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    1) If you already own a spiritual business, please describe your current offerings. If you don't already have your business in place, what do you intend to offer?

    2) What is your big vision for your current or future business?

    3) Please list the challenges you feel prevent you from reaching your goals:

    4) What has the cost of those challenges been for you? It could be financial, emotional, time, confidence, or lost opportunities.

    5) What was your last year's gross income (including your day job)?

    6) What level of income would you like to enjoy in your spiritual healing business?

    7) What was your income from your spiritual healing business last year?

    8) What goal(s) do you have for coaching/mentoring at this time?

    9) Today – are you serious about starting your business and ready to take the necessary steps to succeed (including learning and applying steps that may be needed in marketing and sales) (rate on a scale of 1-10)?

    10) Do you think your mindset factors in to how your business is doing right now? Please explain how.?

    11) Right now, are you financially able to afford investing in your spiritual business?

    12) What, if anything do you have in place already regarding your business? (ie. Website, networking, clients, etc.)

    13) Do you currently have a website(s) and/or a Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn page for your business? If so, please list the domain(s) and/or Url(s).

    14) Is there anything else you would like me to know?

    Once you have filled out this document, please finalize your application by clicking on the submit button below. If I feel we are a fit, you will be contacted personally by me via email with a link to schedule a phone appointment within 2-3 days.

    With grace and healing,
    Laura Jean Warnke
    Intuitive Journal

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