Healing and Coaching Services

Step Into A Bigger and Better Version of You

Do you feel as though you have been working on healing yourself almost forever?

Are you ready to use your soul level gifts to their fullest potential so you can make a bigger impact in the world?

Have you taken healing modalities and certifications and wonder how to put them all together into your own brand of YOU?

If you answered yes, then please accept my offer to gain a deep understanding of who you are at soul level through ongoing coaching and healing sessions with me.

Gain insights on your soul gifts, skills, and the energetic makeup of your soul so you can align to your best strengths.

Break free of subtle energetic patterns, experiences, and unconscious beliefs influencing your choices so you can step into your LARGER SELF and become MORE of who you are.

Shed light on your unique “soul stories” and learn how your past choices shape your current reality.

Heal your energetic body from the inside out so you can experience the inner confidence and strength of embracing ALL of who you are.

Reclaim missing pieces of your soul so you can feel WHOLE again.

Who Am I?

I am your confidant, your cheerleader, and keeper of secrets. I am your sounding board when the rest of the world is spinning in the opposite direction.

I can see the bigger and best version of you. After all, you want to work with someone who can see your potential and help you take the next steps in your path.

Think of me as a facilitator or a conduit for bringing messages through from your Guides and Spirit that you might not recognize. Think of me as the person who opens your energy a bit wider so you can see more of who you are. You are perfect, whole, and complete. Just as you are. Do you believe that for yourself?

I am a “clairaudient” intuitive. I often hear words and phrases that come up as you are talking. Sometimes it is a song or movie that explains the situation.

I also incorporate any tools I am guided to use for your sessions including but not limited to oracle and tarot cards, energetic pinging, vibrational healing and plain old-fashioned gut instinct. I may also suggest further reading in the form of books, audios, and others’ websites. Often I am guided to share programs other than my own that can assist you in your next steps.

Analysis paralysis, confusion, and difficulty making decisions are all signs something in the thought process is untrue. It might be a belief, pattern, or influence you grew up with causing you to stop taking forward steps.

If you are ready to make lasting changes, let’s work together! Let’s dig deeper and open a new door so you can step into the best version of yourself.

All sessions happen via phone.  International sessions happen via Skype audio. Sessions are recorded.

Your Best Self! 1-Year Healing / Coaching / Mentoring Package

Experience a transformational deep-dive while receiving the support you need along the way. This year-long package is created for someone who wants to step into professional spiritual work and realizes they need ongoing support and guidance to actually get it all done. We’ll work together to package your services, develop your website, and get more paid clients.

Reclaim Your Power! 6-Month Healing / Coaching / Mentoring Package

Let’s get it done! Make significant progress in 2-3 areas of your spiritual business. This is a good length of time to work together if you already have some pieces of your business in place, but want to expand and need extra support. This could include finally building that website, diving into video or audio or getting your services package together.

Positive Growth! 3-Month Healing / Coaching / Mentoring Package

Get guidance on your spiritual business and start making progress! During our time together we’ll work on 1-2 areas to get your business up to speed so you can serve your clients.

Let’s Talk!

I’ve worked with many aspiring spiritual entrepreneurs over the years and most of them had tried to get their businesses of the ground, with varying degrees of success.  Once we started working together, they were able to gain clarity about what needed healing and what needed action.

There are many ways we can work together. Some of you only need a few sessions to help you get questions answered and others might need the continuity of working together longer term. So, I am not going to leave that up to you to try and figure out.

My business mentoring is built on planning, organization, and action so if you are serious about inquiring about coaching now, you and I will have a 45-minute phone call.  At the end of our time I’ll share with you the best program for you, and we’ll decide if it’s a good fit to move forward.

Get To Know Each Other Session

Who this session is for:  A self-motivated healer, psychic, or intuitive that has already taken steps toward building their spiritual business. You have already invested time, energy, and resources in your business and consider yourself “mostly out of the psychic closet”. I work best with those who have already had a few paid clients and are ready to grow their businesses.

What this session is?  Remember your first date? It is sort of like that. 🙂

We’ll get to know each other and determine if we have the desire to take the next step.  I’ll be asking the questions and getting to know you and your business, and at the end of the call will make recommendations to you.  (Trust me; you’ll learn a ton about where you are stuck and what’s possible just by my questioning process.)

What the session is not?  A free coaching/healing session.  This is for the person who’s seriously considering working with me and is able and willing to make the investment of time and money.  There are loads of coaches out there offering free sessions, so I ask that you please respect my time and come from a place of integrity with this.

When you fill this form out it will be delivered directly to my inbox, so know that your answers are completely confidential. If I feel you are a fit, you’ll then be sent a link to my online calendar where you will book a time that works best for your schedule.

If you are just getting started with your spiritual business and wonder how to find the time, check out my 37-page report: Find 8 Extra Hours Per Week To Build Your Spiritual Business

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