are disappointed with them, what does that mean for you? It means maybe you are behind schedule, you have to do more than you thought you did. You have to quickly come up with something to finish a project. And all of it leads to you feeling down and perhaps even distrustful of someone else.

Naming The Origins

And this is something that comes up often during an Akashic record reading with my clients. So, during a reading we actually name the energy, and talk about how it is affecting you. It could be a variety of energies, like disappointment, drama, intimidation, guilt, or something else. The thing is, once you actually name the energy you can start to see where it creeps up in day to day interactions.

During a reading we also talk about whether that occurred in a past life or in present life and the story or circumstances surrounding that energy. By naming it and understanding its’ origins, you really do start to look at your interactions with your friends, family, and co-workers in a completely different way.

So, why would you ever be disappointed in someone else’s words or actions? Why would you ever be disappointed in yourself? You are a perfect, whole, and complete being and you can never disappoint the Divine. Why do we humans do this to ourselves? It is because at some level you might not be fully trusting yourself.

Trusting Yourself

Disappointment can come from not trusting yourself to take those actions you wanted to take. But God trusts you. Whether you call it Source or the Divine or Universal energies. She has complete and unsinkable faith in your ability to achieve whatever it is you want to achieve. So, why the doubt?

Often, the doubt comes in because you have in one way or another felt like you disappointed yourself in the past and even though you might not have that as a main thought process at the moment, rather it is running in your subconscious mind, it infiltrates your current thoughts and plans and plants those seeds of doubt. Other seeds that go along with it are seeds of low self-esteem, low self-worth and having a low opinion of yourself.

Broken Promises

Another way we experience disappointment is because of broken promises, either perceived or real. So, think about all the types of promises being made to you and also the types of promises you make to yourself and others.

If someone says they are going to do something or email you something, you most likely take them at their word, right? It is in our human nature to take someone at their word especially if we have built some level of trust with them.

On the other side of things, think about all of the real or perceived promises you make each day to yourself or someone else. This could be anything from promising to take the garbage out in the morning to promising to write that blog post.

And what I mean by a real or perceived promise is this: A real promise is when you actually say you are going to do something – as in you give your word. A perceived promise can show up as an agreement to do something, but is usually pre-qualified somehow.

The Energy of “Trying”

Here is a good one – if someone says they will “try”, which is a word I think needs to be stricken from our vocabulary. Think about the energy of the word “try. It is like a get out of jail free card. When you use that word you are energetically not giving your full commitment.

So, if you take anything away from this podcast, start keeping a tally of how many times you use that word in the next week. If it is more than a few take a look at how that is playing out in your life. Do you need to stop overcommitting or do you need to say no more often?

Usually the “I’ll try” phrase is used because we don’t want to disappoint. This can show up as needing to set better boundaries or also show up as people pleasing.

Sneaky Self-Sabotage

Disappointment also shows up as the discrepancy between what we really want and how clear we are about communicating our value to the world. It is a sneaky form of self-sabotage.
When we want something so badly, we can easily get stuck in the “how” of getting what we want. We focus on how our desires will come to us, and when they don’t come in the form we expect, we experience disappointment.

So, basically we are trying to control everything to our own agenda and timing. I am sure that is not the first time you have heard this, but I want you to pause right now and think about something you want that hasn’t come to you yet.

Are there any areas where you are trying to control the outcome or where you have put your own time frame into the mix? Just food for thought. Now, I know you have all heard about letting go and letting the Universe run its’ course, but have you really let the expectations go?

How Bad Do You Want Something?

Alternatively, have you thought you didn’t really want something, and then when you didn’t get it felt more disappointed than ever? It is a sign that you really wanted it more than you consciously thought. A lot of times we don’t want to get our hopes up and we tell ourselves we don’t want that.

An example would be thinking you really didn’t want that job promotion being offered in your company and then not even being considered as a candidate. All of a sudden your thinking changes to “Why was I not even considered for the job? Doesn’t anyone see my value to the company? I can’t believe they didn’t even consider me for the position. They should know I wanted that. They should know I was qualified for that.”

Also, you may consciously tell yourself that you don’t need recognition from being mentioned publicly with your business. But then when no one even thinks to nominate you as a potential candidate for an award, you feel incredibly disappointed and perhaps ignored. That is where the sting comes in. It helps you to understand that you really did want the recognition, and that is perfectly okay for you to feel that way.

Clarity Comes From Disappointment

Overcoming disappointment can often bring clarity to what you really wanted. Many times we tell ourselves that something doesn’t really matter to us and we say we don’t want that, such as in a promotion or publicity for your business. It makes you wonder if what you are putting out to the Universe is heard in the way you intended.

How do you know if it is something you really wanted? It is the sting that comes when you don’t get it, or don’t even get mentioned as a possible candidate. Although the feeling is no fun to sit through, it often can bring the clarity needed to allow yourself to say “Yes, I really wanted that”. It really is okay to want the promotion or recognition or to want something more.

The next step is to take a good hard look at what you have put out to the Universe and see if your perception of yourself is the same as what others are seeing.

Getting Clear On Your Value

If you have been disappointed that others are not seeing you for your efforts in the workplace or even at home here is some food for thought: Are the thoughts, words, and signals that you are sending out matching what others are hearing?

You may think that people really know what you are about, but is that what is actually coming out on the surface? What do you need to do to become recognized as you want? Does what you say and do match how others think of you and think about your work?

If you have done what you can and your efforts have still gone unnoticed, it is time for some self-promotion. How often do you let others know about what you are working on or what you have accomplished? Or do you just secretly hope that others will notice your efforts?

