Build Your Spiritual Business Step By Step

Find out how to take the one next step in your spiritual business by refocusing your energies so you can move forward with your goals.

If you are anything like me you started your spiritually based business with a lot of gusto, hope, and passion. I remember many late evenings typing away on my computer to finish a blog post or comment on other blogs. I was so excited to think that I would soon do this work full-time (that was back in 2010).

What I was doing was a ton of fun and all of my energy and thoughts went toward the hope of leaving my day job and doing professional intuitive work full-time.

These thoughts were all about the future and holding myself to some almost unobtainable dream. The closer I got to leaving my day job, the more thoughts of the future were there to derail me. I allowed my thoughts to be overtaken by fear and worry. In turn I went through many periods of anxiety of overwhelm when building my business.

How To Take The One Next Step In Your Spiritual Business

What I found out through trial and error was that by continuing to focus on the future, and in some cases dwelling on the past, I lost sight of the present. Losing sight of the present moment causes feelings of worry, overwhelm, and anxiety.

Sometimes we end up listening to way too many ideas from others, thinking they know better than ourselves.  That can leave you with feelings of anxiety and overwhelm. So, please be discerning about who you are listening to.

One day life is great and everything is moving along well, and the next day you wake up with feelings of panic or depression. Our goals can seem out of reach at that point and cause us to veer off course.

These are the times when we engage in self-sabotage like overeating, drinking too much, or taking undue risks.

When that happens, take a step back and realize that you can do just so much in a day or a week. Think only about that one next step.

What One Thing can You do Today?

What one thing can you do today to move your plans and goals forward? The one step you are going to do next. What is it? It can be large or small, but what is the next step you are going to take toward your goal today?

Commitment to Daily Action

Commitment is about making a promise to yourself that you will complete a certain task by a certain time and not letting yourself down. By committing to get something done, it will ease the feelings of tension and overwhelm.

Try to commit to just what you can get done in one day. Try small things like writing a blog post, cleaning out a closet or balancing your checkbook. The point is to do some small task toward your goal every day without fail.


Making a commitment to yourself leads into a decision. A decision means to sever and cut. Stay 100% focused your goals. Just decide that no matter what, that one thing is going to get completed today.


Once you have your daily goal in place, it is up to you to follow through on your decision. Letting yourself down leads to the energy of disappointment. Every time you let yourself down in some way; you will find yourself disappointed in other ways.

Need Help?

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