Reclaim Your Time & Build Your Spiritual Business

Especially for aspiring spiritual entrepreneurs, healers, intuitives, and coaches…

Reclaim Your Time

And Build Your Spiritual Business

Reclaim Your Time Build Your Spiritual Business
– Do you wonder when you will find the time to finally start building your spiritual business?

 – Do the days and nights seem to run together and when the end of the week comes you find you have only spent a few hours on building your business?

 – Do you find yourself in the start-stop-start again pattern of business building?

One thing that stops you from stepping into your purposeful work is finding extra time to work on your spiritual business. This is something many of my private clients have struggled with in the past and something I struggled with when I was still working forty hours per week and had a young child.

In fact, one of the biggest questions clients ask me when during a reading or mentoring session is “How did I find the TIME to get started building my business?”

What if you had a way to reclaim precious hours from your week so you could really make progress building your new healing business?

I want to let you know there is a way to carve out extras hours in your week.

Therefore, I decided to write down and share with you everything I learned about how to carve out chunks of time when I was first developing my business. It is one of the very first steps to building the business of your dreams.

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Think about what you could accomplish with those new found chunks of time. How much money are you leaving on the table by letting your business go by the wayside?

You could use this time to:

  • Finally launch your new website.
  • Finally send that email to your list.
  • Finally make those calls to prospective clients.
  • Finally figure out how to implement a Facebook ad.

You get the picture. Are all of those things on your business to-do list getting done?

If you have found the same items perpetually on your to-do list, isn’t it time to reclaim your time?

In this 37-page e-report you will learn:

  • How to carve out 8 extra hours per week to work on your spiritual business.
  • 3 methods to help you identify and fix time leaks in your day.
  • 5 worksheets and exercises to help you find those extra hours.


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