Gaining Clarity

You first need clarity about what you are offering and the value you are providing. Then you need to communicate that clearly to others, and in some cases shouting it from the rooftops. You may have to do this over and over and it might take longer than you think it will.

There is a difference between blatantly promoting yourself to the point of being grandiose, but think about if you are not promoting yourself at all or enough. So, I think there is a balance between there.

You can step up and speak and talk about what you have to offer without coming off as being very self-serving or grandiose. If you don’t own the value of what you offer, it is going to be really hard for someone else to see it within you.

Overcoming Disappointment By Letting Go Of The How

Now let’s talk about overcoming disappointment by letting go of the how. This is perhaps one of the toughest things to get clear on. Focusing on your intended outcome without focusing on exactly how you are going to receive it can be difficult.

By trying to state exactly how something is to come into our lives, we cut off so many other avenues and ways that our intended result could come to us. The thing most important to understand is that in most cases, the exact way of how is not even necessarily on our radar screen at the moment. The Universe has more than a few ways to bring you what you want.

The Energy Behind The Energy

I also wanted to give you a few tips for working through this energy and for any other energies as well. When you have a situation that shows up in your life that’s causing you distress and unrest and really looking at the energy behind the energy. When it comes to the energy of disappointment, to be looking at and acknowledging exactly why you were disappointed with whatever the outcome was.

If somebody said they were going to email you something by a certain date or you have asked for it a couple of times and they still haven’t gotten back to you about it and you are feeling kind of disappointed in them, like “Hey! They’re not coming through.”

Okay, so what exactly is the energy behind that? Is it that you looked up to that person and now here they are coming back and they are not following through? That could be one possibility.
Is it that you set your expectations too high? The time frame…was it really realistic? Maybe you don’t know something about what was going on and things came up.

So to be looking at where does that feeling of anger or anxiety show up? What does it mean for you? Does it mean extra work? Does it mean that you have to pull a rabbit out of a hat and get something else in place because this isn’t working in the time frame you wanted? It’s all about letting go and those expectations. That’s all part of it.

Name That Energy

Okay, then the next step would be actually naming that energy. And to do this when you are thinking about a situation ask yourself, “What is the first thing that pops into your head?” And that is about using your intuition. What is the first word or maybe a phrase that pops into your head?

And a lot of times this is where people might hear a snippet of a song, or an opening to a television show. You might get a specific image of some family member from your past where the same energy was there.

That is the first thing – what does it remind you of? What is the first thing when you are feeling angry or annoyed or fearful? What is the first thing that jumps into your mind? So, that’s a clue. That’s a part of the path. That is putting a name to that energy. That is the underlying energy. The energy behind it. The energy behind the energy and putting a name to that.

Where Is The Pattern?

And then looking at “Is this a pattern?” “Does this happen frequently?” And in a lot of cases it will. Maybe you could name three or four different people where there has been the exact same scenario showing up. When you can name three or four people that’s a pattern, right? That’s a pattern.

And then you go and start looking at, all right, let’s look at my chunk of the healing. What am I bringing to this situation? Am I constantly having higher expectations than is good? Am I putting certain people on a pedestal? That could be a possibility. Or maybe you are overestimating what could be done in a timeframe. So just some things to think about and to look at.

Tips For Overcoming Disappointment

If you really are having some difficulty with feeling very angry with what’s going on, here are just a few ideas to get yourself out of dwelling on the situation and regaining perspective. So, it’s definitely one thing to go down the path for healing purposes to make the connections and find those patterns. That is what healing is all about.

Whether is is past life connections, whether it is present life, different jobs…where ever the connections are…maybe it was your mom that disappointed you or a father, but to be looking at for the sake of looking at it for healing.

How To Work Through Disappointment

But there is another level of dwelling in that energy and that is definitely not helpful to you. It is definitely not good. Think of these as reminders because it’s not anything you haven’t heard before but sometimes we all just need a reminder and once in a while something kind of jumps out for you.

  • Music – Play your favorite music loud and sing along. Something upbeat.
  • Dance – movement is one of the best ways to change your vibration.
  • Walking – If you are not a dancer, try going out for a walk. Keep your head held high looking towards the sky. Keep your eyes focused on the horizon, not looking at the ground.
  • Exercise – Concentrate on how well you are doing the movements within your specific exercises. It helps you place your focus on something else. Housecleaning works wonders too.
  • Laugh – If a friend isn’t available, find funny cartoons or videos online and laugh your way out of the funk. Find your favorite comedian.
  • Trust – Realize the Universe may have something better in mind or a better way to deliver it to you than the way you thought.
  • Meditation – Use a specific meditation to work on your feelings like Dissolve Anger, Forgive for Good, and Be Emotionally Strong. Not sure where to start? Click here to download a free hypnosis audio (choose from 7 titles).

Okay, so I think I have worked through my energy of disappointment that I have been experiencing this week. I know I didn’t necessarily say what the situation was specifically about. I guess I am choosing not to put that out there publicly at this point.

Claim Healing For Yourself

Disappointment is something everybody deals with. Maybe not every day, but it comes up, so just know that it’s all well and good and it’s there for you to claim a piece of healing for yourself, to discover a pattern, at if it is something that keeps coming up and you are unsure about it, I would love to work with you in the course of a reading.

Whether that’s a written reading or a phone reading, I do both, just to help you get clarity on where those energies are showing up, why there are there, whether it occurred in a past life or not, and then do some additional healing and energy clearing around that.

Okay, so that’s all for today’s podcast. Thank you so much for joining me and if what I have said hits home for you I ask that you please take a moment and leave me an honest review on iTunes. I would appreciate it.

Up and coming in future podcasts are two interviews with healers who are doing great work and I can’t wait for you to meet them. So, I will talk with you again soon! Bye for now!

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